The edge 802.11ac built-in high performance
Mesh Router with Mesh technology for highdensity use on multiple applications.
EnGenius AC1200 Mesh Router EMR3000 is a new concept of
Dual Band Dual Concurrent Wireless Mesh router. It can be
easily deployed and maintained with simple configuration
deployment and recovery capacity. It does not need
complicated settings. Just plug your first EMR3000 into your
cable or DSL modem, simply establish Mesh network from
your mobile phone APP via few steps. Additional EMR3000
just need power on from the wall outlet and it will auto
connect to existing EMR3000 Mesh network, that’s all. Enjoy
your whole home Wi-Fi network coverage in a minute!!
IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Dual-Band & Dual
Support up to 867 Mbps in 5GHz frequency
band and 300 Mbps in 2.4GHz frequency
Mesh Easy deploy system with mobile app
simple configuration
Built-in 360° high performance antenna for
whole home Wireless Coverage
Guest Network provides Internet connection
for guests but restricts access to your
local network.
Parental Control to schedule times when
access to the Internet is permitted and
restrict access to websites
Auto firmware update keep your device’s
firmware up to date so you can benefit from
the very latest service and security
It’s simple to set up. Easy to manage
Whole home Wi-Fi coverage with consistent performance
What is the best choice if a single router WiFi signal cannot cover your entire
home? EMR3000 is an ideal solution for your home network environment. It
can extend signal range from an internal high performance Wi-Fi module, the
high-gain antenna arrays reduce the numbers of mesh node deployment
typicality requirement. No more Wi-Fi dead spots in your home with EnGenius
AC technology with High Performance Wi-Fi
EMR3000 is a Dual Band Dual Concurrent Wireless Mesh router with the latest
11AC technology. The total wireless speed is up to 1.2Gbps. It is two times
faster than 802.11n technology. The upgraded throughput will bring you the
smoothly wireless with lag free and flexible.
No worry about Wi-Fi problems
If there is a Wi-Fi problem, ever one of the EMR3000 fails by the power outage; other EMR3000 will find an alternative
present and fixes the Wi-Fi connection by itself. EMR3000 Wireless Mesh system allows for multiple nodes with minimal
signal loss and can connect up to 8 nodes of EMR3000 Mesh Router system. it’s an ideal home Wi-Fi solution with users can
simply have whole home Wi-Fi internet access.
Easy set-up, use, plug and play Mesh Network
With EnMesh APP, it fully set up, deploy, and use by mobile device without complicating installation procedure. EnMesh
provides a easiest way to construct Mesh Network is using EnMesh APP to smart connect all Mesh devices instantly when
they were powered up. Therefore, it also provides Internet speed and easy configuration to do Mesh Network
Physical Interface
LED indicator
Wall mount
1 x USB port
1 x DC Jack
2 x Ethernet port
(WAN/LAN auto sensing)
Reset Button
Technical Specifications High Performance Wireless Mesh Router
EMR3000 Mesh Router
Physical Interface
Dual Band Internal High Performance antenna
2x 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet Port (WAN/LAN auto sensing)
2.4GHz Tx Output Power: 20±1 dBm (MAX.)
1x USB Port
2.4GHz Rx Sensibility: -85dBm (MAX.)
1x Reset Button
5GHz Tx Output Power: 19±1dBm (MAX.)
1x DC Jack
5GHz Rx Sensibility: -83dBm (MAX.)
LED indicator
(The MAX. Power may be different depending on local regulations)
1 LED indicator with 3 different colors and types
White - Mesh and Internet connection status
Blue - Bluetooth connection status
Red - No Internet connection or Mesh connection
Package Content
1x EMR3000
Software Features
Operation mode: Mesh Router/ Mesh AP
Mesh easy connection, Mesh connection status
Wireless Output Power Control
Wireless QoS (WMM)
1x Power Adapter
Guest Network by Wireless SSIDs
1x Quick Start Guide
Encryption: WEP / WPA / WPA2 / TKIP /AES
1x RJ-45 Ethernet Cable
WAN: PPPoE / Static IP / DHCP
Hardware Specification
Dimension: 127 x 47.2mm (Diameter x Height)
DHCP Server
Power Adapter: 12V / 1.5A
Port Forwarding / Mapping / Tagging
QoS: MAC / IP / Port based
Physical/Environment Condition
Operation Temp.: 0C̊ ~ 40C̊
Humidity 90% or less (Non-Condensing)
Storage Temp.: -20C̊ ~ 60C̊
Humidity 95% or less (Non-condensing)
Wireless Specification
URL / IP / Port / ICMP Filtering
UID / DDNS / EnGenius DDNS Service
UPnP / UPnP NAT Traversal
IGMP Proxy
Remote Control / Firmware Upgrade
Emergency Recovery Page (System failure)
Backup / Restore Setting
EnMesh Mobile App. (iOS/Android) Supported
Wireless Band: 2.4GHz / 5GHz