Police & Security
From the specialists: communications equipment for the police
Whether during demonstrations, major events, observa-
for the officials to remain undetected. This requires advan-
tions or other operations, stable and secure communica-
ced corresponding characteristics in the communications
tion among colleagues determines the success or failure
equipment, which the OnGuard Bluetooth from Imtradex
of police operations. A device which ensures that quality
has. The system does not use a radio, but operates
of communication should therefore be part of the basic
instead as a link between the officer and his or her cell
equipment of state security forces. Imtradex is aware
of the specific requirements that police forces have for
communications equipment and have therefore intro-
Since police operations are often of a longer duration,
duced a wide range of headsets, designed specifically to
all Imtradex-solutions are equipped with rechargeable
meet these requirements. While the presence of police
batteries which ensure long operation. In addition, they
– especially during major events such as sport events or
are ergonomically designed in order to avoid imposing an
demonstrations – needs to be visible to everyone involved
additional burden on security forces: low weight and high
for tactical reasons, during covert operations, it is essential
wearing comfort are top priorities.
• multifunctional hand microphone for a range of
communications requirements
• rugged splash-proof housing
• emergency button
• 3-level volume control
• 3.5 mm jack bushing for external audio equipment
• also available with programmable soft keys,
LCD display or Bluetooth
Aurelis Nexus
• multifunctional hand microphone for a range of
communications requirements
• rugged splash-proof housing
• emergency button
• 3-level volume control
• Nexus jack is compatible with headsets from several manufacturers
Aurelis Nexus
OnGuard Bluetooth
• tansmission in conjunction with mobile phones
• covert or semi-covert use
• multiple options for connecting to send buttons,
microphones and earpieces/headsets
• Bluetooth function for wireless connection
between headset and mobile phone
• optional external wireless PPT
• integrated LiPo battery for long service
OnGuard Bluetooth
OnGuard I-Flex
• for semi-covert use
• with transparent coiled tube
• send button with integrated microphone, which can
be held in a hand or attached to a shirt collar
• the send button is connected to the set via a PURcoated helix cable, ensuring freedom of movement
at all times
• with BINDER plug connector allowing connection
with different types of earphones
• can be connected to most analogue and
digital radios
OnGuard I-Flex
Police & Security
DE 225
• for semi covert use
• the black PUR-coated helix cable connects the
earpiece with the headset and ensures freedom of
movement at all times
• features a 3.5 mm plug and can be connected to
all Imtradex products that have an external TRS
• can be used with most analogue and digital radios
• the ear olive is available in 3 sizes
(small, medium and large)
• flexible induction set for covert or semi-covert use
• send button with integrated microphone is fixed
on the Neckloop
• the housing also has a 3.5 mm jack for an external
• additional 2.5 mm jack for external send button
like the PTT-1
• a small switch on the side to increase microphone
sensitivity (“whisper mode”)
• small box by the plug for the radio device permits
electronic adjustment to the correct analogue or
digital radio
DE 225
For semi-convert operations, the
OnGuard I-Flex offers a communications
solution in a transparent look. The small
send button with integrated microphone
can easily be concealed in a hand.
NB 2000
• enables radio communication with an additional
wireless send button
• the PTT-REVARIO is available with most Imtradex
• Wireless PTT can be carried discretely in one hand
• system suitable for use in a wide range of fields
• light-weight neckband headset
• easy to wear with a helmet without being
connected to it
• extremely robust and high wearing comfort
• Open-Ear-Gain-Technology
• suitable for noisy working environments
• PTT-8 send button
NB 2000
Continuous digital radio support
For police forces, the digital radio era began long ago,
with the TETRA and Tetrapol procedures. So all headsets
and microphones developed by Imtradex for use by police
forces support the new digital radio standards for the
comprehensive and cross-agency voice and data communication, and ensure the security of the communications.
To ensure that no unwanted noise is generated at high
frequencies, all Imtradex systems are equipped with innovative shielding that prevents analogue radio interference.
the full range of features associated with digital radio,
Of course our communications accessories also support
such as communication within a defined user group.
NB 3000
NB 4000
• neckband headset with high wearing comfort
• high-performance contact microphone integrated
in speaker housing
• speech is transmitted via the cheekbone
• the neck holder set can be worn almost invisibly
under helmets
• the speaker with integrated microphone, a soft
silicone tube conducts sound to the ear
• optional headband for securing in place
• PTT-8 send button
• monaural neckband headset
• NC microphone (noise cancelling)
• external speaker allows easy adjustment
• comfortable, pressure free, light weight,
ergonomic design
• optional headband for securing in place
• easy to wear without a helmet without being
connected to it
• PTT-8 send button
NB 3000
NB 4000
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