bizhub C450 - The Island Copier Company Ltd

Full colour 35 pages/min
Monochrome 45 pages/min
Scan & Send
Data Handling
Document Output
High Quality & High Speed
Fiery Image Controller
Universal Design
Full Colour
Introducing Konica Minolta's bizhub.
An innovative new brand that lets you open
new doors to success.
Freely conduct business—regardless of time or place.
The power of freedom. The freedom to access the information you need, anytime from anywhere, to take efficiency to
the maximum. That’s what Konica Minolta’s bizhub products are all about. Whether at home, in transit, or even at a
client’s office, no matter where you’re connected with bizhub, you’re doing business faster and smarter than ever before.
Put yourself at the forefront of information application.
Exchange. Enhance. Manage. With bizhub’s innovative technology, you’ll adeptly use information in ways that never
existed before. You’ll access seamlessly while increasing the value of information by sharing, enhancing, and more
efficiently managing it, thus creating a valuable pool of data in the process. bizhub gives you the ability to convert
information into assets.
Connecting people through a reliable, state-of-the-art technology.
bizhub’s advanced technology arms you with a host of empowering tools. Innovative functions, high-quality imaging,
and user-friendly operation all working fluently together to bring you to a higher level of productivity. So connect with
bizhub and connect with a more intelligent way of doing business.
core benefits
n olog
The core benefits inherent in
all Konica Minolta bizhub products.
Ubiquity. Data assets. High technology. At Konica Minolta,
strict attention is always focused on ensuring that these
three benefits are at the heart of every bizhub product.
Because it s these core benefits that empower you with the
freedom to do business more intelligently.
Empower yourself with cutting-edge
communication, plus the sharpest
looking documents.
Imagine an all-in-one digital business support machine that can output high-image-quality documents in full colour
or black-and-white. Plus, equipped with copier, scanner, printer, and fax* functions, that it can also enable highly
efficient information communication throughout any office network. Introducing the Konica Minolta bizhub
C450—a multi-functional product that supports your business from every angle.
Scan and Send .... P4.5
Scanning colour or black-and-white
documents at a swift 38 pages/min,
the C450 lets you turn paper
documents into versatile electronic
data as quickly and easily as making a
photocopy or sending a fax.
The C450 can also distribute the
scanned data virtually instantly
through the network.
Management . . . . . . . . . P8
Data Handling
. . . P6.7
Scanned data and other data sent to
the C450 can be stored in "Boxes" on
the C450 hard disk drive. This gives
you an easy, efficient way to handle,
share or distribute data. And the
optional PageScope Workware
document management software
allows you to manage your data with
unprecedented ease and flexibility.
The C450 provides powerful
management support functions. It lets
you utilise information more effectively,
and set up and manage the network
easily and efficiently.
FAX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P9
Equipped with G3 fax functions, the
C450 lets you send faxes quickly, easily
and with outstanding image quality. The
C450 can also receive fax data and store
it in a file Box for retrieval.
Security. . . . . . . . . . . . . . P10.11
Use of a password protection system
and encryption protocol help safeguard
your company's proprietary information
or confidential data. And, after copying,
printing, scanning, or faxing, the C450
destroys any residual management,
image or other recoverable data in the
hard disk drive to prevent information
leakage. Thus, the C450 provides a safe,
reliable environment for handling
sensitive data.
Document Output . . . P12.13
The versatile C450 is compatible with
a variety of protocols for use in a
number of different kinds of networks.
Also equipped with advanced booklet
production and finishing functions and
delivering super-fast output - 35 pages/min
in full colour, 45 pages/min in black
and white – the C450 gives you the
power to create visually impressive,
high-quality printed materials.
High Quality &
High Speed ... P14
The C450 provides superior
reproducibility with both text and
photos. This high-performance unit
delivers the outstanding image quality
demanded in offices and graphic design.
Fiery Image Controller ... P15
The Fiery Image Controller supports
graphic design professionals by making
it possible to produce output in a
PostScript3 environment.
Universal Design ... P16.17
With the end user in mind, the C450
incorporates universal design
elements throughout its structure,
design and styling. For example, the
control panel is easy to use and the
paper supply is easy to set.
Scan & Send
With the ability to convert paper documents into versatile electronic files, the
use data in a number of productive ways. And talk about speed, using the standard
a large number of originals, the C450 scans documents at a swift 38 pages/min.
