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VL6160 Series
The VL6160
The Series is a high-performance and affordable high-resolution RGB video transmission
system, designed to operate over three fibers (analog version) or a single fiber (digital
version), in either Singlemode or Multimode format. The setup is quick and trouble free.
The VL616 also supports the three most popular sync formats: a) sync on green; b)
composite sync; and c) external H + V sync.
The VL6160 system is housed in a stand-alone or card cage design, thereby
accommodating multiple configurations in desktop, enterprise, or central office
environments. In addition, the VL6160 comes in two versions: Analog or Digital. This
product is excellent for remote workstation video/graphics, remote RGB video projection,
remote multimedia slide presentation and a host of remote RGB applications that require
component video transmission.
Analog Version
TheVL6160 RGB video transmission system provides high-resolution video over three
fibers with video bandwidth up to 160 MHz per color. This system consists of one
transmitter (VL6160-T) and one receiver
(VL6160-R). The VL6160 accepts individual component video inputs and provides a
transmission signal over three fibers. Whether the signal is Singlemode or Multimode,
the receiver unit receives the fiber signals and converts the respective signals back into
it’s original video components to be utilized by various far-end devices, such as monitors,
projectors and so forth.
The VL6160 also provides various front panel LED indicators for various functions. The
VL6160-T provides indicators for sync and power status, where the VL6160-R has
indicators for power and link status. The size of the VL6160 is 1.72”Hx4.36”Wx6.9”D.
Analog Version
The VL6160 series units are used in pairs. One VL6160 transmitter unit is located at the
near end and connected to a VL6160 receiver located at the far end of the link, connected
through three optical fibers. Each unit provides a separate electrical interface connector
for the R, G and B component video signals. Connections are one to one between both
Radiant Communications Corporation
Before installing the units into your housing, make sure there is enough space to pull and
connect both the electrical and optic al cables without stressing them beyond the
manufacture’s limitations (also known as the bend radius minimum).
In order to setup the VL6160 properly, make sure to observe the following instructions
when installing the proper cables. The VL6160 requires two parts to the cabling setup:
the electrical and the optical.
2.2.1 Video Connection
The only available connections for the VL6160 are the 75 Ohm BNC connectors for
video input and output ports. Use the following instructions to properly connect your
component video.
1. Connect VL6160-T (Transmitter) unit’s video input port to the user’s digital
component video source with the appropriate coaxial cables (e.g., RG59U). Make
sure to connect to the proper video component; R-R, G-G, B-B, H-H and V-V
2. For the receive unit, connect the VL6160-R (Receiver) digital component video
receivers with the appropriate coaxial cables respectively, as illustrated.
3. In addition, use the following table to set the switches on the front panel of the
transmit unit for your particular application, depending on your video application.
2.3 DC Power Connection
You are now ready to power up the VL6160 and set up your video network connection.
In order to make sure that you have a proper installation, please observe the following.
Your AC jack has power.
The 12 or 15VDC power supply is working
Your electrical system has proper grounding (this ensures that your power
supply does not suffer from voltage variations)
Power Surge Protection. This is optional, but highly recommended. A UPS
system provides voltage regularity as well as prevents spikes from occurring,
thus protecting your VL6160 from sensitive voltage conditions.
The VL6160 derives power from an external 12VDC power supply. The power supply is
a wall mounted AC/DC adapter, 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, and 1 A.
To provide power to the VL6160, simply connect the power supply, already provided
with the units, and connect it to the wall jack. (You will find one power supply per unit).
Radiant Communications Corporation
Once the power supply has been connected to the wall jack, connect the 12VDC to the
unit and the unit should power up immediately.
If you should have any problems or concerns, regarding the installation, make sure that
you have taken the proper steps to ensure a proper power connection. Otherwise, feel
free to contact us for any questions you may have.
