MSS Mini DIN Rail Mounted Enclosure

Mini DIN Rail Mounted Enclosure
MSS Mini DIN Rail Mounted Enclosure
Product Details:
The Mini DIN Rail Mounted Enclosure joins our range of compact and DIN Rail Mounted Fibre
Termination Enclosures. Its compact design gives it the ideal form factor for installation into
densely populated industrial cabinets.
Features and Benefits:
Small size making it very versatile
Accommodates up to 12 x SC or LC duplex adapters
Ideal for housing pre-terminated loose tube and tight buffered cables
Allows for fusion splicing of up to 24 fibres, when two enclosures are fitted together
Top and bottom cable entry to suit installation environment
Process automation and control
Intelligent transport system
Rail signalling and control networks
Power systems and control
Pre-terminated cabling solutions
12 Port Mini DIN Rail Mounted Enclosure Specifications
Size (HxWxD)
105Hmm x 54Wmm x 155Dmm
Maximum Number of Splices
Maximum Fibre Count (Front Panel)
12 SC and LC
Incoming Cable Ports
1 top and bottom
Material and Colour
Powder coated 1.6mm zinc annealed steel – dark grey
Standard Accessories
Cable gland, central strain relief post, DIN rail mounting clip,
laser badge, fibre clips and through adapters
Rear view showing bracket assembly
Accessories Available:
Splicing consumables
Termination consumables
Pre-tailed fibre optic cable
assemblies available
Ordering Information:
Product Code
Mini DIN Rail Mounted Enclosure
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