Sharing the scanned data is amazingly simple. The C450 converts your document to a PDF, TIFF or JPEG
file. Then, to distribute, simply specify a destination on the control panel and the C450 sends the file
directly to a server, a co-worker’s PC, or anywhere else you desire.
Mail server
Scan to E-Mail
Scan to FTP
FTP server
Scan to Box
Scan to SMB
Scan to FTP
Scan to Box
Scanned data is saved on an FTP server, where it allows
any network PC to download and access the data
whenever necessary.
Scanned data is sent to the C450's hard disk drive and
stored in "Boxes" for access by individual users, project
teams or departments.
Scan to E-mail
To make data easy to handle, scanned data is sent as an email attachment in PDF, TIFF or JPEG format. This lets you
send data quickly and in colour, helping to increase
business efficiency.
Scan to SMB
Scanned data goes directly to a shared folder in a PC
rather than to a server. This provides fast transfer for
networks that do not have a dedicated server. Plus, you
can browse through shared folders on the network from
the C450’s control panel.
*Cannot be used when the optional Image Controller IC-402 is mounted.
By using the TWAIN driver, text and graphics can be
transferred to a client PC. You can also download data
with an application that supports TWAIN.
bizhub C450 lets you distribute, share, and
Automatic Document Feeder which handles
High-Speed Network Scanning
One-Scan ACS
The standard Automatic Document Feeder holds up to
100 sheets and allows scanning documents at a rapid
38 pages/min*. The C450 can also scan mixed-size
originals without interruption.
Supporting quick operation, the ACS (Auto Colour
Selection) detects whether a page is colour or black-andwhite without needing to pre-scan, even in mixed colour
and black-and-white documents.
*A4 crosswise at 600dpi.
*35 pages/min with the optional Controller IC-402.
2,100 Address Capacity
With the ability to hold 2,000 individual and 100 group
e-mail, fax*, and Box addresses in the Address Book, the
C450 can send data quickly and easily to numerous
destinations at once. Plus, you can register transmission
settings such as file format and resolution. The C450
supports the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
(LDAP) for accessing directory databases on the network
and registering retrieved addresses on its control panel.
Compact PDF Function
When scanning an original, this function detects the text
and image areas of a document, and uses the optimal
compression ratio for each. This means that colour
documents, which were previously hard to handle because
of their large data volume, can now be easily distributed.
*Cannot be used when the optional Image Controller IC-402 is mounted.
Image area
Scanned image
Text area
Compact PDF
Scan Accelerator Kit (Optional)
The optional Scan Accelerator Kit SA-501 boosts scan
processing speed, and allows scanned data stored in the
C450's hard disk drive to be output from the control panel.
*Optional Mount Kit MK-703 is required.
Data Handling
For highly efficient sharing and distributing of print, graphic, and other data, simply
on the C450’s large-capacity hard disk drive. Up to 1,000 Boxes can be created for
assign Boxes to an individual, a project team, or a particular company department.
document management software enables you to better manage your document flow
into single PDF files, saving space and resources.
Box Function
The C450’s Box function makes it incredibly simple to manage, share, distribute, and output copied,
scanned, printed or faxed data. You can store up to 3,000 documents or 9,000 pages in the C450’s hard
disk drive, and print out or forward the stored data as needed—letting you manage data files more
effectively than you ever thought possible.
Scanned data
Store copy data
FAX data
Output data
Data storage
The C450 can store up to 3,000 documents
or 9,000 pages in the Box.
Retransmission of
scanned or faxed data
Send to FAX*
Send to E-mail
Send to FTP Server
Store print data
Send to SMB
Client PC
Client PC
Public User Box/Personal User Box
For efficient document management, you can create up to
1,000 Boxes. The Public User Box allows stored data to be
openly shared. The Personal User Box, which is password
protected, restricts access to data by unauthorised people. By
setting time restrictions on the stored data, the data can only
be shared for a limited period of time.
PageScope Box Operator
Scanned data stored in a Box can be downloaded and accessed by anyone
on a network PC.
Multi-file preview: Enables you to find a particular file with just a glance.
You can print out scanned image data that has accumulated from your PC.
You can rename or delete files in a Box directly from your PC.
PDF/TIFF/JPEG files in the Box can be easily converted to a compact PDF.
