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Alcatel OmniSwitch 9000
High Performance Enterprise Converged Networks
From the industry leader in Triple Play
The Alcatel OmniSwitch 9000 family (OS9000) is a new generation of switches
designed to be feature rich yet value priced for use in the enterprise network core.
The OS9000s address today’s network needs with a larger switching capacity and
unique design to improve performance, higher 10GigE port densities to support next
generation network backbone migrations, and IPv6 to meet corporate and
emerging government requirements. Plus, the OmniSwitch 9000s are the first
switches that meet European “green” standards.* All of this is provided at a price
that allows you to extensively upgrade your network instead of just maintaining it.
High performance for converged networks
The OS9000 family, consisting of the OS9700 and OS9800**, is focused on improving network
performance and resiliency to support real-time triple-play applications such as voice over IP (VoIP),
data, and video applications. They offer
• high-density traffic aggregation for 10 Gigabit business network cores
• high performance, resilient, wire-speed performance everywhere
• a port density of up to 384 GigE ports or 96 10GigE ports
• a unique switching fabric load sharing capability
The OS9000s deliver
the fast network
response time a
converged network
requires to support
its converged data,
voice and video
Performance is further enhanced by eight hardware-based quality of service (QoS) queues ensuring
wire-speed packet classification and processing for all packets in a data steam – including the first
packet – giving a noticeable performance boost to triple play networks.
Open standards including IPv6 support
Similar to all Alcatel switches, the OS9000s support open standards. To meet government mandates
and meet increasing worldwide enterprise demand for IPv6 support, the OS9000s offer both native
IPv6 routing and extensive support for IPv6 tunneling mechanisms, including configured, 6-in-4, and
ISATAP** tunneling, which ease the transition to this next-generation routing protocol.
OneTouch network management
The OmniSwitch 9000s are part of Alcatel’s end-to-end enterprise switch family, which includes core
switches, stackable / modular edge switches, and wireless LAN (WLAN) switches that all use the
Alcatel Operating System (AOS) for simplified OneTouch manageability, high availability and security.
By offering the same operating system, existing users are familiar with the product from the very first
day. New users will discover WebView, the user friendly element manager and network manager –
OmniVista. AOS offers user-oriented features such as flexible VLAN configuration, and power over
Ethernet (PoE).
Alcatel OmniSwitch 9000
The OS9000 family also supports the Alcatel Quarantine Manager, a network quarantine solution that
proactively and defensively identifies and isolates viruses and network attacks before they devastate
the network and automates the response for self-healing.
The new OS9000 switch family addresses the needs of network administrators: high
availability, wire-speed performance, high density GigE and 10GigE, and dramatically
improved network response time. These capabilities ensure an easy and economical way to
upgrade or deploy a new Ethernet network. The large number of ports makes the OmniSwitch
9000s suitable for two- or three-tier network designs. This is possible because of the high
performance capability and density of GigE and 10GigE. OS9000 also future proofs the
network with its native and full support of IPv4/IPv6, addressing the need for migration from
IPv4 to IPv6 or new IPv6 deployments.
The OS9000s are engineered to be deployed in the:
• enterprise core
• aggregation layer
The OmniSwitch
9000 family is
a platform that
keeps pace with
growing enterprise
performance needs
and sets new
standards for
network uptime,
security, and services.
They can also be deployed in the wiring closet when a chassis solution is needed to ensure
high availability and throughput at the edge
OmniSwitch 9700
The OmniSwitch 9700 is a high-density chassis with two slots for control and 8-slots for
network interfaces supporting an aggregation of up to 192 GigE ports or 48 10GigE ports.
Designed for continuous operation, the two center slots are dedicated to chassis management
modules (CMM) allowing redundant configurations. CMMs provide two critical functions –
active/standby resiliency for control and active/active redundancy for the switching fabric.
The OmniSwitch 9700 handles the toughest traffic requirements and the exacting demands of
the triple-play applications of voice, data, and video by providing:
• High density, high-capacity switching
• Wire-speed intelligent switching/routing
• Smart continuous switching
• Wire-speed of all packets
OmniSwitch 9700
• Multi-layer security
* The design of the product complies with the European Union_s Restriction on Hazardous Substances in Electrical
and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) directive to meet worldwide environmental and regulatory requirements.
