October, 2017
1. What is the FARGO® DTC1500?
The HID® FARGO® DTC1500 is the latest DTC (Direct-to-Card™) printer/encoder to join HID
Global’s family of DTC, desktop-based printers. The DTC1500 combines some of our most popular
features from our existing HID FARGO DTC product line with new innovation to achieve an
economical, yet high volume-capable ID/card printing solution for cost-conscious organizations.
High-capacity ribbon options* include:
YMCKO Half-panel
YMCKOK Half-panel
YMCKOKO Half-panel
Resin Black, K
500 Images
500 Images
500 Images
850 Images
650 Images
500 Images
3000 Images
*For a complete list of consumables (ribbons, laminates, cards, and accessories), please review the DTC1500
Consumables Specification Sheet located within the DTC1500 Resource Kit on the HID Partner Community
website (a.k.a. Partner Portal).
Built on 20 years of proven direct-to-card printing expertise, the HID® FARGO® DTC1500 card
printer/encoder offers the convenience and lower cost of high-capacity consumables along with a
comprehensive feature set – enabling organizations to routinely issue highly secure cards and IDs
at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality. Designed for government ID projects, universities
and colleges, K-12 schools, healthcare facilities, and small-to-medium corporations, the DTC1500
boasts of distinctive security features ideal for these organizations. Unique selling points include:
Innovative, built-in security features – Easy-to-implement security features such as resin
scramble data protection and custom overlay watermark come standard on every unit.
Low-cost, high-capacity consumables – High-capacity, full and half-panel color ribbons
significantly lower cost-per-card and reduce total cost of ownership.
Highly versatile – Powerful printing in a modular, scalable design that simplifies in-field
equipment upgrades and migration to higher levels of security.
Earth friendly – GreenCircle® Certified for efficient energy consumption and eco-friendly
(ECO) refill ribbons.
2. How does the FARGO DTC1500 Card Printer fit within HID Global’s FARGO product
The FARGO® DTC1500 joins HID Global’s Professional Select Series of printers that was first
introduced in 2016. Professional Select Series models offer some feature sets and options that are
not available for traditional Professional Series or Standard Series printers.
3. What is the Professional Select product category and what are the benefits of being
certified to buy and sell Professional Select category products?
The Professional Select product category is comprised of printers and consumables that will be
purchased and sold by partners who are product-certified to purchase and sell them. Professional
Select product-certified partners are typically value-add solution providers and system integrators
wherein the selling and support of card printers and consumables is their primary business. These
partners offer high-touch, full service capabilities to their card printer end-customers and possess
vertical market expertise. Partners that are certified to sell solutions from HID Global’s Professional
Select product category enjoy the following benefits:
Maximized Profitability
MAPP and NAPP Policies (varies by region) protect your
investment and selling efforts with strict enforcement by HID
Market Differentiation
Become your customer’s preferred source for unique credential
printing solutions not available elsewhere.
Protection of Recurring
Revenue Streams
Ongoing revenue stream is protected from non-certified
competitive infiltration for years to come.
Professional Select
Products are a Perfect
Complement to Your
Sales Story
Professional Select product-certified partners are value-add
providers and System Integrators with full-service, high-touch
technical expertise – further strengthening how you position
yourself today with your customer.
Being uniquely certified to sell Professional Select products
adds value and reinforces your full-service story and supports
your selling strategy.
4. How will HID Global distribute the FARGO DTC1500 Professional Select Card
The DTC1500 will be distributed through a worldwide network of qualified system integrators.
5. What are some of the terms and conditions of the Professional Select Series Product
Certification Guidelines?
 Must be HID FARGO Authorized Service Provider (ASP) OR have a contractual agreement with
an HID-approved 3rd Party HID Secure Issuance ASP.
 Must develop a Business Plan that then must be reviewed and approved by HID Global. A
Business Plan template may be accessed within the DTC1500 Resource Kit on the HID
Partner Community website (a.k.a. Partner Portal). If you do not have access to the HID
Partner Community Website, please inquire with your local HID Global Sales Representative to
obtain the Business Plan template.
 All appropriate personnel representing HID Global Secure Issuance products and solutions
must have completed and passed required product-level HID Academy training modules for the
Professional Select Series products they intend to promote and sell.
 Must purchase at least one Professional Select Series Demonstration (Demo) Printer and
complete product-specific training for each printer model they plan to promote and sell. (For
example, if the FARGO ASP would like to promote and sell both DTC printers from the
Professional Select Series (the DTC1500 and the DTC5500LMX), they would be required to
purchase at least one demo unit of each and complete product-specific training for both
 Must adhere to defined NAPP or MAPP and Direct Sales policies with certified channel products
as applicable to your region. (Some regions will follow NAPP while others will follow MAPP for
Professional Select Series products.) Please inquire with your local HID Global Sales
Representative for details specific to your region.
