Fusion 160
It’s time for a welder/generator that’s ready, willing and
able to boost your productivity, improve weld quality
and give you the ability to work virtually anywhere.
It’s time for the Fusion 160.
An unstable arc produces more spatter
to clean up, which isn’t a productive
task. An unstable arc also increases
the chance for errors and rework, which
costs time and money.
Traditional engine-driven welders can’t
be operated indoors or in noisesensitive areas, limiting their versatility.
If your portable welder/generator is
too heavy to easily move, welding has
to wait until the machine can be placed
close enough to the project. That wastes
valuable time.
The Fusion 160 uses inverter
technology for a smooth, stable
stick arc.
The arc is forgiving of variations
in stick tip-to-work distance and
travel speed.
You get a quality weld with the
deposition you need.
The Fusion 160 has industryexclusive PowerShift technology.
Weld outdoors using the power
of the engine.
Weld indoors or in noisesensitive outdoor locations by
plugging in to utility power —
the multi-voltage plug (MVP™)
makes it easy to use either
120-volt or 240-volt power.
The Fusion 160 weighs just
222 pounds: up to 25% less
than other machines.
Fusion 160
No other engine-driven welder/generator gives you
the combination of stable arc characteristics and
versatile power options in a lightweight package.
Moves quickly and easily: Goes where the work is with less effort.
Inverter-based arc: Smooth, stable arc performance for improved arc
characteristics and minimal spatter.
Operate electric tools: The 6,500-watt generator is ready to keep your
jobsite working.
Versatile engine options: Choose a recoil-start or an electric-start model.
An industry exclusive! Weld outdoors using
the Fusion 160’s engine — or weld indoors
by connecting to either 120V or 240V utility
power with the multi-voltage plug (MVP™).
Fusion 160 Specifications
Input Power
Stick Welding
Amperage Range
Rated Weld Output
(Amps) at 104º F (40º C)*
Amps Input at
Rated Output,
50/60 Hz, 1-Phase
Generator Power
Engine Power
30 – 160
160 @ 26.4 V, 20%
duty cycle
110 @ 24.4 V, 100%
duty cycle
PowerShift 120 V
30 – 100 A
90 @ 23.6 V, 40%
duty cycle
30 – 160 A
160 @ 26.4 V, 20%
duty cycle
110 @ 24.4 V, 100%
duty cycle
PowerShift 240 V
Peak: 6,500 watts
Continuous: 6,200
watts, 120/240 VAC,
40/26 A
*Rated at sea level. **Effective input amps at rated output = 20 amps. Certified by Canadian Standards Association to both Canadian and U.S. standards.
Net Weight (without fuel)
Engine Specifications
H: 24.75 in. (629 mm)
W: 20.1 in. (511 mm)
D: 31.25 in. (794 mm)
Recoil: 222 lb. (101 kg)
Electric: 242 lb. (110 kg)
Engine Type: Kohler gasoline
Horsepower: 14
Fuel Capacity: 6.26 gal. (23.7 L)
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