**Check with your local Alcatel sales rep for availability.
OmniSwitch 9800
For those applications where a much larger port density is required, the OS9800
doubles the OS9700 capabilities with 16 available slots supporting an aggregation of
up to 384 GigE ports or 96 10GigE ports. Plus, the feature set of the OS9800 is
identical to the OS9700 and its sub-components such as the power supply unit (PSU), fan
tray and network interface cards (NICs) are all compatible and interchangeable, reducing
the cost of keeping spares and lowering total cost of ownership.
Highest availability for the enterprise
The OmniSwitch 9000s carry on Alcatel’s tradition of providing the highest availability
possible to support the demands of IP communications and mission-critical applications.
Providing the highest availability to the enterprise ensures that users have constant access
OmniSwitch 9800
to resources and services at all times. To ensure the highest levels of reliability, the
OmniSwitch 9000s have been designed with a distributed architecture
enabling full redundancy and resiliency.
The OmniSwitch 9000s provide continuous operation in the event of a
Fans Redundancy
failure. All source learning, Spanning Tree functions, and established routes
are distributed throughout the network interface modules instead of being
centralized in a core-processing engine. In the event of a management
module failure, the system automatically switches over to the hot standby
management module with no loss of connections or fabric capacity. Existing
L2/L3 traffic, including voice conversations, will continue seamlessly without
interruption. Plus the Alcatel 9000s are capable of creating new
connections during this failover.
Resiliency – maximized network uptime
Network resiliency is critical to providing network availability. The OS9000s
offer a superior architecture with no single point of failure in its redundant
CMM Redundancy
Power Redundancy
OmniSwitch 9000 full redundancy
configuration, distributed processing, OSPF graceful restart, and wide
support of open, advanced routing redundancy protocols, load sharing,
and mechanisms for fast reconfiguration of links between switches, servers,
and other network devices.
The OS9000s also offer a unique implementation of fabric load sharing
with complete independence between the control function and the switching
fabric. During a control failover the fabric integrity is not affected.
Alcatel OmniSwitch 9000
Principle of operation for fabric load sharing
The OmniSwitch 9000s offer fully redundant and resilient system components to ensure continuous
operation including:
• Redundant chassis subsystems
• Hot swappable modules and sub-components (Fan tray, redundant PSU, SFPs & XFPs)
• Load-sharing components
• Hitless loading of optional advanced security software, without re-booting
• Downloadable bootstrap
• Image rollback to automatically re-load previous configurations and software versions
Alcatel’s OmniSwitch 9000s deliver unmatched availability and functionality – all at an enterprise price.
Multi-layer security
With networks under constant attack from the outside world and even from within the company, a network
needs to provide easy access to users and resources, yet possess extensive security features that can be
managed across a global enterprise. The OS9000s provide multi-layer security with a vast arsenal of security
features that can be implemented at the edge, the core, and throughout the network. These include:
• User authentication
• Virtual local area networks (VLANs)
• Quarantine VLANs
• Access control lists (ACLs)
• Authenticated switch access
• Encryption for secure management (SSH / HTTPs / SNMP v3)
• Denial of service protection
• Restricts user ports from sending control traffic (BPDU, RIP, OSPF, BGP)
• Prevents IP source address spoofing
Multi-layer security enables the building of sophisticated hardware and software-based solutions that can
be integrated with policy-based management and other technologies such as smart cards, PKI, and
biometrics for enhanced security implementations. For secure management there are many features
Principle of operation for distributed intelligence
integrated into the architecture including authenticated user access, SNMPv3 and SSL for encrypted
sessions, and partitioned management for multi-tiered access and granular network administration.
Distributed intelligence
Distributed intelligence ensures that users and applications get the priority and performance they need
with ease of use management that extends across the enterprise. The OS9000s feature state-of-the-art
ASIC-based technology for intelligent, wire-speed everything including switching, routing, ACLs, QoS, and
load balancing.
The OS9000s provide application aware switching for layers 2, 3, and 4 and the most advanced
classification, prioritization, and queuing schemes in the industry. It also supports industry classification
standards including 802.1Q/p, TOS, and DiffServ, and is enhanced with complementary features such
as extensive QoS mappings and re-tagging of prioritization. And, the OS9000s don’t require any
specialized hardware or software to operate at wire-speed – from the first packet!
