Juniper Networks Secure Access 700

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Juniper Networks Secure Access 700
The Juniper Networks Secure Access 700 (SA 700) SSL VPN appliance provides small to
medium enterprises a secure, cost-effective way to deploy remote access to the corporate
network. Because the SA 700 uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to provide encrypted transport,
it enables instant remote access from just a Web browser. This clientless architecture
eliminates the high cost of installing, configuring, and maintaining client software on every
device, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership versus traditional VPN solutions. SSL delivery also eliminates the Network Address
Translation (NAT) and firewall traversal issues encountered with traditional remote access products, allowing your remote users reliable and
ubiquitous access from external networks such as home or hotels. The SA 700 comes standard with Juniper Networks Network Connect access
method, which creates a secure network-layer connection via a lightweight, cross-platform dynamic download. The SA 700 can also be upgraded
to include Juniper’s Core Clientless access method, which enables connections from any PC anywhere to Web-enabled applications, files, XML and
Flash content. Built on Juniper’s market-leading Instant Virtual Extranet (IVE) platform, the Secure Access 700 series delivers enterprise-strength
AAA (authentication, authorization, auditing), comprehensive endpoint defense, and a core security architecture that has been audited in depth by
CyberTrust and certified by ICSA labs.
Value Summary
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
End-to-End Security
• Dependable technology tailored to the needs of small to mid-sized
enterprises by the SSL VPN market leader – Juniper Networks
• Complete, secure access to LAN resources, ensuring that the
endpoint device, data in transit, and internal resources are secure
• Plug-n-play appliance that installs in minutes with minimal IT
knowledge required
• Seamless integration with broad range of authentication methods
and protocols
• No client software deployment or maintenance – users only need
an internet connection for access
• Juniper’s Endpoint Defense Initiative includes native functionality
and client- and server-side APIs for effective enforcement and
unified administration of best-of-breed endpoint security
• Simple end user and administrator interfaces facilitate quick and
easy use
• Improved productivity for remote employees
• No network interoperability issues
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
The Secure Access 700 deploys quickly and easily and does not require the costly deployment and maintenance of individual client software on
each device. The SA 700 delivers an appliance tailored to the specific needs of small to mid-sized companies, in an affordable plug-n-play form
Uses SSL, available in all standard Web
Enables secure remote access from any browser
No end-user client to install
Leverages existing security infrastructure
• Integrates with existing user directories
• Fully compatible with a broad range of authentication methods and protocols
Interoperation with external networks –
eliminating issues with network address
translation (NAT) or firewall traversal
• Improves user experience by simplifying access to internal resources from external networks
• Reduces costly support calls
Desktop or 1U rack-mountable form factor
Runs quietly on desktop if no server rack available
Individual models provide support for 10 or
25 concurrent users
Offers customers the flexibility to purchase according to their capacity requirements and budgetary limitations
Requires no changes to existing network infrastructure
Eliminates the cost and complexity associated with maintaining installed clients on user PCs
Supports multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, PocketPC and more
Add new users or access to new applications with just a few clicks
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End-to-End Layered Security
The SA 700 series provides complete end-to-end layered security, ensuring that the endpoint device, data in transit, and internal resources are
secure. The SA 700 integrates seamlessly with a broad range of authentication methods and protocols and its hardened architecture effectively
protects internal resources. Security features include:
Native Host Checker
Client computers can be checked at the beginning and throughout the session to verify an acceptable security posture requiring or restricting network ports; checking files/process and validating their authenticity with MD5 hash checksums. Performs version checks on security
applications, and carries out pre-authentication checks and enforcement. Enables enterprises to write their own host check method to
customize the policy checks. Resource access policy for non-compliant endpoints is configurable by administrator.
