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Automatic Vehicle Identification
Code Reader
The AVI-CR is an Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) code
reader capable of reading multiple codes simultaneously and
encased in a rugged handheld housing. It can receive up four
different codes from the same transmitter at the same time. It is
compatible with existing systems from Detector Systems, IDC,
US Traffic, and Reno A&E.
The code reader can be used with or without the supplied
extendable sensing wand. The wand makes it easy to place the
sensing coil under a vehicle to verify AVI transmitter operation
and codes.
The code reader will display each code received along with a
count of how many times the code was received before a different
code was received. This allows easy verification of transmitters
that are capable of multiple code transmissions.
The code reader will also display the battery voltage of the
replaceable internal 9-volt battery. The red button in the center
of the unit must be pressed and held to power up the unit. Making
it impossible to leave the unit turned on and kill the battery.
Can receive up to four different
codes at the same time from a
Uses a high contrast, white text on
a blue background, LCD display.
Uses a standard 9V battery with
current voltage displayed on
Two audible beeps every time a
new code is read.
Operating Temperature: 32°F to 176°F (0°C to 80°C)
Compatible with transmitters made
by Detector Systems, IDC, US
Traffic, and Reno A&E.
Momentary power button helps
prevent a dead battery between
The code reader also includes an audible buzzer that will beep
two times every time that a new code is received so you do not
have to look at the display until there is something to see.
Operating Voltage:
Replaceable internal 9V battery.
Physical Size:
8.50” L x 4.45” W x 1.5” D
21.6cm L x 11.3cm W x 3.8cm D
13.3 oz. including battery.
Possible Codes:
Up to four can be received from a transmitter.
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