Canadian waterless printing pioneer boosts digital productivity with

Canadian waterless printing pioneer boosts
digital productivity with Konica Minolta
Warren’s Waterless Printing of Toronto, Ontario began as
a small camera and film stripping service. Today it’s a fullservice printing and communications company and more
importantly, an acknowledged leader in environmentally
friendly printing, not just in Ontario but across Canada.
Recently, the company decided to expand its digital
business to better serve its existing customers and gain
new clients. It called on another industry leader – Konica
Minolta – in the form of the award-winning bizhub Press
C8000. Now the company’s clients will enjoy even more
benefits in addition to sustainable printing.
When it comes to Canadian success stories, you’d be
hard pressed to find a more inspiring one than familyowned Warren’s Waterless Printing of Toronto, Ontario.
The company began in 1972 as a small prepress service
handling basic camera and film stripping. During the 1980s
and 1990s it evolved to include typesetting, drum scanning
and postscript film output. Eventually, the first printing press
arrived in 1995. At that time a crucial decision was made to
move the company forward – to print waterless offset. Today,
Warren’s Waterless is a full service digital and offset printing
and communications company. Its dedicated waterless
presses also feature perfecting capabilities. But above
all, it’s also Canada’s only dedicated waterless printing
operation and is a renowned and acknowledged leader in
environmentally friendly printing.
“We feel that it’s in our nature, not just as human beings
but as responsible business owners, to be environmentally
responsible,” said Vice President Glen Warren. “We created
Warren’s from the onset to deliver a genuine environmentally
friendly alternative to conventional offset printing. We do
this by utilizing waterless presses to eliminate drain waste
and improve air quality. This has also enabled us to deliver
unprecedented value to our clients. In other words, we
believe that being environmentally responsible doesn’t have
to come at a higher price.”
Warren went on to point out that many printing firms often
claim that they’re environmentally friendly. “Environmental
printing is much more than just using recycled papers or
vegetable-based inks,” he said. “Our waterless technology
helps us conserve about 200,000 litres of water annually. It
also eliminates the use of fountain solutions and most other
harmful chemicals and volatile organic compounds that
when released, contribute to air, water and ground pollution.”
Better quality printing as well sustainability
Aside from altruistic ecological motives, Warren pointed out
that waterless printing will also improve the quality of final
output. With the elimination of water, dot gain or ink spread
is greatly reduced, resulting in a sharper printed image on
all materials – with superior clarity and depth on both coated
and uncoated recycled papers. This is good news for print
buyers as well, whose clients often demand top quality
sustainable printing. “In order for your print project to be
truly environmentally friendly, you have to look beyond just
paper, inks, plates or blankets,” Warren added. “You must
evaluate all of your processes – we do this on a regular
basis and it is that firm commitment that makes us truly
As Canada’s only dedicated waterless printer, Warren’s
handles jobs from concept through prepress right to the
finishing and bindery stages. Specifically, its processes
utilize three necessary initiatives:
• Waterless printing presses that eliminate the use of
huge amounts of water as well as the need to dispose of tainted water.
• While the company stocks all kinds of paper, it
encourages both new and existing clients to use
genuine recycled papers. These include papers
certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or
Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), all the way to
those manufactured solely with wind or biogas
power. Its current environmental certifications
include OEL, ISO 14001, ECO Logo and FSC.
• Finally, Warren’s operates from a renewable power
source. Its printing facilities are Bullfrog powered
using a sustainable, renewable energy source. In
fact, it was the first Bullfrog-powered printing plant
in Canada! The company is also certified carbon
The company has also been singled out by the Ontario
Ministry of the Environment as one of the province’s
environmental “Leaders”. The Leaders Program recognizes
select companies that lead and excel in the preservation of
the environment by using environmentally friendly processes
and increased efficiencies.
In February of 1998 Warren’s received the Environmental
Choice Program’s ECO Logo. The Program is Canada’s only
Eco Labeling Program. Warren's was also one of the first
printers in North America certified to offer FSC stocks. In
June of that same year, Warren’s became the first printer in
Canada to achieve the prestigious ISO 14001 Certificate.