OneTouch manageability
OmniVista, the Alcatel voice and data network management platform, is a comprehensive set of network
management applications and tools that simplify the management of Alcatel networking devices.
Alcatel OmniSwitch 9000
OmniVista allows managers to monitor network activity, configure and troubleshoot each device, as well
as manage an entire network from a single platform. It offers unified management, network-wide visibility,
element management, VLAN management, policy-based QoS, centralized management of secure switch
access, quarantine capabilities to prevent security breaches by isolating potential threats – all within a
scalable architecture.
OmniVista features OneTouch manageability enabling network managers to quickly configure and
manage the switches in their network. For example, OneTouch QoS, a feature of the Alcatel policy
management software, allows network managers to quickly assign QoS priorities to network traffic based
on the characteristics of different applications. With “one-click,” every Alcatel switch in the network is
automatically configured.
Alcatel’s OmniVista Quarantine Manager proactively and defensively identifies and isolates viruses and
network attacks before they wreak havoc on the network and automates the response for a self-healing network.
The OS9000s offer service level and policy-based configurations with support for LDAP directories
enabling flexible integration with existing platforms and allowing extended offerings. RMON and
sFlow support is also included with a choice of interfaces for administrators – a command line
interface (CLI), SNMPv3, a fully editable text-based configuration file, and WebView, our standard
web-browser interface.
Enterprise edge support**
Although the primary use of the OS9000 family is in network core applications, they can be used at the
edge because they offer:
• Full support of power over Ethernet (PoE) with up to 2400W of power through dedicated power shelves
• Extensive support of AOS user-oriented features such as user authentication, learned port security
(LPS), group mobility, and port mapping
IPv6 support
The OS9000 family provides full IPv6 support with hardware-based forwarding for wire-rate speeds,
classification and tunneling to address various corporate and government requirements for IPv6.
Flexibility is provided through a choice of deploying IPv4, IPv6, or IPv4/IPv6 without compromising
switch performance. These switches address the U.S. Federal government Department of Defense (DoD)
requirement that IPv6 be supported for migration by 2008 and addresses other countries’ requirements
• Ability to connect to the IPv6 backbone
• Use of IPv6 across public organizations
• Ability to interconnect the IPv6 “island” through an existing IPv4 network through hardware-based tunneling
• Ability to control IPv6 flows with extensive QoS/ACLs policies
**Check with your local Alcatel sales rep for availability.
The OS9000 family provides hardware-based classification (access control lists (ACLs) and quality of
service (QoS)), forwarding and management for IPv6. More importantly, it provides a way to transition
from an existing IPv4 network with support of tunneling (configured, 6-in-4, and ISATAP**). The
OS9000s are able to work with the existing AOS switches, and support the full suite of unicast routing
protocols, multicast registration and routing protocols, QoS/ACLs and tunneling.
Improved core performance
The OS9000 family addresses aggregation and network core issues with:
• Broad support for high port density and 10GigE environment
• Features full wire rate (including first packet) and 10GigE single flow support
• High performance for backbone connections
• Full support of IPv4/IPv6 for future proofing
• Wire-rate multicast using hardware-based replication in all configurations (L2 non-IP/IPv4/IPv6) for
media and backup applications
• Enhanced forward decisions improving network response time through hardware-based forwarding at
first packet, eliminating of CPU solicitation for ACL/QoS demands
• Provides a cost-effective way to address 10GigE infrastructure with a port density of up to 96 10GigE
ports per chassis
• Eight hardware-based queues with flow-based classification and processing.
First Green switch in the Market – RoHS compliancy
With the OmniSwitch 9000 family, Alcatel will be the first switch manufacturer to be in compliance
with the new European Community’s directive - Restriction on Hazardous Substances in Electrical
Alcatel OmniSwitch 9000
and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) – which requires electronic equipment to be free of six hazardous
substances by July 2006. Although only required for European Union countries, the rest of the world
will benefit from these “green” switches by lessening the amount of hazardous substances that find its
way into the environment.
