750I /650I - Optimum Copier Trading &

ApeosPort 750I / 650I
Output Speed - Printing & Copying
75 ipm
37 ipm
A4 Monochrome
A3 Monochrome
Paper Handling - Tray 3
65 ipm
33 ipm
Network Printing
Processor Memory (Standard)
Hard Disk Interface
Printer Languages
Operating Systems
Power PC750 600MHz
Standard: Ethernet 100Base-TX/10Base-T
Optional: USB 2.0
PCL6, PCL5e, Adobe PostScript 3
True 2400 x 2400 dpi
Windows 95/98/Me, Windows 2000/XP, Windows
NT 4.0, Windows Server 2003, Mac OS 8.1/8.5/
8.5.1/8.6 or later including OS X Classic, OS X
10.2.x/10.3.x (x=up to 8)
TCP/IP, NetWare, NetBEUI, EtherTalk (AppleTalk), IPP, Port9100
FCOT Concurrency
Reduction / Enlargement
Maximum Set Quantity
Internal Copy Auditron
Foreign Device Interface (optional)
Special Features
Monochrome: 4.1 seconds
Yes True 2,400 x 2,400 dpi
25 to 400%
9,999 Yes
Interface to 3rd party access control devices
Job build, annotations, cover insertion, poster
creation, media identification and auto tray switching
Network Scanning
Input Speed Resolution
Maximum Scan Area
Network Protocol (Network Scanning)
File Formats
Document Management Fields
Scan Destinations
Colour: 50ipm
Monochrome: up to 200*ipm
200 / 300 / 400 / 600 dpi
TCP / IP (Salutation, HTTP, SMB, FTP)
TIFF, JPEG, PDF, high compression PDF (optional)
FTP, SMB, e-mail, Mailbox
Paper Handling - DADF
Paper Sizes Paper Weights
250 Sheets
A5 to A3
38 to 200gsm
Paper Handling - Trays 1 and 2
Paper Sizes
Paper Weights
500 Sheets
A5 to A3
64 to 176 gsm
Protecting the environment is a fundamental component of our company’s
commitment to corporate citizenship.
At Fuji Xerox Australia, we supply products that have been designed with
both our customers and the environment in mind. As a world leader in the
development of parts and components Remanufacturing Programs, we have
made Eco Manufacturing an integral part of our business.
All our sites have achieved ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
Certification, as a demonstration of our commitment to protecting the environment.
Paper Sizes Paper Weights
870 Sheets
A5 to A4
64 to 176 gsm
Paper Handling - Tray 4
Paper Sizes Paper Weights
1,140 Sheets A5 to A4
64 to 176 gsm
Paper Handling - Bypass Tray
Paper Sizes Paper Weights
250 Sheets A5 to 330mm x 483mm
64 to 220 gsm
High Capacity Feeder**
Paper Sizes Paper Weights
2,000 Sheets B5 to A4
64 to 176 gsm
750I /650I
C-Finisher - Stacker / Stapler / Puncher**
Stacker Capacity
Stacker Paper Sizes
Stapler Capacity
Stapler Paper Sizes
Stapler Paper Weights
Output Tray: 500 sheets
Finisher Tray: 3,000 sheets
B5 to 330mm x 483mm
50 sheets
B5 to A3
60 to 176 gsm
C-Finisher - Stacker / Stapler / Puncher / Saddle Stitcher**
Stacker Capacity
Stacker Paper Sizes
Stacker Paper Weights
Stapler Capacity Stapler Paper Sizes
Stapler Paper Weights
Saddle Stitcher Capacity
Saddle Stitcher Paper Weights
Saddle Stitcher Paper Sizes
Output Tray: 500 sheets
Finisher Tray: 1,500 sheets
B5 to 330mm x 483mm
64 to 220 gsm
50 sheets (at 90 gsm)
B5 to A3
60 to 176 gsm
15 Sheets (at 90 gsm)
60 to 176 gsm
A4 to A3
Hole Puncher***
Puncher Paper Sizes
Puncher Paper Weights
Number of Holes
A5 to A3
60 to 200 gsm
2 and 4 holes (3 holes optional)
Electrical Requirements
Power Consumption
Warm Up
Maximum Dimensions
Weight (ApeosPort 750I / 650I)
220 - 240V, 10A Sleep Mode: 6.97w Low Power Mode: 168.22w
Running: 995.59w or less
150 seconds
2,010mm x 1,808mm x 2,774mm (W x D x H)
222kg / 219-222kg
Apeos iix is expected to be available in Australia early 2006.
