Multi-Touch Display
Multi-Touch Display M2176PW Specifications
Interactive Digital Signage with Truly
Uncompromised Touch
Multi-Touch Display
The interactive 21.5-inch Multi-Touch Display M2176PW features 3M’s high-performance projected capacitive (3M PCT)
multi-touch technology and sophisticated bezel-free display design to offer users a truly uncompromised touch experience.
The M2176PW chassis display delivers 20 simultaneous touches over 110 square inches of interactive surface area, at an
ultra-fast 12 ms response time, to enable designers to create multi-user experiences that are more natural, intuitive and
responsive when compared to infrared- and optical-based systems. Versatile enough for interactive digital
signage,interactive tables and kiosk solutions, the M2176PW provides system architects with a high-performance,
easy-tointegrate commercial display for innovative multi-touch solutions.
Precision Large-format Multi-Touch
In addition to delivering 20 simultaneous touches at a 12ms response time, the 3M touch electronics have an advanced
built-in palm rejection algorithm to ensure that unintended contact with the screen is ignored and does not interfere with the
user’s intended action. The design of the projected capacitive sensor has more than 1000 touch sensing points in close
proximity, making it precise and extremely accurate across the entire touchscreen. 3M PCT’s durable glass surface has
unique anti-stiction properties that greatly reduces surface friction and allows users fingers to effortlessly glide across the
display for easy gesture functions. This fast, accurate, and easy to use multi-touch screen enables customers to create,
deliver and experience innovative and engaging multi-user applications.
Multi-Touch Display
Multi-Touch Display M2176PW Specifications
Industrial Grade Designed for Multi-Touch Interaction
The M2176 display has been designed from the ground up to meet the unique requirements of a large format multi-touch
display. Unlike televisions or digital signs, an interactive multi-touch display draws users in close proximity to the LCD. To
maintain sharp image quality at close distances the C2137PW display features a full 1080p HD LCD, wide viewing angles,
and a fine pixel pitch of 0.282mm x 0.282mm. An advanced thermal management system ensures the touch surface is at a
comfortable temperature for the user, even in a horizontal table implementation, and promotes "always on" performance of
critical electronic components. To ensure the image quality is not compromised in strong ambient lighting environments, this
display features an anti-glare coating. Every element of the M2176 is designed to enable integrators to configure the display
in any orientation while meeting the demanding needs of public environments. The LED backlight system allows integrators
to implement in landscape, portrait or horizontal orientations without concern of non-uniformity that CCFL systems can
exhibit. At just 2.5” deep the M2176 can be a sleek wall mounted interactive digital sign or a slim interactive table or kiosk.
The all glass bezel free industrial design, inspired by modern consumer devices, makes it an elegant addition for any
commercial or professional environment.
• Interactive Digital Signage
• Transportation
• Wayfinding
• Security Monitoring Systems
• Training and Simulation
• Tele-presence
Recommended Multi-Touch Applications
• Retail Product Selectors
• Ticketing/Vending
• Point of Information
• Pro Audio/Visual
• Geospatial
• Broadcast
Sophistication Meets Innovation
Gonsion™ takes interactive display technology to the next level by combining uncompromising multi-touch performance,
brilliant high-definition graphics, wide viewing angles and elegant product design into a fully-integrated, easy-to-use,
plug-and-play multi-touch desktop device
Ruggedized Chassis for Next-Generation
Multi-Touch Applications
3M PCT combines its industry-leading multi-touch technology that delivers an ultra-fast, accurate, and precise multi-touch
response, with a high-definition, wide viewing angle LCD, to create a multi-touch chassis for your next generation interactive
application. The rugged all steel frame and a highly-durable glass front surface provide the durability needed for demanding
public use environment.
Multi-Touch Displays
High Performance
1080p HD LCD
LED Backlight
Sophisticated Flat
Front Surface
• Up to 20-finger multi-touch input with palm rejection capability enables engaging single and
multiple user interactions
• Less than 12 millisecond touch response (for 20 touches) creates a natural, intuitive and
responsive interface
• Anti-stiction surface enhances the user experience for simple and advanced gestures
• Full HD resolution (1920x1080) maintains sharp image quality while performing up-close
• Ultra-wide viewing angle presents a brilliant image at any angle
• LED backlights present a long lasting, bright, uniform image regardless of integrated
• Ultra-slim and lightweight display enables designers to create compelling multi-touch
• Open frame design allows for easy integration in kiosks, enclosures or table tops
• Advanced thermal system to maintain comfortable touch screen temperature
• Chemically-strengthened glass construction enables modern durable flat front surface designs
Multi-Touch Display
Multi-Touch Display M2176PW Specifications
Functional Specifications
Display Details
Touch Details
LCD Panel
21.5 Inch TFT LCD
Number of Touch Points
20 points with palm rejection
Display Colors
1.07 billion
Touch Point Speed
<12 milliseconds
Pixel Pitch
.282 x .282mm
Input Type
250 cd/m2 (nit) typical
Finger, thin glove
Operates with many of the
with touch sensor (max.)
200 cd/m2 (nit) typical
leading conductive styli and
Contrast Ratio
2000:1 typical
active pens
Viewing Angle
Horizontal/Vertical: 178
Light Transmission
Touch Communication
>99% of true position
Video Response Time
13 ms typical
Touch Refresh Rate
Refresh Rate
Control Type
Native Resolution
1920 x 1080
<10ms for up to 20
simultaneous finger inputs
Operating System Support
Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / Linux /
Product Details
Operating Environment
0 to +40 degrees C, relative humidity, non-condensing 90%
Storage Environment
-10 to +60 degrees C
Video Input
Speaker: 5W + 5W @ 8Ω
Cover Glass
VESA Pattern
80mm x80mm
Power Supply
Internal 110/220 VAC Power Supply
Power Consumption
2 years
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Multi-Touch Display