 For those in regions that follow NAPP (No Advertised Pricing Policy), participating Partners
within that region must comply with NAPP meaning that advertisements of the Professional
Select Series printers, associated components and/or consumables, distributed by any means
of communication, may not contain pricing information.
6. How can I learn more about Certified Service Training for the DTC1500?
Please visit us at for course information and Professional Select Product
Certification training. You may also contact your HID Global Sales Representative for detailed
information. Please note that this Professional Select Product Certification training is mandatory to
be a qualified FARGO DTC1500 integrator, dealer or distributor.
7. Does HID Global offer a demo program for the DTC1500 printer?
Yes. HID Global does offer a demonstration program for the DTC1500 printer. It should be noted
that purchase of at least one demo unit is required for Professional Select Product Certification.
Our Demo Policy and Demo order form are located within the DTC1500 Resource Kit on the HID
Partner Community Website (a.k.a. HID Partner Portal). You may also contact your HID Global
Sales Representative for detailed information.
8. What new features are available with HID Global’s new FARGO DTC1500 printer/
Features Include:
Innovative, built-in and easy-to-implement security features include:
o Custom Overlay Watermark* – Users can apply a customized, transparent security
image such as a logo, symbol, or text – to be integrated as a permanent watermark
within the printed card’s overlay panel – making duplication virtually impossible. The
DTC1500 custom watermark provides organizations with a cost-efficient way to
significantly increase card security and thwart would-be-counterfeiters without
additional investment in holographic overlaminates or foil cards.
o Resin Scramble Data Protection – This feature hides any information printed with a
resin panel – rendering the waste panel unreadable.
o Additional Security – Standard password protection and AES 256 data encryption
provide additional peace of mind.
Low-cost, high-capacity consumables* – High-capacity, full and half-panel color ribbons
significantly lower cost-per-card and reduce total cost of ownership.
Resin threshold* - Resin threshold allows for true “K-panel” printing when desired by
allowing printer operators to manually set and adjust precisely when the resin K panel is
utilized based on color concentration. As a result, text and barcodes are darker and more
crisply defined.
Environmental features include:
o GreenCircle® certified card printer (base model only without encoders)
o Rewrite technology – no ribbon required
Built-in, dual-side printing can be activated with the simple use of an RFID tag making afterpurchase upgrades virtually effortless*
Ethernet standard with internal print server (note: Ethernet optional on BIS-Certified Units)
Contact, contactless and magnetic stripe optional encoding available (optional)
Lamination available (optional)
*Indicates feature is brand new with the release of the DTC1500 and has not been previously
included with other DTC printers/encoders
In addition, like all current FARGO DTC and HDP® printers, the DTC1500 includes our
FARGO Workbench™ software and diagnostic utility for printer maintenance with Color Assist™
spot-color matching at no additional cost. Our Swift ID™ embedded badging application is also
For a comprehensive list of all available features, please refer to the DTC1500 Datasheet located
within the DTC1500 Launch Kit on the Partner Portal.
9. What are the factory-only upgradeable options for the DTC1500?
The following features are factory-only upgradeable options and must be selected with your initial
printer order.
Ethernet with internal print server for BIS-certified units
10. What are the field-upgradeable options for the DTC1500?
The following features are field-upgradeable options and can be incorporated into the printer at any
WiFi accessory
Magnetic stripe encoders
Contact smart card encoder
Contactless smart card encoder
Dual-side printing activation
Single-side or Dual-side lamination
11. In which combinations can I purchase technology card encoders with the DTC1500 printer?
Encode (Read or Write) HID iCLASS SE,
technology cards
Desire to encode (Write) HID PACS data
to chip
Desire to have encoder be a TIP (Trusted
Identity Platform) endpoint in Secure
Identity Ecosystem
iCLASS SE Encoder (5127)
Process HID PACS SIO (Secure Identity
Object) data
Encode (Read or Write) contactless
technology cards HID iCLASS, HID PROX
and MIFARE/DESFIRE technology cards
Encode Contact cards
MIFARE/DESFire, and Contact
Smart Card Encoder (OMNIKEY
Cardman 5121 and 5125)
12. Is Swift ID™ available with the DTC1500?
Yes. Swift ID badging software is included with the DTC1500. Additionally, the DTC1500
Is also compatible with Asure ID® card personalization software for badge design, database
management and technology card encoding – as well as EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management
13. Is the DTC1500 Printer supported by the existing FARGO Printer SDK?
14. Will the overlaminate materials from the DTC1500 work in a DTC4500e lamination
15. What are Professional Select series high-capacity ribbons and how do they benefit
For the purposes of protecting Professional Select category product-certified partners, HID Global
has instituted a Professional Select series printer/ribbon strategy program. As only Professional
Select product-certified partners can buy and sell Professional Select category printers AND their
associated consumables (such as ribbons and laminates), the partner’s ongoing consumables
revenue stream is protected from non-certified competitive infiltration.
