●Refined exterior design
Unique design fits for hand.
●Multi file format support!
This player recognize MP3, WMA and video in AMV formats.
●Firmware upgrade available
You can download and upgrade software from website enhancing player’s function.
●FM stereo radio
Powerful automatic or manual tuning capability, save up to 40 channels (20 channels in each system).
You can download text files into the player
●Driver free USB memory
Manage your files in USB memory without specified software, no need drivers in WIN2000 or furthers.
●’Secret Space’
You can separate part of the memory encrypting and hiding in using programs provided, where data
cannot be seen or written by others.
●Recorder / Repeat
Voice can be recorded and saved in WAV or ACT format. Snippet/Contrast repeat available.
Normal, Rock, Pop, Classic, Soft, Jazz, Bass
● Play Menus
Normal, Single Repeat, Play Catalog, Repeat Catalog, Repeat All, Shuffle, Lyric.
●Timing turning off
The player provides Sleep and battery saving Menu, more convenience for you!
●Complete dynamical menu
Visualized dynamical menus with text instructions make you easy control.
Please read this manual carefully.
Functions and performance may change without prior notice.
Know your player
z Exterior and Key
3. USB
8. VOL
Battery Level
The player shows capacity in 9 levels
Battery is full on 3.7V. As time goes on, capacity indication will monish.
Indicator shows blank when battery almost ran out. You should charge your battery at that time.
Please switch on the player before charge. This player cannot be charged in case of power off/
Please switch off power when not using the player.
If switch off power , System Time will be reset .
Basic Functions
Access to Menus
Press Menu to access menus.
○ Scroll music, menus
○ Fast Forward / Reverse when playing music.
List of Menus
To access different menu functions from main menu.
Main menu: (Hold Menu to access)
Music Menu:
Recorder Menu:
Recorder Play Menu:
FM Menu:
Browsing pictures:
USB Menu (Connect to PC):
Volume Adjust
Push VOL to access volume adjust, press Next/Prev to increase or decrease volume.
Switch on/off
Press and hold Play to switch on when the player is off.
Press and hold Play to switch off when the player is on.
Play & Pause; exit from submenu
On music Menu, Press Play to play music.
When playing music, press Play to pause; In submenu press play to exit submenu.
Start / Stop recording
On recording Menu, press Play to stop.
Press Play and hold to save recording data.
Keys Processing
Keys Functions Definition
1. Play: Power On/Off, Play, Pause, Stop
2. MENU: Entry main menu or exit from current menu.
3. Next: Next, FF, Volume increase
4. Prev: Previous, Rev, Volume decrease
5. USB: USB outlet
6. Earphone: Standard earphone outlet
7. ON/OFF: Power switch
Key Processing Definition
Keys processing includes 4 actions: Press, Press and Hold, Push, Hold. If not mentioned, all
actions are Press.
Press: Press a key and valid immediately;
Press and Hold: Press a key and hold it at least 1.2s this action valid only once.
Push: Push a key, and valid when released.
Hold: events occur in such frequency then the key is holding such as Fast Forward and Reverse.
Play music
Simple actions
1. Put earphone plug into earphone outlet;
2. Press and hold Play to switch the player on, then entry Music Menu and press Play to play
3. Select a music:
Prev: Previous music;
Next: Next music.
4.For AMV files, video play will apply.
Equalizer Menu
1. When playing music
2. Press Menu to entry play submenu;
3. Push Next choosing Equalizer Menu;
4. Press Menu to entry ‘Equalizer Menu’ submenu.
Select an equalizer:
5. Detail of each equalizer (EQ):
Natural, Rock, Pop, Classic, Soft,
Jazz, DBB
6. Push Next to select an EQ and press Menu to confirm.
Synchronous Lyric Display
The player supports lyric files with *.LRC suffix, and displays synchronously.
How to use lyric files?
Please make sure the lyric has the same name to the music, For example:
Music file: Journey.mp3
Lyric file: Journey.lrc
How to know if lyric available?
If lyric matched, a green icon
If the icon is red color , lyric
will be displayed on the down center of screen,
not mached.
1. When marched lyric available:
Lyric displays
Press Menu return to music Menu.
2. Press and hold Menu to entry lyric interface;
Play Videos
1. Entry main menu, press Next scrolling to “MOVIE”(Only available to AMV files):
2. Press MENU to entry:
3. Press PLAY to starting play
Voice Recording
Please make sure the battery has enough capacity before making record.
