desktop USB
Flo Power Hub provides
desktop access to Three
USB ports for easy and
convenient charging
of personal devices in
the Workplace.
Flo Power Hub easily
integrates with the base of
the Flo monitor arm and is
also compatible with all CBS
monitor arms supported
by the Wishbone post. It
occupies minimal desktop
space and provides a tidy and
controlled charging facility
within easy reach. Two of the
ports provide 1A of standard
charge and the third offers
2.4A of fast charge.
With a refined aesthetic
finish and high quality
components, Flo Power Hub
fits seamlessly and securely
onto the Flo monitor arm/
Wishbone post and desk
clamp. It is simple to install
and compatible with both the
Flo/Universal Top and Split
mount desk clamps.
Flo Power Hub is a cost
effective charging device that
can be ordered and installed
with the purchase of a CBS
monitor arm, or retro-fitted
to existing arm installations.
3 x USB charging ports: 1 x 2.4A fast charge port
2 x 1A standard charge ports
150mm x 90mm x 24mm
Colour options:
Light grey / Dark grey
Power Hub
Power Supply Unit (PSU)
Mains cable
Regional plug types available for UK, US and Europe (Schuko)
+44 (0)207 940 4266