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IP Office 412
IP Office 500
Launch Date
December 2002
February 2007
Digital Stations
Up to 24 ports via optional 8-port plug-in
Analog Station
Up to 32 ports via optional 2-port and 8port plug-in cards
Up to 12 supported
Up to 12 supported
360 (via expansion module capacity)
384 (via plug-in cards and expansion
Internal trunk
cards supported
Up to two ISDN BRI-8 cards;
Up to four ISDN BRI-4 or BRI-8 cards;
Up to two 4-port Analog Trunk cards;
Up to four 4-port Analog Trunk cards;
Up to two Single or Dual E1/T1/PRI
Up to four Single or Dual T1/PRI cards
* Please check regional availability
* Please check regional availability
90 (E1); 72 (T1); 200 (analog)
240 (E1); 192 (T1); 208 (analog)
Optional support for up to two VCM 4,
8, 16, 24 & 30 – maximum 60
Optional support for two VCM 32 or 64
cards – maximum 128 channels
128 in two banks of 64; maximum 64
parties per conference
128 in a single bank; maximum 64 parties
per conference
LAN ports
2 x 10/100 L3 switched ports
2 x 10/100 L3 switched ports
Max. Voicemail
Essential Edition
Via optional Compact Flash Card
Power Supply
3-pin 60W earthed power supply
(supplied with unit)
License Key
Remote dial-up
Serial port feature key dongle
Smart Card feature key
Soft modem access through Analog
Trunk card;
Soft modem access through Analog Trunk
ISDN dial-up access
ISDN dial-up access
Why Migrate to IP Office 500
The Avaya IP Office 500 Solution
Since its release in February 2007, the Avaya IP Office 500 has become the platform of choice for many small and medium
sized customers and Avaya BusinessPartners selling into that space around the globe. With IP Office 500 you have the
assurance of easy expansion in both capacity and capability when needed.
It’s Easy To Put Together
IP Office 500 hardware is flexible yet simple to configure and install, offering combinations of up to 4 Base Cards plus Daughter Cards that are enough
to support 32 extensions in a single unit. Up to 12 stackable expansion modules supporting additional trunks or telephone extensions can be added to a
total capacity of 384 users. For VoIP applications, the VCM capacity has more than doubled compared to IP Office 412 with 128 channels, making IP
Office 500 the natural choice for IP Telephony.
IP Office 500 System Hardware
The IP Office 500 system has 4 universal bays supporting a combination of Base Cards and Daughter Cards. The control unit also has two switched
LAN ports, a slot to support Essential Edition messaging, relay sockets, and an audio input port for music on hold. IP Office 500 cards are divided into
two types: base or “extension” cards and daughter or “trunk” cards. For example, a Base Card can have a Daughter Card installed on it – all in a single
bay. Additional Base Cards are simply installed into the next available bay – all without the need to open the control unit during installation.
IP Office 500 Digital Station 8 Card
This provides 8 DS ports for the connection of Avaya digital phones and can be fitted with a daughter trunk card. A maximum of 3 can be
IP Office 500 Analog Phone 2 and Phone 8 Cards
These provide 2 or 8 analog extension ports for the connection of analog phones, and can be fitted with a daughter trunk card. A Maximum of
4 can be installed.
IP Office 500 VCM 32 and VCM 64 Cards
These cards are needed for use with VoIP calls, SIP trunks and IP-based voice networking. 4 channels are included in both cards and can be
expanded by the VCM Channel licenses. Both cards can be fitted with a daughter trunk card. A Maximum of 2 can be installed providing a
total capacity of 128 channels
IP Office 500 Analog or Digital Trunk Daughter Cards
These Daughter Cards fit on the Base Card to provide analog or digital trunks. Each Analog Trunk card provides 4 channels while the BRI
card provides 4 or 8 channels and each universal PRI provides up to 2 x 24 T1 or 2 x 30 E1 channels. A maximum of 4 cards can be installed.
IP Office 500 Group Collaboration Editions
Out of the box, the IP Office 500 enables a number of key features like Automatic Call Distribution, Conferencing, Directory and Call
Coverage. These can be further enhanced by the addition of Group Collaboration Editions. Choose from:
IP Office Essential Edition
This enables 4-ports embedded voicemail and a multi-level auto attendant functionality with Dial-by-Name functionality, providing a cost
effective solution for up to 30 users.
IP Office Preferred Edition
Preferred Edition adds more messaging capacity (up to 40 ports, with storage limited only by PC disk space) plus sophisticated collaboration,
call flow, recording and conferencing facilities to IP Office.
IP Office Advanced Edition
This introduces contact centre and customer service capabilities, including Interactive Voice Response and Text To Speech. Preferred Edition
is a pre-requisite of Advanced Edition.
IP Office 500 User Productivity Solutions
Independent of the level of Group Collaboration, User Productivity Solutions can be assigned to users based on their Individual needs. The
following solutions are available:
IP Office Mobile Worker solution
For employees who spend considerable time traveling, this solution gives the user one-number reachability through mobile phone integration
and text-to-speech.
IP Office Tele-Worker solution
For employees who spend most of their time working remotely, this solution offers the use of VPN telephone functionality with the back-up
option of central control over a PSTN phone.
IP Office Power User solution
Knowledge workers can always stay in touch whether at home, in the office or on the move and enjoy the benefits of integration between
voicemail and email.
IP Office Receptionist solution
PC interface for fast call handling by operators across the IP Office network with visual status of all users.
In addition, for sites using Advanced Edition, the following solutions are available:
IP Office Customer Service Agent solution
Allows agents to efficiently service customer calls and manage their own performance through a simple browser interface.
IP Office Customer Service Supervisor solution
Allows supervisors to monitor the performance of customer facing agents with service customer calls and manage their own performance.
Multi-site Option Voice Networking
IP Office 500 provides businesses with multiple locations - up to 32 sites - unique capabilities and feature transparency between sites. IP Office
systems can be networked together in a variety of ways best suited to the environment - using industry standard methods. Employees stay connected
and collaborate regardless of where they are located. Resources are shared within the IP Office network (single voice messaging system, single
receptionist) saving money and ensuring a common experience for all callers.
Investment Protection
Protecting your base is vital, for those customers that have earlier versions of IP Office that now want to take advantage of IP telephony or SIP trunking,
IP Office 500 can re-use some of the existing IP Office 400 hardware to minimize the cost of upgrade.
IP Office 500 Legacy Card Carrier
The carrier card can be installed in any available slot on the IP Office 500 (maximum of 2) and can support the following IP Office 400 cards:
Single and dual PRI T1/E1/E1R2
Universal 4 port analog trunk card
Universal 8 port BRI
VCM 4, 8, 16, 24, 30
While all IP Office 400 external expansion modules (except for WAN3 modules) can be re-used on the IP Office 500.
It’s easy to Install, Maintain & Upgrade Remotely
The modularity of IP Office 500 means you don’t even have to open the box; you simply insert a new Base Card in any of the 4 slots or add a Daughter
Card / expansion module. Through licensing, simply increase capacity such as adding VoIP channels or SIP trunks, all without a site visit. With the
remote management and monitoring programs, customers can be assured you’re looking out for them, with notification of impending alarms and
At A Glance
IP Office 500
IP Office 412
Maximum DS Phones
Maximum Analog Phones
Maximum IP Phones
Maximum VCM channels
IP Office Software releases
4.x, 5.x
4.x, 5.x
Analog Trunks
(Base unit/total)
BRI Trunks
PRI/T1 Trunks
8 x T1 or E1
4 x T1 or E1
Essential Edition supported
Preferred Edition supported
Advanced Edition supported
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