Multifunctional system with automated controls for

BioSpectrum System
shown with 3UV
Transilluminator and white
light plate. The optional
BioLite MultiSpectral Kit
can be placed inside the
darkroom for in vivo and in
vitro samples.
Multifunctional system with automated controls for
chemiluminescence, fluorescence, in vivo, in vitro,
and colorimetric imaging
Camera mounts on top of the darkroom;
select from OptiChemi, BioChemi, Chemi HR
or Gel Cameras
Motorized zoom lens is controlled by the
software interface
Power indicator
lights are located
at the top of the
Unique UV
Built-in, bright overhead white light
and choice of UV, easily select from
the software interface
Automated emission filter array
Easy access fold-down
White Light Plate
Chemi Platform fits over
the plate
Easily accessible Transilluminator
fits on the roll-out tray
Select from three unique transilluminator models
Computer and monitor
available; ask UVP for
current PC specifications
Easy to use, intuitive VisionWorksLS
image acquisition and analysis software
Extensive image acquisition functions
Image enhancement capabilities
3UV (254/302/365nm UV)
Supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
2UV (254/365nm UV)
Advanced 1D lane densitometry/analysis
FirstLight Uniform UV Illuminator
Report generation
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Software interface for automated easy to use
Imaging. The user-friendly, software interface controls the
motorized zoom lens, epi and transillumination UV and
white light, emission filter selection and system power.
Default or userdefined settings
Control of zoom
lens settings and
corresponding tray
Select or identify
new filters
Click on epi and
light sources
BioLite MultiSpectral Source. Optional BioLite is
a 150-Watt visible light designed for use with fiber
optic bundles to supply a directed source for illumination of live plants and animals. The optical path
tightly controls the output spectrum, allowing for
consistent repeatable measurements with superior
signal to noise. The BioLite features a variable
intensity six-position dimmer. The kit includes:
Two excitation filters (370-420nm, 420-480nm)
Emission filter (500-540nm)
Sample tray
Camera selection. Systems are configured with a choice
of cameras. Select a camera depending on your application and budget requirements.
Visible light source via fiber optic bundles
OptiChemi Camera. Highly specified, monochrome firewire camera for extra long exposures. Intense cooling and low
noise supplies a wide dynamic range for demanding applications with longer integration requirements. Superior quantum
efficiency for chemiluminescence. Resolution: 1344 x 1024; 14-bit, Cooled; Peak QE: 72%
BioChemi Camera. Chosen for sensitivity, this monochrome camera is designed for imaging Western Blots. Camera is
cooled to subzero temperatures, produces low background noise and wide dynamic range for high quality images in a
short exposure time, excellent for chemiluminescence. Resolution: 1344 x 1024; 12-bit, Cooled; Peak QE: 72%
Chemi HR Camera. Suitable for high resolution imaging, the Chemi HR cooled camera can also be applied to general
purpose chemiluminescent, fluorescent or white light imaging. The camera can be used in molecular biology, pharmaceutical and environmental laboratories. Resolution: 1344 x 1024; 12-bit, Cooled; Peak QE: 43%
Gel Camera. Monochrome high resolution megapixel, non-cooled camera for laboratories performing routine
electrophoresis of DNA and protein gels. Resolution: 1344 x 1024; 12-bit; Non-Cooled; Peak QE: 43%
BioSpectrumAC Darkroom.
Automated PC control of lighting, zoom lens,
image capture
Overhead light: white light, 365nm UV , 480nm
blue light
Gel viewer window, UV blocking
Roll out transilluminator tray
Fold-down sample platform
White light plate
Emission filters: SYBR Green, SYBR Gold, EtBr
Full range of Laboratory Products. UVP designs
wide range of systems from basic gel documentation
(BioDoc-It), to digital color (DigiDoc-It) as well as
advanced computer-based systems: GelDoc-It,
ChemiDoc-It, EC3 and BioSpectrum. Contact UVP or
an authorized distributor for full system details. UVP
also manufactures a full range of UV products including UV transilluminators, lamps, crosslinkers, UV
incubators, hybridization ovens, PCR workstations.
Experience the Performance Difference from the
World Leader in BioImaging and Analysis Systems!
UVP, Inc. Upland, CA | (800) 452-6788 | (909) 946-3197
Cambridge UK +44(0)1223-420022
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