The OmniSwitch 9000 family today is comprised of two chassis with a set of common network interfaces.
Ordering information
OS9700 base bundle, to include 9700 chassis, fan tray, 1 CMM, 2 PSUs
OS9700 redundant bundle, to include 9700 chassis, fan tray, 2 CMM, 3 PSUs
OS9700 base bundle, to include 9800 chassis, fan tray, 1 CMM, 3 PSUs
OS9700 redundant bundle, to include 9800 chassis, fan tray, 2 CMM, 4 PSUs
Chassis & Power Supplies
OS9700 chassis & fan tray
OS9800 chassis & fan tray
600W AC PSU (100-240V)
600W DC PSU (48V)
Management and fabric modules
Network interface cards
24-port GigE SFP NI
24-port GigE (10/100/1000) RJ45 NI
2-port 10GigE XFP NI
6-port 10GigE XFP NI
24-port GigE (10/100/1000) RJ45 w/PoE NI
MiniGBIC (SFP MSA) pluggable optical transceiver with Gigabit extender
1000Base LH MiniGBIC Transceiver (SFP MSA)
1000Base LX MiniGBIC Transceiver (SFP MSA)
1000Base SX MiniGBIC Transceiver (SFP MSA)
10 Gigabit Ethernet optical transceiver for Long Reach (XFP MSA)
10 Gigabit Ethernet optical transceiver for Short Reach (XFP MSA)
For additional information on these products, please contact your local Alcatel sales representative or partner.
**Check with your local Alcatel sales rep for availability.
Technical Specifications
Layer-2 Switching
Link aggregation
Traffic control
Spanning Tree
Port based, IEEE 802.1Q VLANs
Advanced VLAN Classification: MAC, protocol, IP subnet
Support for static aggregate (a.k.a., Omni Channel)
Support for dynamic aggregate (IEEE 802.3ad)
Speed (10, 100 and 1000 Mbps) and duplex mode (half or full)
IEEE 802.3x
IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol (STP);
IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP);
IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP);
Support of single and multiple instances for STP & RSTP
BPDU Watch guard
Layer-3 Routing (IPv4)
IP Routing
Network Protocol
Static routing
RIP v1 & v2
BGP v4
IGMP v1, v2 & v3 snooping
DHCP Relay (& generic UDP relay**)
TCP/IP stack
Layer-3 Routing (IPv6)
IP Routing
Network Protocol
Static routing
RIP ng
OSPF v3**
MLD snooping
DHCP Relay (including generic UDP relay)
TCP/IP stack
VRRP v3**
Layer-3 Routing (IPX)
IP Routing
Static routing
**Check with your local Alcatel sales rep for availability.
Alcatel OmniSwitch 9000
Priority Queues
Traffic Prioritization
Bandwidth management
Queue management
Power over Ethernet **
Eight hardware based queues per port
Flow based QoS
Internal & external (a.k.a. remarking) prioritization
Flow based bandwidth management, ingress policing / egress shaping
Port based egress shaping
Random Early Detect/Discard (RED)
Configurable de-queuing algorithm
x Strict Priority
x Weighted Round Robin
x Deficient Round Robin
IEEE 802.3af (requires OS9-GNI-P24 & IP-SHELF)
Maximum power of 2400W (600W per PSU)
Traffic filtering
User Authentication
Switch protocol security
Switch management
Flow based filtering in hardware (L1-L4)
IEEE 802.1x, with Group Mobility & Guest VLAN support
MAC Based Authentication for non 802.1x host**
Authenticated-VLAN (web & telnet based authentication)
MD5 for RIPv2, OSPFv2 and SNMPv3
SSH for secure CLI session
SSL for secure HTTP session
Local authentication database
Remote authentication RADIUS, LDAP & ACE servers
Configuration Mode
Management Access type
Command Line Interface,
Telnet/SSH for remote CLI access
Web-base (HTTP / HTTPS)
SNMP v1/v2c/v3 for complete NMS integration
Serial console port for local & remote (modem dial up) access (RJ45)
Out-of-band Ethernet access (10/100/1000 RJ45)
System maintenance
System file transfer
In-band Ethernet access
Port mirroring (one-to-one, many-to-one)
RMON (Remote Monitoring): statistics, history, alarm & events
sFlow (TM)
Local & remote logging (Syslog)
Detailed statistics / alarm/debug information per process
L3 OAM (ICMP Ping and Traceroute)
NTP (Network Time Protocol)
Internal flash (Compact Flash) to feature
x working directory
x certified directory
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
**Check with your local Alcatel sales rep for availability.
Service & Support
Default Warranty
Support Basic
Support Plus
1 year on hardware, 90 days on software
One year - 7x24 phone. Includes e-service web access, software
releases and repair and return of hardware to be completed
in 10 business days from receipt.