This reduces the file size and eases the burden on the network and hard disk
drive when sending e-mail attachments and saving the data on PCs.
*Only stored incoming/outgoing fax data
can be re-sent to other fax machines.
store your data in “Boxes” provided
either shared or private access. Furthermore, you can
In addition, the C450's optional PageScope Workware
by combining various document and image file types
PageScope Workware
An optional feature to the C450 is PageScope Workware,
Konica Minolta’s document management software that
gives you full, integrated control of your business
documents in PDF format. PageScope Workware
manages virtually all types of data, including scanned
documents, data created with applications, and Web
content, in PDF format for easy editing, processing and
searching. It also lets you output and distribute your
documents with unprecedented ease.
Integrated Control with PageScope Workware
Scanned paper documents,
electronic files, etc.
PageScope Workware will:
Allow you to easily view, edit, create and print PDF files
Provide effortless document file registration using drag & drop operation
Help you easily search for and access registered documents
Automatically register scanned images and files in a target folder
Extract text data from scanned data with built-in OCR function
Automatically enhance transferred images
Editing Document Files Makes Document Management Easier
Registered documents can be edited on the Main
Window, instead of using a separate pallet. You can
reconstruct PDF files by dividing a document into
separate pages, then inserting and rearranging the
pages, while viewing previews on the display. A newly
created PDF file can then be registered and saved, and
given page numbers. Since documents can be merged
on a PC, they become easier to manage and their
scope of use expands.
Diverse editing functions include grouping, separation,
rotation and duplication
A multiple-page
document can be
separated into
individual pages.
Each page can be
rotated. Portrait and
landscape pages in
the same document
can be rotated to a
single orientation.
Multiple pages can
be combined into a
Page insertion and deletion
Thumbnail images can be freely
arranged. (An automatic arrangement
function is available.)
Easy document reconstruction while
checking previews
Changing the page order
To manage operating costs more effectively, the C450 lets you collect data on
how your office equipment is being utilised. It allows you to monitor usage
conditions and make setting and control adjustments easily via a network PC.
Department Management
PageScope Web Connection
Register up to 1,000 departments, then monitor the
number of copies, printouts, and scanned pages (both
colour and black-and-white) created by each
department. To prevent waste, you can also set a
maximum number of outputs for each department. By
linking with the user authentication function, the C450
lets you combine department and user operation
management to provide you with even more efficient
and detailed department management.
By using this software, you can make a number of
settings on the C450, and confirm its operating status via
a Web browser. It also lets you confirm the job status and
results, set destinations for scanned data, and create
Boxes in the C450.
LDAP Search
PageScope Data Administrator
Managing and updating e-mail addresses are a snap with this
function. By supporting the Lightweight Directory Access
Protocol, the C450 lets you search for addresses by
department or by keywords such as names. By combining
several search criteria, you can do an advanced search for
increased efficiency. You can search for up to 120 addresses
at once and quickly register them in the C450.
The PageScope Data Administrator is a utility software
especially designed to reduce the administrator's
workload by simplifying data management and renewal
of registered data of the MFP. Information delivery
between the PC and MFP becomes easier and the work
hours needed to maintain data is greatly reduced. The
software is used during maintenance and in the initial
setup of a device after installation.
In today’s business world, a fax is still a vital tool. And the C450’s versatile fax
functions, which include its ability to store incoming fax data on a hard disk
drive, high-speed transmission, and superior image quality will no doubt keep
you highly competitive.
*Optional Fax Kit FK-502 and Mount Kits MK-703 and MK-704 are required. (For Internet Fax, only Mount Kit MK-704 is required.)
Super G3 Fax
One-Touch Dial and Group Dial
Supporting Super G3 standards and JBIG compression/
decompression, the C450 delivers economical, highspeed, high-quality fax communication over ordinary
phone lines. An A4 document can be sent in less than
3 seconds.
Up to 400 one-touch e-mail addresses and fax numbers,
2,000 speed-dial addresses and numbers, and 100 groups of
addresses and numbers are at your fingertips with this
timesaving function.
Pre-Control Time
Transmission Time
By connecting two telephone lines, faxes can be
received on one line while the other line is sending.
* Optional Fax Multi Line ML-501 and additional Fax Kit FK-502 are required.
Post-Control Time
(In approximate seconds)
PC-Fax Function
Internet Fax Function
Trim your communication expenses by using the C450
to send long-distance faxes over the Internet.