How it Works
For example, a non-Professional Select YMCKO ribbon that is sold through traditional HID Secure
Issuance sales channels and is compatible with a DTC4500e will NOT be compatible with a
DTC1500. Only Professional Select ribbons will work in a Professional Select DTC1500.
In addition, due to the high-capacity and lower cost of the DTC1500 ribbons, Professional Select
product-certified partners can compete more effectively in markets where there are CPC (cost-percard) considerations and overall consumables price-sensitivity.
16. What happens if I put a non-Professional Select ribbon in a DTC1500?
You will receive an error message (“Invalid Region Ribbon”) and the printer will not operate.
17. Are the DTC1500 Professional Select ribbons compatible with the DTC4500e?
No. DTC1500 Professional Select high-capacity ribbons are not compatible with the DTC4500e.
18. Are fluorescent panel ribbons supported by the DTC1500 printer?
19. Are half-panel ribbons available for the DTC1500?
Yes. The DTC1500 does support economical, high-capacity half-panel ribbons.
20. Will the DTC1500 be FIPS-201 compliant?
21. Will the FARGO DTC1500 replace any current FARGO DTC printers?
No. The DTC1500 is part of a new FARGO Professional Select product series and offers features
not available with other DTC printers such as high-capacity consumables, custom watermark
overlay, and resin threshold to name a few.
22. Why is there a need for three different types of DTC laminating printer models
(DTC1500, DTC5500LMX and DTC4500e) and which printer is best suited for which
The FARGO portfolio of direct-to-card printers are intended to meet the different needs of different
Partners and for different markets. Few partners will actively promote and sell all available DTC
models but will instead select the DTC printer model that will allow them to successfully complete in
their targeted market(s) and grow their business. The following illustrates how different partners
typically position the various models for different markets:
Emerging Markets
In emerging markets, project business may be best served with the DTC5500LMX whereas the
DTC1500 is best suited for flow or daily business (non-project specific).
Emerging Market Project Business
Emerging Market Flow / Daily Business
Mature Markets
In more mature markets, both DTC models may be considered for either project or flow business
but in these less price-sensitive markets, the DTC5500LMX may be considered the better, more
competitive choice – especially for those opportunities that are project-specific.
Mature Market Project and/or
Flow/Daily Business
Better / Project
DTC4500e or DTC1500
23. What is the MSRP for the DTC1500?
U.S. $2,299
24. When will the DTC1500 be commercially available?
The DTC1500 will be commercially available in November, 2017.
25. Does the DTC1500 ship with a User’s Guide?
No. All User Guides and related documentation are available for download at A
printed Quick Start Guide will also accompany your printer.
26. What items are included with the base model printer/encoder?
A convenient Quick Start Guide
Power supply and cords (US and EU)
Warranty information sheet
27. What does the warranty cover?
Printer – Three years
Printhead – Three year warranty, unlimited pass with UltraCard
28. Do the color profiles of the DTC1500 Printer/Encoder match the color profiles of the
existing DTC e-series printers?
Yes. To ensure color match, users are encouraged to use the Color Assist module within the
Workbench utility software that comes with your DTC1500 printer.
29. What card types does HID recommend for the DTC1500 printer?
The printer can handle most CR-80 or CR-79 PVC or composite PVC card types such as FARGO
UltraCard® or UltraCard Premium. For applications that utilize the lamination module, HID
recommends using FARGO UltraCard Premium for best results.
30. What are the main advantages of the DTC1500 over competitive DTC laminating
The main advantages of the DTC1500 over competitive DTC laminating printers include:
Lower-cost, high capacity consumables
Easy-to-implement security features such as custom watermark overlay and resin scramble
data protection
Resin threshold feature
Built-in, dual side printing can be activated with the simple use of an RFID tag making afterpurchase upgrades virtually effortless
Energy conservation attributes (GreenCircle® Certified)
For a complete competitive comparison, please refer to the DTC Printer Competitive Matrix
located with the DTC1500 Resource Kit on the HID Partner Community website (Partner Portal).
31. How do I contact HID Global Technical Support?
North America & Corporate
Asia Pacific
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