One year - 7x24 phone. Includes e-service web access, software
releases and advanced shipment for next business day arrival of
replacement hardware.
Network Interface
All modules are hot swappable and can be used in any
available NIs slot
24--port 1000BaseX (SFP)
24-port 10/100/1000 BaseT (RJ45)
24-port PoE 10/100/1000BaseT (RJ45)**
2-port 1000BaseX (SFP)
6-port 1000BaseX (SFP)**
Environmental requirements
Operating temperature:
• 32° to 113°F (0° to 45°C)
Storage temperature:
• 14° to 158°F (-10° to 70°C)
• Humidity (operating and storage):
• 10% to 90% non-condensing
Heat dissipation (fully loaded w/ U6 & red.):
• OmniSwitch 9700: 3,465 BTU/hr, max
OmniSwitch 9700
• Height: 19.25 in (48.9 cm – 11 RU)
• Width: 17.4 in (44.2 cm)
• Depth: 14.75 in (37.5 cm)
• Weight (fully loaded chassis): <60 kg (128 lbs)
OmniSwitch 9800**
• Height: 29.75 in (75.6 cm – 17 RU)
• Width: 17.4 in (44.2 cm)
• Depth: 14.75 in (37.5 cm)
• Weight (fully loaded chassis): <85 kg (188 lbs)
• OmniSwitch 9800**: 6,870 BTU/hr, max
IEEE Standards
• IEEE 802.1D (STP)
• IEEE 802.1p (CoS)
• IEEE 802.1Q (VLANs)
• IEEE 802.1s (MSTP)
• IEEE 802.1w (RSTP)
• IEEE 802.1x (Security)
• IEEE 802.3i (10BASE-T)
• IEEE 802.3u (Fast Ethernet)
• IEEE 802.3x (Flow Control)
Power Supply & Power Consumption
• IEEE 802.3z (Gigabit Ethernet)
600 W AC Power Supply
• IEEE 802.3ab (1000BASE-T)
• Input voltage: 100-240 VAC auto-ranging
• IEEE 802.3ac (VLAN Tagging)
• Operating frequency: 47-63 Hz
• IEEE 802.3ad (Link Aggregation)
• Maximum input current:
• IEEE 802.3af (Power over Ethernet)**
• 7.5A at 110 VAC; 3.65 A at 220 VAC
• IEEE 802.3ae (10G Ethernet)