This function enables you to send data from your PC
directly to an outside fax machine. You can create a cover
sheet from the driver screen on your PC and attach it to
the document. And, since there’s no need to print out the
data before faxing, image degradation and paper waste
are reduced.
Fax with
Internet Fax
Direct printing of
file attachments
Fax Stored in a Box
Fax data can be stored in a Box and be shared or
distributed as documents. To reduce paper waste, you
can print out only the data you need. As a backup, you
can save the data in the Box on the hard disk drive at the
same time as sending a fax.
TSI Routing
The sender of a fax can be identified by the fax ID (TSI:
Transmitting Subscriber Identification). By setting up a box
for each sender, the received fax can be automatically
directed to the designated box. The received data can also
be sent separately to an e-mail, FTP, or SMB server.
FAX Kit FK-502 Specifications
Transmit Original Size:
Receiving Paper Size:
Line Density:
Transmission Speed:
Modem Speed:
Compression Method:
Compatible Lines:
Scan Speed:
Speed Dial:
One Touch Programme:
Group Dial:
A3 (Max.)
ECM/G3 (super G3)
G3: 8 ✕ 3.85, 8 ✕ 7.7, 8 ✕ 15.4*, 16 ✕ 15.4 line/mm
Less than 3 seconds (V.34, JBIG)
PSTN, PBX/NCC, fax line (G3)
1 sec. (A4/Fine Mode)
*For receiving only.
Information is valuable. Keeping it confidential is critical. That's why the C450 is
to ensure that sensitive corporate and personal information can be accessed only
full data erasure to user authentication, you can rest assured that your information
To ensure high security, the C450’s password protection function restricts access to data by unauthorised people.
Plus, an encryption protocol and the network server authentication function keep data confidential and safe when
exchanged over the network.
Secured Print Function
SMTP Authentication for E-Mail
A password-based security lock helps prevent
unauthorised printing of confidential documents, such as
project bids or employee transfer notices. Once a
document is locked, it cannot be output unless the
correct password is entered on the control panel.
The C450 supports SMTP authentication for outgoing
e-mails. To prevent improper use of the mail server when
sending mail, users must enter both an ID number and a
User Authentication
Issue Secured
Print instruction
Document is
printed out by
entering password
Data is stored in Secured
Document Box
IP Filtering
This gives access only to terminals with specified IP
addresses. It prevents unauthorised access from external
IP Address
IP Address
IP Address
Restricts output from
unregistered addresses
Registered IP address
You can allow, disallow, or restrict the use of the C450
based on the authentication function of the Active
Directory service, which is used to manage user and
computer information on the network. The C450 also
features an authentication system that lets you specify
user privileges on an individual level without a dedicated
equipped with a wide array of security functions designed
by authorised parties. From data encryption to IP filtering,
assets are secure.
Erasing Data
Hard Disk Drive Password Lock
After copying, printing, scanning or faxing, the C450 not
only deletes management information but also destroys
any related image and other recoverable data in the hard
disk drive by overwriting specially formatted data.
This prevents data recovery and information leakage.
By using a unique compression technology, the data
accumulated and stored on the hard disk drive is
extremely difficult to analyse. Furthermore, a passwordprotected lock can be applied to the hard disk drive,
preventing readability even if the drive is removed from
the C450.
Ordinary Data Deletion
C450 Data Deletion
Image data
Image data
Random Erase Format
When you reformat the hard disk drive, all data is
overwritten with random numbers. This erases any
residual magnetism. Data cannot be restored even with
decryption software.
Image data
Only management information
is deleted after output.
After each output, existing data is
overwritten with specially formatted
data for complete erasure.
Annotation Function
When a scanned image is stored as a PDF file in an
Annotation User Box, a pre-set administrator counter
number will automatically be printed on the document
when retrieved from the Box.
Encrypting Data on the Hard Disk Drive*
When the optional encryption board is mounted on the
C450, job data is automatically encrypted or decrypted
as it is written to or read from the hard disk drive.
*Optional Security Kit SC-503 is required.
SSL Encryption Protocol
Counter number
Title (Number/character string + Counter value)
The SSL encryption protocol is used to protect data
during data exchange between the C450 and the LDAP
server, PageScope Data Administrator, and PageScope
Web Connection.