Some customisation may be required to allow integration with your organisations infrastructure.
Fuji Xerox Australia can provide customisation services at an additional fee. For additional information, please contact Fuji Xerox Australia on 13 14 12.
2. WHQL Certification is expected to be obtained by October 2005.
3. Device must be connected to the organisation’s exchange server.
4. Based on 5% coverage, A4.
* Scanning A4 LEF double sided documents at 200 dpi to a mailbox
** Optional feature
*** Standard with both C-Finishers
13 14 12
For detailed product specifications, optimum performance parameters & service clearances refer to
Product Customer Expectation Document.
Fuji Xerox Australia Pty Ltd. ABN 63 000 341 819. Australian Head Office: 101 Waterloo Rd, North Ryde NSW 2113. Phone (02) 9856 5000 Fax (02) 9856 5003
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are the property of their respective owners. Whilst the information is correct at the time of printing, Fuji Xerox Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to change the specifications or withdraw supply of the equipment/software described herein
without notice. Quality Endorsed Company ISO 9001:2000. QEC1950/01 SAI Global, Certified Environmental Management ISO 14001:1996. C10094 SAI Global. Printed in Australia, October 2005.
multifunction capabilities for
unprecedented results
gateway to an
integrated Open Office
Introducing ApeosPort 750I/650I, Fuji Xerox’s latest multifunction device capable of producing
exceptional quality output (true 2,400 x 2,400 dpi) at incredible speeds of up to 75/65 ipm.
Building on Fuji Xerox’s Five Intelligent Services and the ability to integrate with virtually any
organisation’s infrastructure, ApeosPort improves workflow, increases productivity and protects
intellectual property, saving time and money.
Quality enhancement and
Exceptional finishing
Quality Enhancement
Emulsion Aggregation – High Grade (EA – HG) Toner
Finishing Choices
The Environmentally friendly Emulsion Aggregation – High Grade
toner used in Fuji Xerox devices produces finer toner particles,
uniform in size and shape to create distinctly smoother, sharper
images than conventional toners.
Simple Catch Tray
This is an output destination for uncollated printed documents
Offset Catch Tray
Collates documents and stacks them slightly separated so users
can distinguish where one set/job ends and another begins
Additionally, the new Apeos iiX (Apeos Internet Integration based on XML and SOAP) extends
ApeosPort’s capabilities beyond those of a regular multifunction device. Apeos iiX allows users
to connect to various business critical applications and provides a suite of software development
kits for customisation and integration1... making it a truly intelligent portal.
ApeosPort 750I / 650I
The ApeosPort 750I/650I is configured to include any one of the
following catch trays or finishers:
This finisher allows users the convenience of stapling and/or
hole-punching up to 50-sheets at a time in order to create
professional looking documents which don’t cost the earth.
EA Toner uniformity (shape and diameter)
reproduces screens precisely, without
unwanted toner dispersion.
C-Finisher-Stacker/Stapler/Puncher/Saddle Stitcher
In addition to the above-mentioned features, this finisher provides
the ability to make booklets.
Load On The Run Toner and Paper
With a reserve toner tank capable of printing up to 1,200 sheets ,
a dedicated toner door and multiple paper trays to print from,
ApeosPort 750I/650I
enables quick and
easy toner and paper
replacement while the
machine is running,
without compromising
on speed or quality.
Kind to our Customers… When you purchase a Fuji Xerox product you
are purchasing reliability, not just efficiency. Training is provided
on how to use the various features effectively, while our Online
Support Assistant, together with our highly trained team of
technicians, are on hand and included in your support services
Conventional toner suffers from screen
dispersion because of particle size and
uneven shape.
