Tandberg M-Series Libraries
Modular Midrange
Data Protection
Ta n dbe r g M 15 00 a n d
Ta n dbe r g M 2 5 00
Key Features
Scalable from one to 20 drives for a performance up to 2.2 TByte/hr
Expands from 20 to 300 cartridges for native capacity up to 40 TByte
Supports Tandberg SDLT320 or LTOTM Ultrium tape drives
Fast, easy expansion with multiple intermixable M1500 and M2500 modules
Move, replace and add modules as needed while systems stay online
Hot-swappable tape drives and hot-swappable redundant power supplies
3-year warranty
Tandberg M-Series Libraries
Backup That Stacks Up
Modular, Stackable Data Protection
The M-Series, M1500 and M2500, is an automated tape library
family that allows cross-product intermixability and true modular
scalability. The M-Series automated tape libraries are designed
for companies that are seeking the ability to scale their tape
backup solution as their needs change while maximizing their
total backup investment. Whatever the size of the organization,
the M-Series' modular design allows for easy upgrades, reliable
data backup and highly available data protection where and
when it's needed. With the greatest density per cubic foot in its
class, the M-Series libraries require very little valuable data center space to accomodate their compact designs.
Flexible Configurations to Meet the Changing Needs of the
With the ability to mix and match the M1500 with M2500 modules, the M-Series product family can be right-sized for all storage
needs. The M2500 adds increased value and scalability to existing M1500 libraries, without moving over to a new library platform. It eliminates the problem of buying more backup capacity
and performance than required and, with its incremental modularity, the M-Series can help manage the backup budget on a "buyas-needed" basis. Modules can be ordered in driveless configurations when only capacity requirements increase. To accommodate future or unexpected growth, modules can be added as
needed through a simple field upgrade without returning current
products to the factory and without taking the installed units "offline" or out of the rack.
Modularity for the Greatest Flexibility
Up to ten M1500 or up to three M2500 modules can be configured in a standard 72-inch high rack to look and act like a single
large library by utilizing the StackLink™ pass-through mechanism. Management of the modules is simple - any module can
act as the control module and the stack is "seen" as a single
library to the software. Each M1500 module includes two removable magazines while the M2500 module includes eight
removable magazines1 that allows for easy bulk loading and
High Density Saves Valuable Data Center Space
The M2500 utilizes space to its fullest by integrating up to six
tape drives, 100 LTO Ultrium cartridges2 (10 TByte native) or 84
SDLTtape cartridges2 (13.4 TByte native) in 13.5Us (24 inches)
of rack space.
The M1500 utilizes rack space to its fullest by integrating up to
two tape drives, 25 LTO Ultrium cartridges (2.5 TByte native) or
21 SDLTtape cartridges (3.36 TByte native) in 4Us (seven
inches) of rack space. The M-Series are by far the most spaceefficient tape libraries in its class.
Midrange-class Fault Tolerance
The M-Series libraries have been designed to maximize data
availability for today's 7x24 applications with several enterpriseclass features:
Data cartridges are in removable media magazines that
can be swapped between modules providing complete
data availability and ease of cartridge logistics.
Hot-swappable and hot-pluggable components,
including tape drives and fans, provide fast and easy,
non-disruptive repairs and upgrades.
If a single module should fail, all other libraries in the
stack continue to operate without operator intervention.
Less Complexity Equals Greater Reliability
A simple, but robust, tri-axial, "industrial-strength" robotic technology utilizes fewer moving parts for improved reliability and highperformance. The M-Series self-calibrates both the internal robotics and the Stack-Link mechanism for trouble-free operation.
The M-Series is easily serviced or upgraded without removing it
from a rack.
User-friendly Features Standard
The M-Series incorporates a number of customer-required features and controls. The M-Series has a new, intuitive and simple
GUI control panel that allows users to locally operate, view
library status and access various management operations. A
programmable "load port" allows access to one, ten or twelve
cartridges2 while the library remains online and operational. A
robot-mounted barcode reader comes standard.
Tandberg M-Series Native Fibre Libraries
A special interface architecture makes the M-Series "future
proof". Harnessing the power of an industry-standard PCI expansion bus, a Tandberg M-Series library can easily be upgraded to
a native fibre library by merely adding the internal fibre channel
Management for Sophisticated Users
To manage your library, the Remote Management Card provides
all the tools necessary to centrally monitor and manage the
M-Series. Bundled with the intelligent server card is the ALERT
(Active Library Event Reporting Tool) family of management software. ALERT notification provides real-time monitoring of critical
library components with E-Mail Home and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) integration. Remote Library Management allows library operation, status reporting and initiation of
component-level diagnostics via the Remote Management Console, a secure, easy-to-use, yet powerful, Web-based interface
accessible from anywhere on the Internet.
Interoperability Tested for Trouble-free Compatibility
The M-Series has been tested in Certified Solutions Lab with
industry leading, third-party hardware and software products so
that the library will work trouble-free in many different server and
application configurations.