Encrypted PDF
When scanning paper documents, you can create an
encrypted PDF file to prevent unauthorised viewing or
printing. By requiring a password to open the file, this
feature restricts access to confidential data and helps
prevent information leakage.
Document Outp
Naturally, the C450 lets you print documents from any PC on the network. But add
optional finisher which enables complete booklet production—including functions
pagination, saddle stitching, stapling, and more—and you’ll take advantage of all
full-colour, on-demand printing.
All the paper-feed trays are designed to accommodate a wide variety of paper sizes and types. Plus,
with the C450’s standard duplexing and numerous finishing functions, you can quickly and easily create
sophisticated documents in-house.
Standard Network Printer Function/Multi-OS,
Multi-Protocol Compatibility
Print text and graphics from any PC on the network with
this function. The multi-OS, multi-protocol capability
with PostScript-compatible mode allows use of the C450
on networks using Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX.
Multi-platform Compatibility
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows NT4.0
Windows Server
Mac OS
Windows 98SE
Windows Me
The C450 handles multiple tasks at once. For example,
while outputting one job, it can scan a document or
receive print data for the next job. You can register a list
of up to 251 jobs, then rearrange, skip or delete jobs as
desired. This multi-tasking capability improves the office
work flow and productivity.
Advanced Finishing Functions
For quick, easy document assembly and production, two
types of optional finisher units can be set to automatically
perform a series of operations such as sorting and stapling.
The FS-603 finisher unit is equipped with advanced
functions including hole punching, folding, and
saddle stitching, enabling you to take on
complete booklet production. Combined with
the standard duplex function which can handle
thick paper
(up to 256 g/m2),
you can create
documents, such as
manuals and direct
mail, in house—giving
your office valuable printon-demand capabilities
with virtually no hassles.
Types of Finishing Functions
Outputting Data in a Box
Data from a copy job or print job stored in a Box can be
output as many times as needed. Because there’s no
need to re-copy or re-send a lengthy document from a
PC to the C450, you get prints quickly. The C450 also
has a job-binding function that lets you take copy data
and print data stored in a Box, and bind them together
for outputting as a single document. You can also change
the finishing settings or the number of prints as desired.
Stapling Functions
Corner Staple
2-Point Staple
Hole-Punching Functions
Left-Side Holes
Fold and Saddle-Stitch
Top-Side Holes
Finishing Functions
Shift Sort
Corner Staple
2-Point Staple (Side)
Hole Punch (Left-Side Holes)
Hole Punch (Top-Side Holes)
Fold and Saddle-Stitch
on the versatile
like automated
the benefits of
Large Paper Capacity/Thick-Paper Compatibility
Holding up to 3,400 sheets*1 (80-g/m2 paper), the C450
gets a lot of work done between refills. It's extremely
versatile, too. The Multiple Bypass Tray allows you to
continuously feed up to 150 sheets and print paper up to
1,200mm in length. All paper feed sections handle thick
paper (up to 256 g/m2). Paper feed cassettes handle
sheets ranging in size from A6 to A3 Wide (311mm ✕
457mm), as well as thick paper, label sheets, coloured
paper*2 and more.
*1 Requires the optional PC-402 paper feed cabinet.
*2 A3 Wide paper, post cards, envelopes, and OHP sheets must be fed from the
first drawer or Multiple Bypass Tray.
Auto Tray Change
For long, uninterrupted job runs, the C450 automatically
switches to another tray that has paper of the same size
in the same orientation whenever a tray has run out of
Proof and Print
To prevent wasted prints due to incorrect settings, the
C450 can output a set of prints as a sample for you to
proof prior to starting a multi-copy run.
This function stamps a watermark
such as "Confidential" or "Important"
on each printout, saving you the time
and hassle of doing it by hand.
Cover Sheet/Inter Sheet
You can insert cover pages at the beginning and end of a
set of copies or prints. Simply insert colour or other
pages in the designated paper cassette to create
attractively covered booklets. You can also set chapter
breaks and create separate settings for designated pages.
Electronic Sorting
The C450 can sort printouts even without a
finisher, saving you time and trouble.
Shift sorting
(With finisher)
Crisscross sorting
(Without finisher)
*These sort functions work only when printing on A4 or B5 size
paper. When using the crisscross sorting function, you must
set the paper in both the lengthwise and crosswise directions.
