Beyond Libraries: Innovation for Knowledge

Beyond Libraries: Innovation for
Knowledge Gateways
Pre-Conference Workshops
Beyond Libraries: Innovation for Knowledge Gateways
Workshop 1: Building Digital
Libraries using Open Source
Building Digital Libraries Using
Open Source Software
The workshop is aimed at
developing competencies among
professionals for building digital
libraries, capitalizing on their
own resources. The software to be
used in the workshop will provide
detailed knowledge about two most
widely used utilities titled Open
Source Digital Library Software
i.e. Greenstone Digital Library
(GSDL) and DSpace. Extensive
hands-on practice will ensure that
the participants candeveop prototype
digital libraries in their organizations.
1. To familiarize participants with the
concepts of digital library and usage
of open source software.
2. To facilitate understanding of
digitization and practical knowledge
of the digitization process.
3. To offer hands-on-practice for
developing digital libraries and
using open source software using
4. To help participants develop
practical skills in the installation
and implementation of open source
software for creation of digital
Topics Covered:
1. Digital Library – Introduction
and prospects
2. E-resources and their
3. Converting print to digital tools
and process
4. Different file formats, Optical
Character Recognition
5. Metadata Creation
6. Downloading , configuring and
installing GSDL
7. Developing resources with GLI
(GreenStone Librarian
8.Designing and creating standard
metadata sets
8. Customizing GLI, macro
Beyond Libraries: Innovation for Knowledge Gateways
files,style-sheets and homepages
11. Organization-specific
applicationsspecific customization
12. Downloading, installing and
managing DSpace
13. Hands-on exercises
Who Should Attend:
1. Library and Information professionals
2. ICT professionals
3. Educators
4. Archivists
5. Content managers
6. Information providers and vendors
7. Electronic publishers
8. Electronic communities
9. Stakeholders in the digitization and
knowledge business
Participants will be provided CD-ROMs
containing GSDL and DSpace Software
and other workshop material for further
use in their respective organizations.
English and Arabic
4 - 6 April from 9:00 to 14:00
(Lunch will be served)
Attendance Requirement:
Ability to use computer and the Internet
$ 675 for non-members of SLA
$ 600 for SLA Members
Workshop Presented by Dr.
Elizabeth Beaudin
Manager of International Digital
Special Projects - Yale University
Elizabeth A. S. Beaudin received her
Ph.D. From Yale University, writing
her thesis on medieval love narratives from Muslim Spain. She has
taught language and literature courses
at Fairfield University and Yale. Dr.
Beaudin is also a systems architect
with 20 years of information technology experience, during which time
she has developed both academic and
administrative systems in a university
environment. Her academic background helps balance the demands of
technical architecture design with the
scholar’s needs for useable content.
Dr. Beaudin’s work on the recent
OACIS project included developing
the software, interface, and technical
communications for a new electronic
union catalog.
Beaudin is project manager for two
granted projects at Yale University Library -- Project AMEEL and Iraq ReCollection -- that will create a scalable
digital repository on the Middle East.
Dr. Beaudin is currently Manager of
International Digital Special Projects,
Yale University.
Beyond Libraries: Innovation for Knowledge Gateways
Workshop 2: Library 2.0:
Applications and Strategies
This workshop is aimed at
introducing the concepts and
applications of Library 2.0.
Hands-on practice will provide LIS
professionals with practical skills
in the applications of Web second
Main Areas:
1. Library 2.0: introduction and
2. Social networking programs
3. Wikis and blogs
4. RSS Feeds and applications
5. Social Bookmarking and
6. Practical applications
1. Introducing the concepts of
Library 2.0
2. Developing hands-on
capabilitiesfor using and applying
library 2.0 tools
3. Developing skills in marketing
information services using library
4. Building social virtual networks,
based on Library 2.0
Who Should Attend:
1. Library and Information
Science professionals
2. Information marketing
3. Collection development
4. Library and information
science teachers and students
5. E-publishing specialists
Beyond Libraries: Innovation for Knowledge Gateways
Attendance Requirement:
Ability to use computer and the Internet
$ 675 for non-members of SLA
$ 600 for SLA Members
English and Arabic
4 - 6 April from 15:00 to 20:00
(Dinner included)
Workshop Presented by
Karen Joc
Stephanie Christine Schmitt
Assistant Dean, Dubai Library,
Zayed University.
Aleph Manager, Five Colleges,
Master of Applied Science
(Library and Information
Management), Charles Sturt
University, Australia
Bachelor of Arts – Library and
Information Science – Charles
Sturt University, Australia
University of North Texas,
Denton, TX
M.S., School of Library and
Information Science, December
B.A., English Literature and
English Language/Composition,
minor in French, December
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Beyond Libraries: Innovation
developmentfor Knowledge Gateways
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