Technical Specifications M1500 / M2500 Libraries
Number of Drives per Module:
Type of Drives:
SDLT320 or LTO Ultrium
SDLT320 or LTO Ultrium
Number of Magazines per Module:
Number of Cartridges per Module:
21 SDLTtape or 25 LTO Tapes3
84 SDLTtape or 100 LTO Tapes3
Number of Scalable Modules:
up to 10
Drives and Performance:
Capacity per Module
up to 3
LTO Ultrium
LTO Ultrium
3.36 TB
2.5 TB
13.4 TB
10 TB
6.72 TB
5 TB
26.8 TB
20 TB
Max. Capacity with max. Modules
33.6 TB
25 TB
40.3 TB
30 TB
67.2 TB
50 TB
80.6 TB
60 TB
58-115 GB/hr
54-108 GB/hr
115-346 GB/hr
108-324 GB/hr
compressed: 115-230 GB/hr
108-216 GB/hr
230-692 GB/hr
216-648 GB/hr
SCSI Interface:
SCSI Wide LVD, Optional Native Library Fibre Channel
Inventory Time:
Less than 35 seconds
StackLink transport time:
Less than 3 seconds
Optional Remote Management:
Includes ALERT Notification and Remote Library Management, Library Diagnostics
9-pin RS-232C, EIA/TIA female connector
Barcode Reader:
250,000 hours with redundant PSU
1 million load/unload cycles (swaps)
Less than 20 minutes
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (HxWxD):
176 mm x 482 mm x 726 mm (4U)
599 mm x 482 mm x 726 mm (13.5U)
34 kg with 2 tape drives
124 kg with 6 tape drives
Power Requirements
Input Voltage:
88-264 VAC
47-63 Hz
Consumption / Heat Dissipation:
200W average
320W average
Environmental Conditions
20% to 80%, non-condensing
Non-operating (storage + shipping):
10% to 95%, non-condensing
10°C to 40°C
Non-operating (storage + shipping):
-40°C to 60°C
0 to 2,438 meters
Non-operating (storage + shipping):
0 to 11,000 meters
Agency Approvals
UL1950 Listed, CSA950, EN60950
FCC CFR 47-15J (level A), EN55022 (CISPR 22) Level A, EN55024 (CISPR24), VSSI
Agency Markings:
Tandberg M1500 Configurations
Max Drives
SDLT320 / LTO Ultrium
Native Capacity (TB)
SDLT320 / LTO Ultrium
Native Performance (GB/hr)
SDLT320 / LTO Ultrium
21 / 25
3.36 / 2.5
115 / 108
42 / 50
6.72 / 5.0
230 / 216
63 / 75
10.1 / 7.5
346 / 324
84 / 100
13.4 / 10.0
461 / 432
105 / 125
16.8 / 12.5
576 / 540
126 / 150
20.2 / 15.0
691 / 648
147 / 175
23.5 / 17.5
806 / 756
168 / 200
26.9 / 20.0
922 / 864
189 / 225
30.2 / 22.5
1037 / 972
210 / 250
33.6 / 25.0
1152 / 1080
Tandberg M2500 Configurations
Max Drives
SDLT320 / LTO Ultrium
Native Capacity (TB)
Native Performance (GB/hr)
SDLT320 / LTO Ultrium
SDLT320 / LTO Ultrium
84 / 100
13.4 / 10.0
346 / 324
168 / 200
26.9 / 20.0
691 / 648
252 / 300
40.3 / 30.0
1037 / 972
Each magazine stores up to 10 SDLTtape or 12 LTO Ultrium cartridges and is interchangeable in any M1500 or M2500
When using six tape drives, 73 SDLTtape slots or 87 LTO Ultrium slots are achieved per module. When using five tape drives, 84 SDLTtape slots or 100 LTO Ultrium Slots
are achievable per module
A magazine contains 10 SDLT cartridges or 12 LTO cartridges; additional cartridge(s) can be placed in the module - normally used for cleaning tapes
Specifications subject to change without notice. All trademarks are the property of their owners.
©2002 Tandberg Data. All rights reserved. 021213. P/N 432671-01
Mix and Match Tandberg
M1500 and Tandberg M2500 Modules
Stack up to ten Tandberg M1500 or three Tandberg M2500 libraries or a combination of both
Control entire library from any single module
Remove / Replace modules while library remains online
Separate linking mechanism called StackLink, moves cartridges directly from one module
to any other within three seconds
Intelligent control bus
Product Warranty and Service
A three-year warranty is included with the Tandberg M1500 and M2500 products. The Tandberg libraries include an additional one-year Next Business Day (5x9xND) on-site warranty in most countries. Under the 5x9xNext Day warranty, an
engineer responds on-site during the next business day, five days a week, nine hours a day (Monday-Friday, 8AM 5 PM), local time, excluding national bank holidays. In addition, Tandberg Data offers product installations and on-site
service options to complement your Tandberg libraries. Tandberg Data’s exclusive service upgrade provides proactive
maintenance on tape library storage and subsystems to substantially reduce downtime.
Please contact your Tandberg Data representative for further details.
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