Parallels Cloud Storage
Data Sheet
High Performance. Fault Tolerant. Low Cost
Key Features
Parallels Cloud Storage dramatically improves server availability and performance
with elastic, scalable storage. Turn unused disk space on your server nodes into cloud
storage at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.
Parallels Cloud Storage is:
• Fault tolerant – no single point of failure
• High performance – meets or exceeds local rotational disks
• Low cost – turn unused disk space into a resilient cloud storage pool
• Scalable to petabytes
Parallels Cloud Storage is built on SATA direct-attached storage and 1 GigE
networking infrastructure and provides SAN-like capabilities for hosting provider data
centers. It can provide storage for containers, virtual machines, snapshots, backup
images, large log and media files and shared hosting deployments.
Storage Optimized For The Cloud
Parallels Cloud Storage is a distributed, shared storage solution that decouples
computation from storage. This enables virtual machines and containers to be instantly
migrated to an operational physical server whenever the original server becomes
unavailable. Storage for virtual machines and containers is no longer limited to locally
attached disks as the server can access the entire storage cluster distributed across
multiple physical machines. Parallels Cloud Storage is used to:
• Store and run Parallels virtual machines and containers
• Eliminate VPS downtime due to hardware failures
• Deliver high availability cloud servers
• Enable zero downtime server migration and non-disruptive replication
Parallels understands the cost pressures facing hosting companies today. In most
cases existing disks and network infrastructure are underutilized. Parallels Cloud
Storage is the lowest cost cloud storage solution available because it leverages
existing, unused disk space instead of high cost, dedicated storage arrays and
networking technology. No new hardware is needed. Parallels Cloud Storage delivers
performance equivalent to or better that local disks by:
• Spreading the storage across all nodes in the cluster to uniformly utilize available
disk bandwidth
• Providing support for SSD caching to burst existing I/O performance by an order
of magnitude and increase hardware utilization and density
Published October 2012
High performance and scalable to
Expands easily when adding additional
nodes and devices.
Data Protection
Provides user data check-summing and
verification. Also performs background
data verification “scrubbing” to ensure
that all data is still readable and correct.
SSD Caching
Bursts I/O performance by an order of
magnitude, increasing hardware utilization
and density.
When new storage servers are introduced
into a cluster or come online after failure,
the system will rebalance the storage
across the total cluster.
Failure Tolerant and Redundant
Users can set the level of redundancy
required and Parallels Cloud Storage will
automatically detect failed nodes/drives
and perform auto-recovery to maintain
the specified level of redundancy. During
failure recovery the storage cluster adjusts
to provide continuous data access for the
Auto Recovery
Automatically recovers damaged, lost
or inaccessible data replicas below the
configured replication level if a drive/node
High Availability
Ensures that the end user will not
experience a loss of service if the server
suffers a hardware failure. In the event
of a failure the system automatically
switches to redundant data copies and
can quickly restart the service on another
physical machine.
How do we do this?
Parallels Cloud Storage leverages untapped storage on existing server nodes and
connects them into a shared storage cluster. All stored files, including virtual machine
and container images are broken into fixed-sized data chunks. The chunks are then
replicated (typically into three copies) and stored across the disk arrays in the cluster.
When a disk drive fails or a server becomes unavailable, copies of data stored on that
disk or server are available on the remaining active drives.
• Comparable to SATA direct attached
storage performance
• Up to 50 times faster than SATA
direct-attached storage with SSD
• On a 14-machines cluster with four
rotational HDDs each delivers 13K
IOPS on random 4K reads and up to
600K IOPS with SSD caching
• On the same 14-machine cluster,
1 TB drive failure recovery takes only
10 minutes!
Parallels Cloud Storage Architecture
Meta Data Server (MDS)
• Stores metadata in memory
• Tracks data chunks and their versions
• Is highly available
• Can run on the same server as the
chunk server and client
Chunk Server (CS)
• Stores data chunks
• Manages data chunks
• Performs read/write operations on
data chunks
• Can run on the same server
as the client
Accordingly, the data remains available and is highly resilient to hardware failures.
When a failure occurs, Parallels Cloud Storage automatically regenerates the lost data
to ensure that the storage cluster stays healthy, resilient, and reliable.
Parallels Cloud Server 6
Flexibility to deploy containers and hypervisors
Parallels Cloud Storage is delivered as a component of Parallels Cloud Server 6, the
only solution available today that permits coexistence and migration between servers
running container or hypervisor technology. Take advantage of the scalability and
streamlined operations of operating system virtualization (containers) as well as high
performance virtual machines (hypervisors) for isolated applications or simultaneous
heterogeneous environments.
Parallels Cloud Server 6
• Separate, dedicated 1 or 10 GigE
storage network recommended
• SATA / SAS / SSD drives on storage
• 1 GB RAM per each 100 TB in cluster
for Metadata Servers
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