Host Checker API
Created in partnership with best-of-breed endpoint security vendors, enables enterprises to enforce an endpoint trust policy for managed
PCs that have personal firewall, antivirus clients, or other installed security clients, and quarantine non-compliant endpoints
Host Check Server Integration API
Enables enterprises to deliver and update third party security agents from the SA 700, which reduces public-facing infrastructure, enables
consolidated reporting of security events, and enables policy-based remediation of non-compliant clients
Hardened security appliance and Web
Purpose-built hardware appliance and hardened security infrastructure, with no general purpose services, system-level user accounts, or
interactive shell
Security services employ kernel-level packet
filtering and safe routing
Ensures that unauthenticated connection attempts, such as malformed packets or DOS attacks are filtered out
Cache Cleaner
All proxy downloads and temp files installed during the session are erased at logout, ensuring that no data is left behind
Support for strong authentication
methods and protocols including RADIUS,
LDAP, PKI, Active Directory, RSA/Secure ID
Enables enterprise-strength authentication via optional integration with directories, PKI, and leading multi-factor authentication systems.
Allows administrators to establish dynamic authentication policies for each user session, based on user/device/network attributes and
specific login conditions, including an optional pre-authentication assessment to examine the client’s security state before the login page
is presented. Also includes a secure internal user database for enterprises that have not deployed 3rd party authentication.
Auditing and logging
Full auditing and logging capabilities in a clear, easy-to-understand format, simplifying configuration, assessment and troubleshooting
Ease of Use
The SA 700 features a user-friendly Web-based interface and streamlined administration making it easy to use and administer.
Streamlined administration process
designed specifically for small/medium
Instant deployment and activation requires minimal IT knowledge
Dynamically provisioned user connectivity
At login, end users are immediately provisioned full connectivity as if running on the LAN, while important layered security functions run
transparently. Users provisioned using the Core Clientless access method upgrade are restricted to administrator configurable Web-based
Simple, Web-based interfaces
Both the end user and administrator interfaces are simple and Web-based, facilitating quick and easy use
Provision by Purpose
The Secure Access 700 includes two different access methods. These different methods are selected as part of the user’s role, so the administrator
can enable the appropriate access on a per-session basis, taking into account user, device, and network attributes in combination with enterprise
security policies.
Network Connect
• Provides complete network-layer connectivity via an automatically provisioned cross-platform download
• Users need only a Web browser. Network Connect transparently selects between two possible transport methods, to automatically
deliver the highest performance possible for every network environment
Clientless Core Web access
(Available as an upgrade)
• Access to Web-based applications, including complex JavaScript, XML or Flash-based apps and Java applets that require a socket
connection, as well as standards-based e-mail, files and telnet/SSH hosted applications
• Core Web access also enables the delivery of Java applets directly from the Secure Access appliance
• Provides the most easily accessible form of application and resource access, and enables extremely granular security control options
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Upgrade Options
• Core Clientless Access Upgrade Option
Technical Specifications
SA 700
• Dimensions: 17.25”W x 1.74”H x 9”D
(43.80cmW x 4.41cmH x 22.86cmD)
• Weight: 10lb (4.53 kg) typical (unboxed)
• Material: 18 gauge (.048”) aluminum
• Fans: 1 ball-bearing inlet fan, plus 1 CPU blower
Panel Display
• Front Panel Power Switch
• Power LED
• Access LED (drive access)
• Two RJ-45 Ethernet
• 10/100 full or half-duplex (auto-negotiation)
• IEEE 802.3 compliant
• One 9-pin serial console port
• Input Voltage and Current 90-264 VAC Full Range
• 4A (RMS) at 90 VAC
• 2A (RMS) at 264 VAC
• Input Frequency 47-63Hz
• Efficiency 65% min, at full load
• Output power 220w
• Power Supply MTBF 100,000 hours at 25°C
• Temperature Range Operating: 5C to 30C (41F to 86F)
• Operating (short-term): 0C to 50C (32F to 122F)
• Non-Operating: -30C to 60C (-22F to 140F)
• Relative Humidity (Operating) 20% to 80% noncondensing
• Relative Humidity (Non-Operating) 5% to 95% noncondensing
• Altitude: to 10,000 ft (3,000m)
• Shock Operating: 2G at 11ms
• Non-Operating: 30G at 11ms
Safety and Emissions Certification
• Safety: UL (UL 60950-1 First Edition: 2003)
CUL (CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1-03 First Edition)
TUV GS (EN 60950-1:2002)
AS/NZS CISPR 22: 2002, Class B
• Emissions: FCC Class B, VCCI Class B, CE class B
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