Anti-Vandal PIN Standalone Controller
This advanced 500 user standalone controller features anti-vandal metal keys for PIN code
user credentials. AC-Q41H has a rugged metal construction ideal for high traffic environments.
This model comes with removable terminal blocks, for quick installation, and has advanced
programming options.
General Description
The AC-Q41H anti-vandal controller has a unique
combination of metal keys and a built-in heater,
which prevents key from freezing and keeps the
unit functional in very low temperatures.
AC-Q41H has an attractive profile, free from sharp
edges, ideal for installations where style and
functionality are highly important.
This feature-rich unit offers all weather operation,
with flexible programming capabilities including a
unique “code search” for simple user management.
Non-volatile memory protects the storage of user
database, modes and parameters.
Main Features
500 users can have PIN user credentials for
granting access.
Smooth attractive design, with anti-vandal
3 operational Security Levels can be selected
with special PIN codes.
Supports up to 8-digit PIN codes, with timed
wrong code lockout after several wrong
Optical tamper detection output.
Automatic internal heater prevents key freeze at
-20˚C (4˚F).
10 programmable modes for auxiliary input and
output (3 Amp Form C Relay.)
2 Amp Form C Lock Strike Relay, for fail-safe and
fail-secure, with input for REX.
2 tri-colored LEDs and integral sounder for
programming and operation.
Supports: Door Ajar, Forced, Shunt, Monitor, and
Secure mode.
Removable terminal blocks are used for
wiring to the unit.
Door bell key feature operation (from '¿' bell
key), with Rosslare's accessory BLD40.
Wide range of low voltage AC/DC power input.
Anti-Vandal PIN Standalone Controller
Product Specifications
Operating Voltage Range:
Input Current:
Relay Outputs:
• Capacity:
• Keypad:
• User Levels:
• Security Modes:
• Audio/Visual:
12 to 24VDC, from a regulated power supply
12 to 24VAC, from a transformer
(Heater Off) Standby: 40mA, Maximum: 100mA, at 12VDC
(Heater On) Standby: 520mA, Maximum: 580mA, at 12VDC
Lock Strike: 2A, N.O. and N.C.
Auxiliary: 2A, N.O. and N.C.
Optical back tamper sensor, O.C. active low 32mA max sink current
REX: N.O. Dry Contact
Auxiliary (In/Monitor): N.O. Dry Contact. 10 Programmable modes
500 Users, single / dual code each
3x4 Keys for local programming and 4 to 8 digit PIN codes entry
Normal / Secure, Master
Normal, Bypass and Secure
Interface for BL-D40 (bell, chime and siren enunciator)
Two tri-color LED indicators, Built-in sounder
Rugged metal enclosure, highly strong construction, metallic keys.
Suitable for extremely harsh environments.
• Operating Environment:
• Operating Temperature:
• Operating Humidity:
• RFI Protection:
Water resistant, suitable for outdoor use, IP54 rated
-20oC to 60oC (-4oF to 140oF). Built-in heater to prevent key freezing
0 to 95% (non-condensing)
> 20 V/m up to 1000 MHz
• Dimensions:
• Weight:
120mm x 76mm x 27mm (4.72" x 3" x 1.06")
440g (1 lbs)
System Components
The BL-D40 alarm, chime and
door bell enunciator / strobe
unit as well as the EX-01
Push to Exit button can be
interfaced to the unit.
Additional Information
The AC-Q41H is covered by Rosslare’s 2-year Limited Product Warranty.
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