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Vaddio™ Professional Quality Analog Component to DVI-D Format Converter
Part Numbers: 999-5643-000 - North America, 999-5643-001 - International
In a perfect world, every analog
component to digital video format
converter would work exactly the same,
producing equal quality video at the
output as from the input. Well, the world
is not exactly perfect when it comes to
mass production of electronics and the
single-minded goal of producing the
cheapest product for the mass market.
At Vaddio, we understand the need for
less expensive products for home and
budget use, but we also know what
differentiates our professional products
from the rest. Vaddio insists that the
electronic components we use are the
newest and highest quality components
available today and no short cuts are
taken when it comes to the integrity of
the Vaddio digital video products.
Figure 1: Front Panel of the PRO Format Converter (1/3 Width
Enclosure - Optional Accessory Rack Mount Panel Available)
Figure 2: Rear Panel of the PRO Format Converter
(1/3 Rack Width Enclosure)
YPbPr to DVI-D/HDMI PRO Format Converter features the finest analog component decoder (decoding
analog signals to 10-bit color digital signals) and one of the newest high speed HDMI transmitters at the
output ensuring compatibility with HDMI and DVI-D while supporting all HDTV Formats. To further improve
the performance of the PRO Format Converter, an FPGA was added to guarantee that the image appears on
the HDTV in the proper alignment making this product extremely easy to install and use. When professional
quality format conversion for an analog to digital video application, whether it be from a camera, a video
switcher/console or any other analog video source, the YPbPr to DVI-D/HDMI PRO Format Converter is a
remarkable choice for a wide range of applications.
YPbPr to DVI-D/HDMI PRO Format
12V, 1.0 PowerRite™ Power Supply
AC Cord Set
The YPbPr to DVI-D/HDMI PRO Format
Converter was designed and built from the
ground up at Vaddio, in the USA, and only the
best possible components, parts and metals
were used to ensure the quality of the video
image out is as good as the video image in.
1/3 Rack Width Size
YPbPr to DVI-D/HDMI PRO Format Converter is
sized so three (3) converters can be racked into
a single rack space with an optional rack mount
adapter panel.
The Fine Points
The PRO Format Converter uses a 225 MHz
HDMI v1.3 and DVI-D v1.0 transmitter and
incorporates Deep Color and x.v.Color™ with
resolutions up to 1080p60 Hz. The PRO Format
Converter provides 30-bit YCbCr output and
combined with the analog to digital decoder (at
the input) a full 10-bit color IN and OUT is the
impressive result. One of the best things about
this converter is that it doesn’t add another scaler
to a system with many scalers in the signal path.
Easy and Automatic Operation
The PRO Format Converter will automatically
receive the YPbPr clock frequency and will auto
position the digital HDTV signal without the need
to set resolutions or positions - it’s automatic.
Designed and Made in the USA
Did we mention that this PRO format Converter
was conceived, designed, and manufactured in
the USA, specifically in the Minneapolis - St. Paul
metropolitan area? Well, now we did.
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YPbPr to DVI-D/HDMI Pro Format Converter
Figure 3: YPbPr to DVI-D/HDMI PRO Format Converter - Rear Panel Image with Functional Callouts
Vaddio Blue LED Power Indicator, Lit when power supply is plugged in.
Power Input: 12 VDC, 1.0 Amp Power Connection, 5.5mm OD x 2.5mm ID, Positive Center
DVI-D Output (HDMI with optional adapter cable) supports digital HD video outputs up to 1080p/60Hz
DE-15 Input (15-pin High Density - E size shell) supports analog (YPbPr) HD video inputs up to 1080p/60Hz
Rugged steel enclosure for supporting mobile applications
Figure 4: Basic System Configurations using the YPbPr to DVI-D/HDMI PRO Format Converter
DVI or HDMI - Large Format Monitor
(Simulated Video Feed)
DVI-D 1080p/59.94
WallVIEW HD-18
YPbPr to DVI-D/HDMI PRO Format Converter
Three (3) WallVIEW HD-18 and PC (1080p/60 and WXGA)
Monitor 1
YPbPr 1080p/60Hz
DVI or HDMI - Large Format Monitors
(Simulated Video Feeds)
Monitor 2
Vaddio AutoPresenter
T-C60 Codec
PRO Format Converter
DVI-D/HDMI 1080p/60 Hz
YPbPr to DVI-D/HDMI PRO Format Converter
Part Numbers
999-5643-000 - North America, 999-5643-001 - International (with UK and Euro AC Cord Set)
Vaddio Blue LED “Power” Indicator, 5.5mm OD and a 2.5mm ID Coaxial Power Connector, DVI-D Female with
female jack nuts and DE-15-F with female jack nuts (high density 15-pin D-SUB receptacle - R/A PCB mount)
Video Resolutions Supported
1080p/60, 1080p/50, 1080p/30, 1080p/25, 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/59.94, 720p/50, 480i/29.97, 576i/25
Audio is not supported, mainly because the molecular image resonator was too fast for the audio signal pathway.
Power Supply
12 VDC, 1.0 Amp PowerRite Power Supply included
Dimensions (H x W x D)
1.47” (37.34mm) H x 5.5” (139.7mm) W x 4.5” (114.3mm) D, (1/3 Rack Size)
1.3 lbs. (0.589670081 kg, roughly)
Accessory Options
998-6000-002 1-RU Triple Rack Mount Plate, 440-5643-001 - 1m (3.3’) DVI-D Male to HDMI Male Cable,
440-5643-003 - 3m (10’) DVI-D Male to HDMI Male Cable
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