High Quality &
High Speed
What’s the C450’s secret for superior image quality? Advanced
technologies such as improved scanning accuracy, advanced image
processing, and polymerised toner for vibrant colour reproduction.
The C450 not only delivers impressive business documents, but it also
achieves the superior image quality required in such areas as graphic
High-Speed 4-Colour Tandem Engine
Simitri Toner
Our tandem engine enables printing at 35 pages/min in full
colour or 45 pages/min in black-and-white. While in
previous models the transfer process took four steps (once
for each of the C, M, Y, and K colours), the new engine does
it in a single step .
The C450 uses eco-friendly
polymerised toner with tiny, highly uniform 6.5µm particles
that provide superior image quality. This toner also has
reduced glare, giving your business documents a natural,
sophisticated look. While the toner is oil-free, it is
encapsulated in wax to ensure outstanding fixation.
Polymerised toner
Conventional toner
Particles are uniform
in size and shape.
Selectable Image Quality
Beautiful Images, Superb Reproducibility
The C450 delivers beautiful, faithful reproductions of the
kinds of documents you create most often, such as
PowerPoint presentations. It also offers greatly improved
scanning accuracy, thanks to the use of character zone
micro-separation. This process delineates the outer edges
and inner portions of each text character in a scanned
document, and it distinguishes among black characters,
colour characters and halftone dot areas. It also improves
the recognition of text on halftone dot backgrounds, such
as in maps and graphs. The result is superior reproduction
with minimal blurring and smearing, even when making
multiple-generation copies.
Outer edge
inner portion
Fine line
(Thin part of character)
The C450 lets you select from a variety of image quality
and density settings to produce the best results for various
types of documents. The Map Mode vastly improves the
C450’s recognition of text on halftone dot backgrounds.
The result is much easier-to-read text when reproducing
maps, graphs, and other documents with background
patterns. The Photo Mode can reproduce rich colour
gradation, while the Glossy Mode makes your photo
reproduction look as close to the original as possible.
Fiery Image
Take the C450’s performance up a notch with the optional Fiery
Image Controller. Ideal for professionals in desktop publishing,
graphic design, and other areas demanding high-end imaging, the
Fiery Image Controller permits printing in a PostScript3 environment,
plus its multi-OS compatibility allows use on both Windows and
Macintosh networks.
Scan to Hold Queue
ColorWise Pro Tools 3.7
This function holds scanned data in the print job queue.
Combined with Command WorkStation, it lets you set
the C450 for a variety of outputs.
ColorWise can be used with a variety of software
applications, operating systems, and virtually any file
format. ColorWise is able to handle RGB, CMYK, Lab,
as well as spot colour data seamlessly, even when mixed
on the same page.
Scan to Mailbox
Save scanned data onto the IC-402's hard disk drive
(Mailbox) with Scan to Mailbox, then access it from a
network PC using WebScan or Fiery Remote Scan.
Free Form
FreeForm gives your office the ability to make variable
data printing quick and simple. FreeForm can boost the
communication value of your direct mailings or company
brochures by letting you individualise each printout.
Furthermore, by combining data from separate source
applications into a single layout at the print server, print
time has been shortened and network traffic reduced.
Master data
Preview of combined data
Variable data
Auto Trapping*
This function automatically traps colour areas to prevent
colours from shifting when outputting from ordinary
office applications that do not include DTP functions.
*The Fiery Graphic Arts Package needs to be installed.
Without trapping
With trapping
Spot On
Use colour like never before. You can edit existing
special colours like PANTONE using CMYK, produce
unique original colours and
register new colour data in
the spot colour dictionary. In
addition, you can intuitively
edit colours in the dictionary
based on brightness, colour
saturation, or numerical
Enhanced Colour Control
Enables you to take advantage of independent controls
for RGB and CMYK data within the same document.
ColorWise automatically recognises PANTONE and
other spot colour names, and then selects the best
CMYK match.
Fiery Calibrator
You can use the scanner function as a highly precise
colour measurement device to calibrate the C450.
AutoCal2 measures 34 patches for each colour, and
ColorCal further raises the level of precision with a
total of 60 patches.
Full Output GCR
Based on output Grey Component Replacement (GCR),
source CMYK values are re-calculated so even images
with 100% black are properly grey-balanced.