... As well as our Planet … Additionally, Fuji Xerox products conserve
natural resources through designs that minimise wastage during
manufacturing and use, maximise energy efficiency in your office,
and work reliably with Fuji Xerox recycled paper.
ApeosPort 750I Configuration Options:
Base Unit
Saddle Stitch Finisher
Catch Tray
2,000 Sheet
High Capacity Feeder
ApeosPort 750I with optional Stacker / Stapler / Puncher / Finisher
copying and
colour scanning
Advanced Copying
Single Pass Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder
Not only does ApeosPort’s Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder
hold up to 250 sheets, it also saves time and reduces the likelihood
of paper jams through its single pass scanning mechanism. Both
sides of a double-sided document are scanned at once, effectively
maintaining the same productivity in both simplex and duplex modes.
Advanced Colour Scanning
Document Flow
ApeosPort 750I/650I is capable of scanning in colour at up to
50ipm, thus allowing for the effective digitisation of hard copy
documents in a manner that retains their original characteristics
as closely as possible. In addition to this, it reaches scan speeds of
up to 200ipm monochrome and can streamline scanning workflows
through its scan to email, scan to FTP/SMB servers and scan to
mailbox functionality.
Light Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)3
LDAP takes the time and effort out of scanning a document to
e-mail by providing users with access to the e-mail address of an
intended recipient by simply searching for their name.
When used in conjunction with CentreWare EasyOperator, users can view
the contents of a mailbox as thumbnails or at full screen as required.
Intelligent Services
Five intelligent services... one open office enabler
More than just an advanced multifunction device, ApeosPort 750I/650I is a solution with five
intelligent services to manage security, control costs, facilitate intra-office collaboration and
enable you to work hands-on anywhere, anytime, efficiently.
Security Services
ApeosPort 750I/650I is specially equipped with multi-tiered security
capabilities designed to enhance peace of mind without subtracting
any of the benefits of a networked environment.
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) / Secure/Multi-Purpose Internet Mail
Extensions (S/MIME)
This device is S/MIME and SSL compliant. This allows for the
encryption and secure transfer of emails sent to and from the
device as well as secure communications across the internet for
users accessing the device remotely.
Job Build
Users can divide a copy job into numerous segments and apply
unique programming to each individual segment, eliminating the
need for manual collation.
Job Build Workflow
Original Documents
A4 2-sided copy
Reduce A3 to A4
4 in 1 copy
Security Watermark
Specified security text strings or background images can be
embedded repeatedly into a print or copy document as a concealed
image. This image becomes visible when any attempt is made to
copy, scan or fax the protected document.
Data Security Kit (Encryption / Overwrite / Zero Clear)
The optional Data Security Kit available with ApeosPort 750I/650I
provides administrators with three security options:
• Overwriting the image partition of the HDD automatically or manually as required with a single or multiple overwrite.
Encryption of HDD Data with a 12-digit code.
Zero Clear deletion of all partitions including settings usually
undertaken during device relocation or removal.
Document Flow Services
Using advanced digital conversion software, ApeosPort 750I/650I
easily converts hardcopy documents into digital format for distribution.
Users/administrators can also program mailboxes to perform
numerous activities with the documents sent to them. For example,
documents scanned to a specific mailbox can be handled in one
or more of the following ways in accordance with the mailbox’s
predefined programming:
Sent to FTP
Sent to SMB
This programming can be set at the device or remotely using the
standard “Job Flow Editor”, a feature which also provides users
with the flexibility of cloning job flows from one machine to another.
These activities not only simplify and speed up document flow
within the organisation, but also support and encourage information
sharing and knowledge management.
Insert Function
Multiple jobs comprising of mixed
sizes, 1-sided or 2-sided papers,
can be bundled and output simultaneously
Sent to Email •
Batch output
Job bundle
Settings/scanning for each job
Scanned Document
Documents routed by mailbox on the
device to predefined destinations
Management Services
The Management Services group includes a suite of functions
designed to simplify the setup and management of the device.
