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Reverse Order of Holing O u t
to Speed U p Play
By J O H N C A I N
M a n a g e r , N e w p o r t (N.H.) G C
Over the years great progress and improvement have been made in almost
every phase of golf including course design, maintenance, equipment and instruction. The only exception is in the area of
slow play, the source of the most frequent
and vehement complaints about the game.
Nothing takes the pleasure out of a
golf game as much as a long wait between
shots. Although the slow and inconsiderate golfer is in the minority, he is a
major irritant for it takes only one "creeper" to stagnate the field behind him.
Laws have been passed to fine and pull
slow auto drivers out of traffic. New rules
have speeded up football and basketball.
It's time that the same was done for golf.
Rules and penalties should be devised to
speed up the noticeably slow golfer and
give him a forced education in good manners and consideration of others.
Greens Are Bottleneck
Besides penalties, there are other means
of altering the game to speed up play.
The area around the greens is responsible
for most of golf's slackened pace. The
main reason for this is that the average
golfer is aping the practices of the professional players he sees on TV. It is
surprising how the golfer has assimilated
the mannerisms, methods and even the
temperament of his favorite circuit pro,
right down to the "body English" and
foot scuffing that is intended to help
push the putt into the hole. The viewer
does not grasp the importance of each
stroke to tne ' money" players and thinks
he is seeing golf as it should be normally
To save time in the greens area "within
60 feet of the pin", I suggest we reverse
the play. The player nearest the hole
should hole out first and so on until all
have finished. This will save marking balls
and replacing them, jumping over lines of
putts, and ganging up around the cups.
It also would save wear and tear on the
green, especially in the cup area.
Also, each player should do his own
putting. Why should a caddie be allowed
to show a player how to putt, or how to
play any shot for that matter? Golf is
intended to be an individual game, so
let's keep it that way.
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