Code: 06R82200081
Color: GREY
Pro Backpack is a well thought out and versatile
backpack to accomodate skaters and their needs
wherever their travels with skates take them. It
features an updated external system of carrying
and covering the skates. The skates are strapped
onto the back of the bag with the wheels facing
each other and the bottom support flap has a cut
out to fit brake pads or larger wheels on the 3WD
models. The bottom flap also covers the dirty
wheels and secures the skates to keep them firmly
on the backpack. The upper flap covers the top of
the skates and adds more support and security.
There is a helmet clip conveniently located on the
top of the bag to maximize internal space. Some
skaters bring a change of clothes or gear
depending on where they skate and the wet
compartment on the bottom is ideal for this.
Sweaty, dirty clothes can stay isolated from other
clean items in the internal space. The padding on
the shoulder straps and back make the bag very
comfortable and provide ventilation on the back
where most of the contact with the body is made.
Plenty of storage space, water bottle pockets,
reflective piping for safety and YKK zippers with
custom pullers add to this premium bag that is
definitely an item any skater would love for its
rich aesthetics and functional appeal.
SIZES: 36x19x50 (cm)
Category: Accessories
Type: Bags
Gender: Men / Women
Group: Accessories