Each fold can save up to 99 voice recording files.
Recording on “Record Menu”
1. .Entry main menu.
2. Push Next scroll to Record Menu
3. Push Menu to select Record mod, screen will display as below:
3. Press Play to start recording.
4. Press Play and Hold to Stop record and save.
Voice will be recorded in current fold which set through ’Record stop / Main fold’
If displayed “Memory full”, it means mo space to save new record files, please delete other files to
release memory space.
If “Fold full” shown, it means there are 99 record files in this fold. Please choose another one.
The player only responses to Play and A-B when record processing
If switch off power , System Time will be reset .
Select Record Type
1. When in the interface of ‘Record stop’
2. Press Menu to entry record submenu
3. Push next scrolling into ‘Record type’
submenu then presses Menu to select it.
Fine record
wav file,fine quality
Long-time record
act file, normal quality
Fine voice control
wav file, (Recording controlled by voice, pause when mute)
Long-time voice control
act file, (Recording controlled by voice, pause when mute)
4. Press Next to choose appropriate type and press Menu to select it
5. Press Play to start recording.
Play recorded files
1. Entry main menu
2. Push Next to choose ‘Play Menu’
3. Push Menu to entry playing interface
4. Press Play again to play the file.
5. Choose voice record files:
Prev: Select previous file;
Next: Select the next file;
Using FM radio
z NOTE: 20 channels can be saved each in “General Frequency” and “Japan Frequency”
1. Entry main menu;
2. Push Next scrolling “FM Menu”
3. Push Menu to entry
4. Auto tuning
Hold Prev/Next 2 seconds to start the channel search in 100 KHz interval upwards or downwards.
To stop tuning, push Prev/Next.
5. Manual tuning
Push Prev: Downward 100 KHz
Push Next: Upward 100 KHz
6. Save current channel:
Push Menu to entry FM submenu.
Press Menu again to save channel.
7. Listening to a saved channel:
You can press Play to choose a saved channel.
9. Volume control: Push VOL to access volume adjust, press Next/Prev to increase or decrease volume.
z Entry Settings
You can set system performances here,
options may vary in different firmware version
1. Entry main menu
2. Push Next Scrolling into “Settings”
3. Press Menu to entry.
z Options introduction:
(System Time)
Setting date and time when saving recorded file
(LCD Set)
Screensaver setting
Choosing different languages
(Power off)
Setting a count down time in minutes, the player will shut
off when time out.
(Replay Mode)
Setting repeat status
(Online Mode)
Options for ‘Secret Space’
(Memory info)
Check memory space and usage status
(Firmware Version.)
Version of player’s firmware
(Upgrade Firmware.)
Use for upgrade firmware
Exit from Setting interface
z List of menus:
○”System time” Setting
System setting interface
Press Menu to entry ‘Recording time’ interface recording time:
3. Push VOL setting from years. While setting, year on twinkling.
4. Push Next the value will increase (Prev on opposite)
5. After setting, press Menu to exit.
○ “LCD Set” Setting
1. Press Menu entry LCD screensaver setting;
2. Push Next for choosing (Prev for previous)
3. After setting, press Menu to exit.
○ “Language” Setting
This player have 17 display languages: Simplified Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese,
Japanese, Korean, French, Germany, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Czech,
Danish, Polish, Thai and Russian.
1. Press Menu to entry ‘Language’ interface
2. Push Next / Prev to scrolling.
3. After setting, press Menu to exit.
○”Power off” Setting
Please note:
You can set time in seconds on ‘Battery saving’ Menu, allow the player shut down automatically
when player become stop and idle for the period you have set. This function id void if the time set to 0.
You can set time in minutes on ‘Sleep Menu’, allow the player shut down automatically when the
player become idle (regardless current status) for the period you have set. It is designed for listening
music before sleep. Please note: Sleep Menu valid only once after setting, you have to set again if you
want to use it next time.
○”Replay mode” Settings
Please consult into ‘Sound Setting’
Note: in “Manual Menu” you should set repeat point manually.
In “Automatic Menu” the player can identify sentence automatically when on A-B repeat. (This
function is designed for repeat sentences in language studies.)
