Weatherized Outdoor X-Band Satellite Loop Test Translator Offers

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Weatherized Outdoor X-Band Satellite Loop Test Translator
Offers Remote-Controllable Attenuation and Monitoring
– Rugged Outdoor Testing Unit Also Available in Ku and C Band Versions –
Tampa, Florida (October 17, 2005) --- Tampa Microwave announced the
availability of the weatherized X Band Loop Test Translator, a new field test tool
especially well suited for military satellite communication applications.
This rugged outdoor testing unit is remote-controllable via RS 485, and enables
X band transmit-to-receive, frequency translations. As with all Tampa Microwave
LTTs, the weatherized outdoor X Band Loop Test Translator delivers reliable
translations with a minimum of amplitude and delay distortions. The unit is
housed in a rugged, weather-resistant case, which allows mounting in an
antenna hub or in an outdoor environment.
This unit is also available in Ku and C Band versions that deliver the same
features and performance specifications.
Tampa Microwave loop test translators are designed to allow a satellite to be
“short circuited” so that terminal output can be fed to downlink monitoring
equipment. Functional specifications are as follows:
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Input Frequencies
Input Connector
Input Level
Input Impedance
Input Return Loss
7.975 to 8.400 GHz
7.900 to 7.950 GHz
N Female
+10 dBm Max
50 ohms
15 dB min
Output Connector
Output Impedance
7.25 to 7.675 GHz
7.70 to 7.75 GHz
N Female
50 ohms
Output Return Loss
15 dB Min
Gain Flatness
Gain Adjustment
Input and Output Isolation
Local Oscillator
-35 dB nominal
+/-0.4 dB maximum/40 MHz
30 dB in 1 dB steps
60 dBc
Output Frequencies
LO Frequencies
Frequency Stability
Phase Noise
Other Specifications
Temperature Range
Internal Functions
External Functions
200 MHz
725 MHz
+/- 1 ppm
-80 dBc @ 1 KHz offset
-90 dBc @ 10 KHz offset
-100 dBc @ 100 KHz offset
10” x 12” x 5”
-40 to +55 degrees C
Remote/Local Switch
Band Select Switch
Local Attenuator Adjust
Lock Alarm Indicator
RS485 address switch
Circuit Breaker
X band Input
X band output
RS-485 for attenuator control and band select
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About Tampa Microwave
Tampa Microwave is based in Tampa, FL. The company specializes in the
design and manufacture of block up and down converters, loop test translators
and rack mount product for the commercial and military Satcom markets. More
information on the company is available by calling the sales department at (813)
855-2251, ext. 103, or by visiting their website at
The company is located at 12160 Race Track Road, Tampa, FL 33626.