Advisor Advanced
Reliable security
enhancing convenience
Safety Security Certainty
Security & comfort in one
A security system that offers more than security
UTC’s Advisor Advanced security systems covers all aspects of security of your office, shop, building, allowing you to
focus on your business. Standalone or as part of an Integrated system with access control, video, fire protection.
Easy to upgrade or expand
Every business is different, and every business owner has
different concerns and needs. That’s why our systems are
always tailored to your requirements. You can start with a simple
system and expand as your needs evolve. UTC Fire & Security
can help you determine the best system for your needs and
budget, as well as how and where to install it.
Advisor Advanced provides a perfect answer to applications
ranging from small business and shops to higher security
required applications, requiring EN grade 3.
Designed to serve
Flexible providing convenience
Advisor Advanced, with hybrid wired and wireless technology,
can be installed with a wide variety of sensors, wired as well as
wireless. Advisor Advanced can be used for intrusion as well
as part of an integrated security management, using Advisor
Management software. All the components of Advisor Advanced
are designed to be elegant and unobtrusive. They blend in with
your home decor. And when you use wireless components,
you can place them where they won’t get in the way but still
do their job.
Advisor Advanced are designed with service in mind. Their
architecture allows fulfilling the needs of the user. Whether it
is access by code or a badge, or whether it is managing the
system remotely, Security panels can be set up in different ways.
Simple to use
The Advisor Advanced keypad provides both visual and audio
indicators and can be used with a PIN number, card or a
combination of both. The viewing angle of the display and the
beeper sound are adjustable so it’s always easy to read and to
hear. The advanced control panel provides quick and full menu
browsing options and a help section via a built in “hint” key.
Integrated security management
Advisor management software provides Advisor Advanced with a ways to drive
simplicity and integrate multiple functionalities
1. An intuitive graphical user interface, able to provide dynamic floor plans
2. Using only one interface for multiple tasks: access control, digital video, intrusion and
fire detection.
One uniform way to provide user access rights, regardless of the type of security system.
The ability to register and track visitors in the building or premises contributes to the safety and
the security of personnel and building property. As the system is user-friendly and operated
via a single user interface, it is easy to manage all security systems with a minimum of training.
3. Allowing users to create reports on the fly, thanks to advanced reporting capabilities
4. Scalable to multiple sites, multiple languages and multiple users
5. Aimed at an efficient alarm handling
Reliable system with remote connectivity
Reliable security
Advisor Advanced family has been extended with
EN50131 grade 3 control panels, ATS3500A and
ATS3500A-IP, providing 128 wired/wireless zones
and 200 users and supports up to EN grade 3
detection devices, like DD1000 series including
anti-masking. Our trusted experience, combined with
the quality and reliability of our integrated security
systems, allow our customers to meet their existing
and emerging security challenges.
Professional alarm monitoring & remote services
More and more alarm system users connect their system to a professional alarm monitoring system. These
specialized companies not only monitor systems around the clock, they also offer a wide variety of services
and interventions to follow up on: performing health checks, remote service. They provide you with the 24/7
piece of mind.
Advisor Configurator (ATS8500 and ATS8550) provides remote service and maintenance capabilities.
With this high performing remote service software, monitoring operators are well equipped to service multiple
events and panels, increasing service levels for professional customers.
Alarm verification
UTC’s PIRcam, connected to the Advisor Advanced, is a state of the art and flexible wireless
security solution, designed for small to medium sized businesses and integrates visual alarm
verification by using passive infrared detectors (PIR) with built-in cameras, capturing sequence of
images. This provides you with a quick and remote assessment of the situation, identifying real vs
nuisance alarms.
Providing supporting data and images, in case of any alarm notification, will enable central
monitoring personnel to service their customers more professionally.
The PIRcam provides the central monitoring station (CMS) with tools to prioritize events and
allocate efforts more efficiently.
Staying in control... anytime anywhere
With its advanced communication features, Advisor Advanced lets you communicate
with your system from anywhere in the world by different communication means.
Whether you choose to use GSM/GPRS, or PSTN or control your systems using your
existing Internet infrastructure (IP) – Advisor Advanced control panels have been
designed with the future-proof connections in mind and can adopt any communication
options you use. For more secure transmissions, added GSM/GPRS back-up provides
the highest security grade.
Mobile interactivity
Thanks to the support for GSM communication it is easy to control your Advisor
Advanced security system by SMS or mobile app.
With Advisor Advanced mobile app, available on Android™ as well as on iOS™, you can
check the status of your intrusion system, consult history and check events, all remotely.
An easy way to stay in control of security on your premises.
Safety Security Certainty
Stylish designed Keypad
UTC offers a variety of keypads for Advisor Advanced security
systems, all designed with functionality in mind. User friendly
keypads enable you to manage and monitor alarm zones, fence
zones, and inputs on site.
Advisor Advanced Panel Family
ATS1000A (IP)
ATS2000A (IP)
ATS3500A (IP)
Approval/Grade – EN50131
SM – MM – LP
Zones on board – Wired
Zones plug on expander on panel PCB
Max wired/wireless zones
User PIN/cards
User groups
Event log
4 × 250
4 × 250
3 × 100 + 1 × 1500
Max. keypads / readers
Max I/O module on BUS
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