Power Consumption
• Chassis & fan trays (9700 or 9800): <80 W
IETF Standards
• OS9700-CMM: <33W
• RFC 1771-1774/2842/2918/3392 BGP v4
• OS9-GNI C24/P24**/U24 : <55W
• RFC 1269/1657 BGP v3 & v4 MIB
• OS9-XNI-U2: <35W
• RFC 3065 BGP AS Confederations
• OS9-XNI-U6**: <77W
• RFC 2385 BGP MD5 Signature
• PSU efficiency: > 0.75
• RFC 2042 BGP New Attribute
• RFC 2439 BGP Route Flap Damping
• RFC 2796 BGP Route Reflection
• RFC 1965 BGP AS Confederations
• RFC 1997/1998 BGP Communities Attribute
• RFC 1966 BGP Route Reflection
• RFC 1403/1745 BGP/OSPF Interaction
**Check with your local Alcatel sales rep for availability.
• RFC 1253/1850/2328 OSPF v2 & MIB
• RFC 2667 IP Tunneling MIB
• RFC 1765 OSPF Database Overflow
• RFC 3623 OSPF Graceful Restart
• RFC 2154 OSPF MD5 Signature
• RFC 1587/3101 OSPF NSSA Option
• RFC 2370/3630 OSPF Opaque LSA
• RFC 1058 RIP v1
• RFC 1722/1723/2453/1724 RIP v2 & MIB
• RFC 1812/2644 IPv4 Router Requirement
• RFC 2080 RIP ng
IP Multicast
• RFC 1112 IGMP v1
• RFC 2236/2933 IGMP v2 & MIB
• RFC 1321 MD5
• RFC 2284 PPP EAP
• RFC 2139/2866/2867/2620 RADIUS
Accounting & Client MIB
• RFC 2138/2865/2868/3575/2618 RADIUS
Authentication & Client MIB
• RFC 2869/2869bis RADIUS Extension
• RFC 2228 sFTP
• RFC 959/2640
Quality of Services
• RFC 896
• RFC 3635 Pause Control
• RFC 2934 PIM MIB for IPv4
• RFC 1122 Internet Hosts
• RFC 2362 PIM-SM
• RFC 2474/2475/2597/3168/3246 DiffServ
Congestion control
• RFC 826/903 ARP & Reverse ARP
• RFC 925/1027
Multi LAN ARP / Proxy ARP
• RFC 2463/2466 ICMP v6 & MIB
• RFC 951
• RFC 1886 DNS for IPv6
• RFC 1493 Bridge MIB
• RFC 2292/2373/2374/2460/2462 IPv6
• RFC 919/922 Broadcasting internet datagram
• RFC 2461 NDP
• RFC 1518/1519 CIDR
• RFC 2464/2553/2893/3493/3513 IPv6
• RFC 1541/1542/2131/3396/3442 DHCP
• RFC 3542/3587 IPv6
• RFC 2132 DHCP Options
• RFC 2452/2454 IPv6 TCP/UDP MIB
• RFC 2131/3046 DHCP/BootP Relay
• RFC 3056 IPv6 Tunneling
• RFC 792
• RFC 791/894/1024/1349 IP & IP / Ethernet
• RFC 854/855 Telnet & Telnet options
• RFC 2251 LDAP v3
• RFC 1215 Convention for SNMP Traps
• RFC 1305/2030 NTP v3 & Simple NTP
• RFC 2616 /2854 HTTP & HTML
• RFC 1191 Path MTU Discovery
• RFC 2096 IP MIB
• RFC 3060 Policy Core
• RFC 1212/2737 MIB & MIB-II
• RFC 1151 RDP
• RFC 1643/2665 Ethernet MIB
• RFC 1757/2819 RMON & MIB
• RFC 2668/3636 IEEE 802.3 MAU MIB
• RFC 950
• RFC 1573/2233/2863 Private Interface MIB
• RFC 793/1156
• RFC 1155/2578-2580 SMI v1 & SMI v2
• RFC 768
• RFC 1157/2271 SNMP
• RFC 2338/3768/2787 VRRP & MIB
• RFC 1213/2011-2013 SNMP v2 MIB
• RFC 1256 ICMP Router Discovery
• RFC 1901-1908/3416-3418 SNMP v2c
• RFC 2104 HMAC Message Authentication
• RFC 1075 DVMRP
• RFC 2715/2932 Multicast Routing MIB
• RFC 3376 IGMPv3
• RFC 2365 Multicast
• RFC 2570-2576/3411-3415 SNMP v3
Emissions / Agency Approvals
Safety Agency Certifications
• CISPR 22 Class A
• UL 60950
• FCC Part 15 Class A
• IEC 60950-1:2001; all national deviations
• EN 55022 Class A
• EN 60950-1: 2001; all deviations
• ICES-003 Class A
• CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1-03
• AS/NZS 3548 / EN55022 Class A
• NOM-019 SCFI, Mexico;
• EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3
• AS/NZ TS-001 and 60950:2000, Australia
• VCCI Class A
• UL-AR, Argentina
• EN 55024: 1998
• EN 61000-4-2 to 61000-4-6, EN 61000-4-8, EN
• UL-GS Mark, Germany
• EN 60825-1 Laser, EN60825-2 Laser
• CDRH Laser
1 year on hardware, 90 days on software
Additional and optional support available
For additional information on these products, please contact your local Alcatel sales representative or partner.
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