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Leica LAS Live Image Builder
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Dynamic Software for Fast Widefield Imaging
fast Wide field vision for microscopic analysis
LAS (Leica Application Suite) Live Image Builder is developed for users of manual microscopes, enabling them to rapidly create
high-quality images that are much larger and reveal more detail than a single field of view. The software automatically detects
sample movement and smoothly extends the image without the need to click buttons to capture the image. The resulting image
view dynamically grows giving instant feedback, which can save time.
Often a microscopist is faced with an image having shallow depth of field, which means that it is only partly focused. Now with
LAS Live Image Builder, a single in-focus image is created in the time it takes to manually focus. The immediacy of capturing a
focused widefield image is a great time saver.
The resulting calibrated images are stored in LAS where they are immediately available for documentation and analysis using a
wide variety of specialized modules available in LAS.
Leica LAS live image builder Benefits and advantages
Efficient Imaging Environment
Leica Application Suite (LAS) intelligently integrates the latest advances in automated
microscopy, computing, and digital image analysis. With a wide range of imaging
capabilities designed specifically for industrial and research laboratories, LAS performs
routine, yet sophisticated analytical tasks rapidly, efficiently, and economically.
LAS Live Image Builder takes this capability a step further by dynamically extending the
field of view and depth of focus of digital images provided by Leica microscopes and
digital cameras.
The smart LAS Live Image Builder software is ideal for use with manually-operated XY
stages and direct focus drives. As the user moves the sample, LAS Live Image Builder
assesses the image and calculates the change in position at high speed. New images are
matched and blended with previous images to create a single large image from the
complete field of view. In a similar way, as the sample focus range, the best focused parts
of the image are retained to give a single sharp image.
LAS is a common micro-imaging environment that provides solutions to many standard
and custom applications by means of optional application-specific modules. Particularly
relevant for use with LAS Live Image Builder are the Interactive Measurements, Image
and Particle Analysis, Annotation and Image Archiving modules. The use of a motorized
stage and focus with LAS Live Image Builder can provide further utility and improved
ergonomics for highly repetitive tasks.
Leica LAS live image builder features
LAS Live Image Builder Features
LAS Live XY Image Builder
Presentation of Images
› Continuously adds a live camera image
› Compatible with LAS – supported
› Shows entire image - smoothly shrinking
› Matches image detail to a given position
current Leica microscopes, and DFC
› Guide frame shows where image will be
cameras, and the Leica DVM2500
› Frame indicates when matching degrads
or fails
› Image extends when match is found
› Blends images for smooth edges
› Adds refocused image for sloping
› Creates color image size up to 12k x 12k
› Backtrack with undo function
LAS Live Z Image Builder
› Determine first focus position
› Turn focus drive until final focus level is
› Completely in-focus image appears
› Compensates for magnification change
and shift with focus
› Image resized to remove edge effects
› Integrated and licensed with LAS V4 as
optional modules
› Requires XY stage and focus control
› LAS Live Image Builder image capture
starts from LAS
› Uses the default live capture format
› LAS calibrations image formats,
as it grows
› Or smoothly pan and zoom at fixed size
to see image in detail
› Minimal user interface simplifies
› Reference live image shown in separate
sizable window
› Pause/Restart building to allow the
examination of image
exposure, and shading controlled by LAS › Continually shows actual image size and
› Operation is interactive by manual
manipulation of stage and focus controls
percent of canvas used
Extended focus image from Live Z Image Builder
In focus detail of shaver head
Leica LAS live image builder Benefits and advantages
Benefits and Advantages
LAS Live Image Builder is designed to increase laboratory productivity and improve the
visualisation of microscope images via smart computational microscopy software. As the
hardware requirements are based on manual operation, the user stays in control while
costs are minimized.
Extended Image
Works with any microscope
Compatible with LAS
LAS Live XY Image Builder creates images All you need is a economical manual XY
Archiving, measurement, and analysis are
that are larger than seen by the camera
all available on the images created
stage and focus control to enable this
alone, which allows you to see the sample smart software to create stunning
providing a vast capability in a familiar,
in a wider context to expedite interpreta-
and consistent LAS software
Extended depth of focus
Dynamic results
Smooth displayS
With a simple turn of the focus control,
With no need for intermediate image
The images are assembled for direct
Live Z Image Builder assembles images
capture, the results continuously develop
viewing on the computer screen and
from the entire focal range into a single
in front of your eyes, giving immediate
appear to smoothly grow and sharpen,
sharp image so you see all details at once. quality feedback and saving significant
time as compared to methods using
providing a relaxed operating
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The statement by Ernst Leitz in 1907, “with the user, for the user,”
describes the fruitful collaboration with end users and driving force of
innovation at Leica Microsystems. We have developed five brand values
to live up to this tradition: Pioneering, High-end Quality, Team Spirit,
Dedication to ­S cience, and Continuous Improvement. For us, living up to
these values means: Living up to Life.
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