○”Online Mode” Setting
Please consult into ‘Sound Setting’
Some operation systems (Windows 2K SP4 or prior) may not recognize a USB disk with two
symbols. Therefore, you have to choose an active disk here when using ‘Secret Space’ function only
the active disk can be found in PC.
○”Memory info”’
You can check total memory space and the percentage of usage.
○”Firmware version”
You can find the player’s firmware’s version.
○”Firmware upgrade”
Use for upgrade player’s firmware.
Tips: Press Play can exit current menu quickly. The function is valid on all other menus.
Reading Documents
1. On main menu, press Next/Prev choosing e-Document,
2. Press Menu to entry corresponding submenu:
3.Press Next or Prev choosing the document you want to read,
then press Play to read it.
Note: If you are set in ‘Manual play’ you must scroll text via Next or
Prev; texts can be scrolled automatically under ’Auto play’ set.
Browsing Pictures
This function is only available for JPEG format.
On main menu, press Next/Prev choosing Browsing pictures.
Press Menu to entry corresponding submenu:
Press Next or Prev choosing the document you want to read,
then press Play to play it..
1. Entry main menu;
MENU Button: Move up
NEXT Button: Move right
PREV Button: Move left
VOL Button:Move down
Using USB Disk
The player is also a standard USB disk. Supported by Windows98 (drivers needed), Windows 2K or
above (no need for drivers), Mac OS 10.3, Redhead Linux 8.0 or above.
This player supports USB power supply, it can be used without battery. Press Menu at ‘Waiting Menu’,
Can quickly exit to main menu, and you can choose a Menu you would like to entry.
This player support suspend Menu.
There are three display Menus available when connected to ‘pc’.
1. Waiting
3. Uploading
2. Downloading
Other settings
Choose other fold (Stop submenu)
You can classify files into several different folders that ease to manage them (folders should be created
on PC). The player can identify 9 folders in root
1. When stopped
2. Press Menu to entry Stop submenu
3. Press Menu to entry folder choosing interface
4. Press Next or Prev to choose a folder
5.Press Menu to entry selected folder.
Please note: You can set folders independently in Music / Recorder / Play Menu
Delete file (Stop submenu)
You delete correspond files/channels in each Music/Play/FM Menus.。
1.When Stopped. (No stop interface in FM Menu)
3.Press Next or Prev to choose ‘Delete file’ or
‘Delete all’
2.Press Menu to entry Stop submenu
4.Press Next to choose ‘file’
5.Press Next to choose ‘YES’
6.Press Menu to confirm delete.
‘Delete all’ will delete all files in current folder of current Menu. I.e. Choose ‘Delete all’ in Music Menu
will delete all music files; recorder files will not be affected.
On FM Menu, all saved channel will be removed.
Please safely removed player and unplug USB cable after delete files on PC, otherwise some files will
not be removed.
Play Menu (Play submenu)
You can choose different play Menu (i.e. repeat, shuffle) when playing music or recorded files.
The first option on Play submenu is ‘Play Menu’
Playing music files in sequence until the end of folder
(Repeat One)
Repeat single music file
Play all music files in folder
(Repeat Folder)
(Repeat All)
Repeat all music files in folder
Repeat all music files
Play music files in folder randomly
Play the 10s of each music files in sequence
z Tempo rate(Play submenu)
You can choose different play speed and not affect to sound. (Only valid to MP3 files)
1. While playing music
2. Push Menu to entry play submenu
3. Push Next scrolling to ‘Tempo rate’
4. Push Menu to entry
5. Push Next for faster, Prev for slower
Note: Play speed will applied to all music file
Replay Menu (Play submenu)
Entry from Play submenu:
○ A-B Replayt
1. When play music or recorder
2. Push Menu to entry play submenu
3. Push Next scrolling into ‘Replay Menu’ option
4. Push Menu to entry
Repeat Menu: ‘A’ of Symbol
5. Push Next to select ‘A’
flashes, waiting for starter A
‘B’ of symbol
flashes, waiting ender B
fixed and starting replay between A-B, while playing,
6. Push Next to select B. Symbol
you can push Prev to reset A point.
○ Replay Study Mode (No such Function in Playing mode)
1. A-B replaying
3. Replay symbol ’
’ will be replaced to Study
’. Player begins recording voice to
symbol ’
the length of A-B replay period.