Black Overprint
Black overprint ensures sharp text against any colour
background without white
outlines, also known as
“halos,” that are caused
by image creep.
Overprint off
Overprint on
Universal Design
In business, men and women of all sizes and ages work together. With this
Konica Minolta designed the C450 adopting numerous universal design ele
ease-of-use for the widest range of users as well as a visually attractive body
The “Help” button shows the
operation procedure and the
names of various functions.
The LCD panel display can
be enlarged, as shown in
the photo, for easy viewing.
The panel can be adjusted to three different angles.
The contrast of the display
can be adjusted as needed.
The large, clear LCD is easy to read.
Universal Design Control Panel
The control panel is critical to operating ease. That’s why the C450’s
panel was designed to provide the utmost in user-friendly operability. Its
large, clear, easy-to-read LCD located on a panel that can be tilted 7,
27, or 45 degrees suits the needs of any operator. Set against the dark
panel, the white buttons are easy to see, and their size and layout have
been carefully considered for enhanced operation.
Semitransparent ADF Paper Path
The C450 uses a semitransparent material for the Automatic Document
Feeder’s paper path. This makes it easier to check for originals, and
speeds up the removal of paper jams.
Improved Visibility of Paper Output Tray
The paper output tray is a dark grey that contrasts with the paper,
making it easier to tell the document from the tray.
in mind,
ements to ensure maximum
The sub-power switch is
located on the control
panel, enabling you to
turn the power on/off
right from the panel.
Buttons have large,easyto-see indications and a
simple, logical layout.
Front Access Structure
Since the toner cartridge and paper can be replaced quickly and easily
from the front, there’s no need to move the unit. This keeps downtime to
a minimum.
Easy Paper Replenishment
The new free-grip handles let you grip from either above or below,
making it a snap to open and close the paper feed cassettes, even the
bottom cassette. You can easily change the paper size by adjusting the
paper guide located within the cassettes.
Easier Paper-Jam Removal
The C450 introduces a simpler paper-path design and a wide-opening
right side cover. These features let you remove paper jams quickly and
easily by simply opening only a single cover.
C450 Specifications
Type of Originals:
Original Size:
Output Size:
Desktop Full-Colour Copier/Printer/Scanner
Scanning: 600dpi ✕ 600dpi
Printing: 600dpi ✕ 1,800dpi equivalent
512MB (Standard)
40GB (Standard)
Sheets, Book, 3-D Objects
Max.: A3 (Ledger)
A6 to A3 (4-1/4" ✕ 5-3/4" to 11-3/4" ✕ 16-1/2"),
A3 Wide: 311mm ✕ 457mm (12-1/4" ✕ 18"),
Postcard: 100mm ✕ 148mm (4" ✕ 5-3/4")
Warm-Up Time:
First Copy Time:
Copy Speed:
Paper Capacity:
99 seconds or less
Colour: 8.5 seconds or less (A4 Crosswise),
B/W: 5.5 seconds or less (A4 Crosswise)
Colour: 35 pages/min (A4), 19 pages/min (A3),
B/W: 45 pages/min (A4), 24 pages/min (A3)
Preset: Standard: 1:1 0.5% or less
Enlargement: 1:1.15/1.22/1.41/2.0
Reduction: 1:0.86/0.82/0.71/0.50
Zoom: from 25% to 400% in 0.1% increments,
3 user settings
Standard: 900 sheets
(First drawer: 250 sheets, Second drawer:
500 sheets, Multiple Bypass: 150 sheets)
Paper Weights:
PCL Font (80 fonts)
Bitmap Font (1 font)
PS Font (136 fonts)
Standard: Ethernet (10BASE-T,100BASE-TX)
Optional: IEEE1284 (Compatible/Nibble/ECP),
Scan Destination:
*Shared with the C450
Data Format:
Multiple Copy:
Power Requirement:
Power Consumption:
Plain Paper (60-90g/m2), Thick Paper (91-256g/m2),
OHP Sheets*, Postcards*, Envelopes*, Label sheets*
220-240V, 8A (50Hz)
1.5kw or less
706 (W) ✕ 765 (D) ✕ 908 (H)mm
(27-3/4" ✕ 30-1/4" ✕ 35-3/4")
125kg (275-1/2lb.)