3.1 Maintenance
There is no operator maintenance other then keeping the units clean. However,
observe the following light indicators to make sure that the unit is working
a. Power TX – The RED LED indicates that the 6160 transmitter (TRX) unit is
connected to a power source and the unit is switched on.
b. Power RX – The RED LED indicates that the 6160Receiver (RX) unit is
connected to a power source and the unit is switched on.
c. Sync (TX) – The GREED LED is ON when 6160 receives a video sync signal
from the H and V source.
d. Link R/G/B in (RX) - The CN state of this GREEN LED on the 6160 unit
indicates that the signal is detected from R, G, and B input.
3.2 Troubleshooting
If the VL6160 units do not operate properly after installation, check for: possible cable
breaks, loose connections, and incorrect cable connections. If a problem exists on the
fiber link, please check your fiber connectors for improperly cleaned fiber cables and
connectors. If problems persist, contact Radiant Technical Support @ 800-969-3427 for
further assistance.
For electrical problems, perform the following troubleshooting procedures:
1. If the POWER indicator is OFF, check for the following:
a. The line cord is plugged into the unit and your outlet has power.
b. The VL6160 unit is powered on.
2. If the POWER indicator is ON, but the OPTICAL Link indicator is OFF, check for the
a. Make sure the appropriate (Singlemode or Multimode) fibers are being used.
Radiant Communications Corporation
b. Check for broken fiber and fiber connectors. Ensure that the optical loss does not
exceed the specified optical power attenuation.
c. For each unit, the transmit (TX) fiber is connected to the other unit’s receiver
3. If the POWER indicator and Optical Link indicator are ON, but the video channels are
not operating, then:
a. Check to see that the attached user equipment is turned on.
b. Both ends of the link are connected to the corresponding equipment and to the
same corresponding channel port.
c. Cable connections at both the video/audio channels are securely fastened to each
connector. Turn the power off, and then back on to reset the link.
d. Make sure that the output levels of the of the user’s video sources are not above
the allowed input levels of the units.
4.1 Specifications for the VL6160 Series
RGB Video
Video Level
Gray Scale Linear Distortion
Pixel Intensity Distortion
Maximum Horizontal Frequency
Maximum Fresh Rate
SNR (Weighted)
up to 160MHz
1.0Vp-p @ 75 Ohms
(0.7 V without sync)
150 KHz
150 KHz
Channel Capacity
Operating Mode
Input/Output Impendence
Max. Input/Output Level
Magnitude Freq. Response
SNR (Weighted)
Radiant Communications Corporation
Balanced or Unbalanced
10k/600 Ohms (Balance)
5Vpp @ 10k Ohms
20Hz to 20kHz @ -3dB
>70dB @ 1kHz
Dimension: (HxWxD)
RGB/Sync Video Only
Power Level
RGB/Sync Video Only
Operating Temperature
Status Indicators
1.72”x 4.36”x 6.90”
+15VDC @ 1A
0 to +50oC
0 to 95% RH, non-condensing
Power, Optical Link, Video Activity
Fiber Type
Number of Fibers
Fiber Optic Connector
Multimode and Singlemode
3(RGB/Sync Video Only)
850, 1310 and/or 1550 nm
ST (Multimode)
FC (Singlemode)
Power Budget Typical Distance
Distance Miles
KM (2)
Multimode Fiber
Singlemode Fiber
Radiant Communications Corporation
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Should any defects appear within five years from date of shipment, Radiant
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material. Such material shall not be accepted for return or repair without prior
notification of Radiant Communications Corporation.
Radiant Communications Corporation
Return shipments to Radiant Communications Corporation shall be at the buyer’s
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the best way.
The foregoing warranty is in lieu of and excludes any and all other expressed or implied
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the performance or reliability of the product.
Radiant Communications Corporation will not be liable for any special or consequential
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the products or any inability to use them either separately or in combination with any
other equipment or material or from any other cause.
This warranty does not extend to any product manufactured by Radiant Communications
Corporation that has been subject to misuse, neglect, accident, improper installation, act
of God, or any violation of the instructions furnished by Radiant Communications.
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