2.Push Next entry Replay Study mode
4. Upon time reaches, player resume play
music file and the symbol replaced to’
push Next entry contrast function.
Press Next returns to Replay A-B status.。
○Contrast Function (No such Function in playing mode)
1. While entry contrast function, replay symbol
displayed as“
”, the original sound will be
2. While finish original, replay symbol will be
replaced to“
Push Prev return to ‘Study mode’
Press Menu to exit replay mode upon above three modes.
”, player will play the voice
No Power
Check if battery had installed properly
Make sure you have switched the player on
No Sound
Make sure volume is not on 0 position and the
connection to earphone is valid
Please make sure the earphone is clean
Damaged MP3 files may have noise and even cannot be
Strange characters on display
Make sure you have chose correct language
FM has bad performance
Adjust place of player and earphone
Switch off power appliance nearby
Earphone can be used as antenna
Cannot Download Music
Check USB cable, and make sure the player is properly
connected to the PC
Check if the driver has well installed
Make there is still blank memory
Technical Specifications
1.8 “ TFT
Connecting to PC
High Speed USB2.0
2GB Flash
The playing time of battery
In the Menu of full screen shown on, it can play in audio or video for max 2 hours.
In the Menu of black screen, It can play in audio for max 7 hours (please choose
"3" in LCD SET, then, it play audio without display).
Voice Recorder
Sample rate
WAV (32K bps), ACT (8K bps)
35hours (ACT, 128M Flash)
Max. Output
(L) 10mW + (R)10mW (32Ohm)
MP3 Bit rate
8K bps – 320K bps
WMA Bit rate
5K bps – 384K bps
Freq. Response
20Hz to 20KHz
FM Radio
Freq. Range
76MHz – 90MHz / 87MHz – 108MHz
Max. Stored Channels
20 + 20
Max. Output
(L) 10mW + (R)10mW (32Ohm)
Supported Music Formats
MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA
Operate Temperature
-5 to 40 degree
17 Languages Display
Simp Chinese, English, Trad Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Itanlan etc.
Supported Systems
Windows98/SE/ME/2K/XP、Mac OS 10、Linux 2.4.2
Please note: Design and characters may change without prior notice.
Convert Video files into AMV
This program is used to convert video files into AMV Format.
Before convert video , you need to download and install codec first.
Example: K-Lite Codec Pack (Web site : http://www.codecguide.com/)
1. Run “AMV Convert Tools”, click
to choose
the folder where to save the AMV files, then click
select the folder where the original files are. (Picture 12-1)
Select unprocessed AMV files, then click
icon will be highlighted into
, the
and a dialog box will
shown. Choosing Pixels of AMV to “160 * 120” and
Frames per second to “middle”, then click OK to confirm.
(Note: Only pixels in 160*120 can be supported)(Picture 12-2)
to start converting. (Picture 12-3)
(Picture 12-2)
(Picture 12-3)
4. After convert, the AMV files will be played automatically.
(Picture 12-1)
New Function Recommends!
About Secret Space
Some MP3 user may worry about divulging secret. They do not want others to find private
information contained, therefore these data have to be removed before lend their own MP3 to others. It
makes some trouble.
However, this problem has totally solved by ‘Secret Space’ technique!
You can use provided software to divide the whole USB disk into two parts, and encrypt one of them.
You can move your privacy into the encrypted part; they will be protected by password.
To active ‘Secret Space’:
1. Connect your player to PC
2. Run MP3 Player Disk Tool which can be found in provided CDROM: (Picture 11-1)
3. Click ‘Allocation and Encrypt’ card, Allocate appropriate space and set username and password,
and then click Start. (Picture 11-2)
(Picture 11-1)
(Picture 11-2)
4. After space allocation, shown as below: (Picture 11-3)
5. Click ‘OK’ to restart.
6. After restart you will find two disks (only one disk can be seen on Windows 2K SP4or prior),
click the encrypted disk (the second one), you will find three files, two are hidden, one is executable.
(Picture 11-3)
(Picture 11-4)
7. Running executable file ‘RdiskDecrypt.exe’ and input username and password. If all are correct,
disk will be opened, and files can be copied into.
8. You must enter username and password each time access
encrypted disk.
Warning: Divide one disk into parts will remove all data, and
so does combine process.
Warning: Please remember username and password. If you forget it, you can only making
combine processing and you will loss all encrypted data.
Download PDF