These allow administrators to control costs, restrict device access
and monitor usage, putting an end to worries of costs running out
of control.
Internal Auditron and Network Authentication
The Internal Auditron allows administrators to control costs by
placing limits on users’ access to all machine functions (i.e. print/
copy/scan). Similarly, Network Authentication restrictions can be
imposed to control access to the device’s network functions
(i.e. scan to SMB/FTP).
Customisation Services
ApeosPort 750I/650I can also be customised to best suit the
workgroup’s requirements. This ability to adapt to users’ needs
optimises productivity and makes it a truly user-friendly solution.
Customisable User Interface
The user interface layout can be programmed to feature only the
most commonly used functions. These functions can also be set to
either hard or touch screen buttons according to preference, with
other function keys capable of being relocated to simplify the user
interface even further.
Advanced Printing
ApeosPort 750 I /650 I leads the way in productivity and
quality with a powerful 600MHz processor, print speeds of up to
75/65 ipm, First Copy Out Time (FCOT) of 4.1 seconds or less and
outstanding resolution.
Printer Drivers
The intuitive WHQL certified PCL6 and PostScript printer drivers
are standard features on this device and enable seamless integration
with various industry standard operating systems.
True 2,400 x 2,400 dpi Resolution
Implementing new and advanced image processing technology, the
ApeosPort 750I/650I achieves true 2,400 x 2,400 dpi resolution for
exceptional quality output.
Secure Print
Enables a print job to be sent to the device but requires the user
to enter a predefined password at the device in order to release the
job. Users can delete the job, or retain it on the hard disk drive for
future reprinting.
Favourite Print Settings
Users can save the settings of regularly printed documents as
favourites on the print driver. These settings include paper sizes,
cover insertion(s), duplex and finishing requirements and can be
accessed quickly and easily as required.
Mailbox Print / Document Merge
Documents printed frequently by multiple users can be saved to
a mailbox through the Printer Driver or by scanning at the device.
This allows for quick and easy retrieval of these documents on demand.
Management Software
A host of software packages are available with this device to help
simplify device management:
CentreWare Web enables administrators to manage various
aspects (ie installation, configuration, reporting, troubleshooting
etc) of all print devices on the organisation’s network regardless
of manufacturer.
• CentreWare Internet Services (Embedded Web Server) enables administrators to configure network settings, view status,
manage job queues and administer the device remotely.
CentreWare EasyAdmin an optional tool, which simplifies driver set up and configuration, allowing multiple machines to be setup simultaneously and existing settings cloned to other devices.
Feature sequence on
touch screen panel can
be re-arranged
Additionally, these documents can be merged with other documents
stored/scanned to that mailbox to create and print one document.
Preferred functions
can be assigned to
the hard buttons
Additional Features
ApeosPort 750I/650I also supports the following print features:
• Sample/Direct/Delayed Print
• N-up/Image Repeat
Mobile Services
Mobile Services capabilities enable an environment where the
input / output of documents are easily achieved across multiple
office locations and international borders. It is ideal for executives
with heavy work and travel commitments.
• Poster Creation
• Watermark/Form Printing
Standard PCL Printer Driver
CentreWare Easy Operator
The CentreWare Easy Operator multi-location device management
feature enables intra-office users to quickly and easily access devices at
their current location within a network covering multiple locations.
EasyAdmin also allows administrators to generate comprehensive
usage graphs to monitor device usage by function and/or user.
Device Enhancing Solutions
ApeosPort 750I/650I is also capable of easily integrating with various
software solutions that Fuji Xerox Australia has co-developed with
our strategic partners. These provide users with powerful
new capabilities to complement their device. They include a cost
recovery solution from Equitrac®, a document manipulation/repurposing
solution (Scan to PC) and a document workflow solution with the
capability of automating traditionally manual processes through
the use of OCR/ICR/OMR technology, barcode recognition and
EDRMS (EzeScan).
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