*First drawer and Multiple Bypass
Standard Controller Specifications
Printer Languages:
Network Protocol:
Operating System:
512MB (Standard)*
Colour: 35 pages/min (A4), 18 pages/min (A3)
B/W: 45 pages/min (A4), 24 pages/min (A3)
600dpi ✕ 1,800dpi equivalent
PCL XL Emulation, Post Script 3 Emulation
Windows 98SE/Me, Windows NT4.0
SP6/2000/XP, Windows Server 2003,
Mac OS 9.x-OS X
Scanning Function Specifications
Original Size:
38 pages/min*
Scan to E-mail, Scan to FTP, Scan to SMB,
Scan to Box
Standard: Ethernet (10BASE-T,100BASE-TX)
Windows 98SE/Me, Windows NT4.0
SP6/2000/XP, Windows Server 2003
Operating System:
Full Colour Scanner
Max.: A3
200dpi ✕ 200dpi, 300dpi ✕ 300dpi,
400dpi ✕ 400dpi, 600dpi ✕ 600dpi
*A4 Crosswise at 600dpi
Optional Controller (IC-402) Specifications
Printer Languages:
Network Protocol:
Operating System:
Intel Celeron/2GHz
256MB (Max.: 512MB)
Colour: 35 pages/min (A4), 18 pages/min (A3)
B/W: 45 pages/min (A4), 24 pages/min (A3)
600dpi ✕ 1,800dpi equivalent
PCL6, PostScript 3 (NativePDF ver1.5)
SNMP, HTTP, Port9100, EtherTalk
Windows 2000/XP, Windows Server 2003,
Mac OS X
PCL Font (80 fonts)
Bitmap Font (1 font)
PS Font (136 fonts)
Standard: Ethernet (10BASE-T,100BASE-TX,
1000BASE-T), USB2.0
Scanning Function Specifications
Internet Fax Specifications
Original Size:
Internet Protocol:
Transmission mode:
Document Size:
Data Format:
Data Compression Mode:
Scan Resolution:
Scan Destination:
Operating System:
Data Format:
Full Colour Scanner
Max.: A3
200dpi ✕ 200dpi, 300dpi ✕ 300dpi,
400dpi ✕ 400dpi, 600dpi ✕ 600dpi
Scan to E-mail, Scan to FTP, Scan to SMB,
Standard: Ethernet (10BASE-T,100BASE-TX),
Windows 2000/XP, Windows Server 2003,
Mac OS X
Simple Mode
200dpi ✕ 200dpi
*A4 Crosswise at 600dpi
System Option
Job Separator JS-601
Scan Accelerator Kit SA-501
Mount Kit MK-703
Local Interface Kit EK-702
Mount Kit MK-703
When attached to the FS-507,
this becomes the fax/print/copy
output separator tray.
Punch Kit PK-501
Punches holes; combines
with the Finisher FS-603.
Fax Kit FK-502
Fax Multi Line ML-501
Mount Kit MK-703/704
Paper Feed Cabinet
Equipped with a paper drawer
that supplies 500 sheets.
Working Table WT-501
Security Kit SC-503
Mechanical Counter MC-501
Paper Feed Cabinet
Equipped with a paper drawer
that supplies 500 ✕ 2 sheets.
Image Controller IC-402
Video Interface Kit VI-502
Finisher FS-507
Multi-staples and sorts sets
of up to 50 sheets.
Equipped with standard
hole-punching function.
Finisher FS-603
Paper Feed Cabinet
A high-performance finisher that
can sort, multi-staple sets of up
to 50 sheets, as well as booklet
bind sets of up to 15 sheets.
Equipped with a paper drawer
that supplies a max. 2,500 sheets.
Desk DK-501
Product appearance, configuration and/or specifications
are subject to change without notice.
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Konica Minolta copiers and multi-functional
peripherals are designed with the environment in mind.
Have Earned ENERGY STAR for
Energy Efficiency
The Use of Recycled Materials
Production at ISO-Certified Factories
Requirements for safe use
• Please read and follow the instruction manual to ensure safe operation.
• Only operate using appropriate power supply and voltage.
• Connecting the earth wire to an inappropriate place may cause explosion or
electric shock. Please connect accordingly (Taiwan and the Philippines only).
* As
BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. has determined that this product has
earned the ENERGY STAR for energy efficiency.
* ENERGY STAR is a U.S. registered mark.
This catalogue was printed using
recycled paper and soy ink.