Konica Minolta bizhub Press C8000 was the
best choice
Now while all these milestones and customer benefits are
keeping the presses running, management recognized the
need to keep its current and diverse client base (most of
whom are environmentally responsible) happy. In order to
do this, it felt it had to expand its digital services to attract
even more customers. These services included high-end,
full-colour printing – especially smaller full-colour runs, as
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well as document customization. After
exhaustive tests and cost/quality analyses,
Warren’s chose award-winning Konica
Minolta technology.
“We felt the bizhub Press C8000 was
the best device for us now and in the
near future based on both cost efficiency
and quality,” said Warren. “The machine
prints as good as or better than any other
comparable device, and can print on a
wide range of weights and substrates as
well. In fact, we did press tests on all the
equipment we had in mind with varying
weights and brands of stock, using the
same test files. We also received final
proposals on the devices. We then shortlisted three manufacturers and performed
a more in-depth review before making
Vice President Glen Warren of Warren’s Waterless Printing with the Konica Minolta C8000.
our final decision. This process was
important to us and took nine months.
With up to 40 system configurations, Warren’s can customize
After all our due diligence, Konica Minolta came out on top.”
a colour production system that’s a perfect fit for the needs
Warren added that the installation was relatively problemfree. “We had an older digital press from another OEM. It
was removed and the bizhub press C8000 put in exactly
the same spot with just a couple of minor electrical
modifications. Although the C8000 is not a waterless offset
press, we still have all the same environmental credentials in
our shop. We are currently using it for small runs of business
cards, up to large page counts of short-run, perfect-bound
books and anything in between, including variable data.
So the press is extremely versatile. It’s helping our digital
business now and we’re confident this will continue into
the near future with Konica Minolta as a technical support
partner,” he added.
Taking Warren’s digital printing to a new
With superior print-on-demand speed, accuracy and
consistency, the C8000 will boost Warren’s return on
investment while delivering spectacular colour documents
that build valuable repeat business. The bizhub PressC8000
is a high-speed colour digital press that offers prints that
compete quality-wise with those of offset printing. It yields
more cost-effective colour, faster turnaround times, more
profitable short-run printing, and can accommodate a
variety of substrate weights and sizes. It also has a range of
versatile finishing options.
Some of its groundbreaking features include 80 ppm output
(4,800 full-colour pages per hour), a monthly duty cycle
of 500,000 pages, 3rd-generation Simitri HD + toner for
superior colour images, offset-quality 8-bit colour at 1,200
dpi with less set-up time and supervision, and 10,760-sheet
maximum paper capacity with vacuum-belt feeding. The
1,200 dpi x 1,200 dpi resolution (8 bit) ensures superior
consistency over long print runs, and advanced screening
that matches the quality of offset equipment, but at a lower
cost per copy.
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of its corporate or commercial clients. They’ll be able to load
weights from 40 up to 350 g/m2 and 130-lb. cover. Standard
duplexing is available up to 300 g/m2. The C8000 can
print on sizes up to 13” x 19”. With a range of image control
options from Fiery, Creo and Konica Minolta, Warren’s will
have print control and colour management capabilities to
handle even graphics-intensive colour print jobs.
The C8000’s Image Preview Kit provides on-board
document preview/review and makes it easier to perform
post-RIP editing and manipulation of document files.
Its intelligent single-pass dual fusing unit is another
technological innovation that maintains high output speed
and rapid job turnaround to meet tight colour deadlines.
Thick paper makes a single pass between an upper and
lower heated roller increasing productivity. Thin paper
doesn’t require a second fusing, so it passes below the
lower heater roller only.
A new relay unit automatically relays print information
directly to the print engine to make key adjustments on
the fly and keep work flowing accurately and effortlessly.
The bizhub Press C8000 also combines humidification
with a series of advanced de-curlers to prevent curling on
difficult stocks. Its paper drawers automatically condition
paper stock for streamlined feeding and smooth running.
The on-board 15” touchscreen previews documents as
thumbnail images before printing, with simple graphic icons
to highlight paper tray and output tray for easy set-up. A
registration sensor identifies and corrects skewed pages for
fewer misprints and less waste. Printgroove POD Suite, the
industry’s most comprehensive, cost-effective and easy-touse production software suite, will put Warren’s operators in
total control of the production floor.
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