Quick Start Guide
(Model: L9L10B)
• 9" LCD Monitor
• Monitor Stand
• Power Adapter
• RCA cable with BNC adapter (attached)
• Mounting Kit
• Mounting Template
Step 1: Attach stand to LCD monitor
Install the monitor stand into the round groove in the back panel of the monitor (Figure A) . Twist
the stand counterclockwise until you hear a click to lock it in place.
Figure B
Figure A
Monitor Stand
Optional: Wall mounting the LCD monitor
To wall mount the LCD monitor:
Mark the wall using the included mounting template to determine
where to secure the mounting screws.
Secure screws 3/4 of the way into the wall.
Align the LCD monitor with the screws and push down to secure.
Wall mount slots
Step 2A: Connecting the monitor to a DVR
a. Connect the RCA video plug (yellow) into the VIDEO IN jack of the monitor (Figure C).
Connect the BNC end of the cable into the DVR’s Monitor Out or Spot Out port.
OPTIONAL: Connect the RCA audio cable (white) into to the AUDIO IN port of the monitor.
Connect the other end of the audio cable into the DVR’s audio port.
b. Connect the power adapter plug into the DC IN port (Figure C) of the monitor. Connect the
power adapter to a wall socket. The LCD monitor will turn on by itself.
Power cable
Video (yellow)
Audio (white)
Figure C
Quick Start Guide
Step 2B: Connecting a BNC camera to the monitor
a. Attach a BNC female to RCA MALE adapter (sold separately, order model no. BNCB) to the
BNC extension cable of the camera.
b. Plug the camera’s extension cable into the VIDEO IN port of the monitor.
Optional: Audio (white)
BNCB adapter
Video (yellow)
BNCB adapter
(Model no. BNCB)
Figure D
OPTIONAL: Connect the audio cable (white) (Figure D) into to the AUDIO IN port. Connect the other
end of the audio cable to an audio enabled camera (not included).
• The RCA cable comes with a removable BNC male to RCA female adapter pre-attached.
Adjusting Monitor settings
To adjust screen brightness, color and contrast:
1. Press the MENU button. The menu screen opens.
2. Press the buttons to select BRIGHTNESS, COLOR or CONTRAST.
3. Press the
buttons to increase or decrease values.
4. Press the MENU button to exit and save your changes.
• If the screen is turned off and the power LED remains on, it means that the monitor has
switched to "sleep" mode. Check to make sure that the video cable on the monitor and DVR
are secured.
• If the screen is turned off and the power LED is off, check to make sure that the power adapter
plug is firmly connected into the DC IN jack of the monitor, and that the power adapter is
firmly plugged into the power outlet.
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