Customized consulting, implementation and management services that ensure a
reliable, scalable and efficient Microsoft SQL Server environment for your business
• Flexible engagements: Mix
and match the services you
need month after month
• 24/7/365 service coverage
for always-available, highperforming systems
• Services available around
the world through remote
• Cost-effective, high-return
alternative to hiring internally
• Two millennia of
accumulated and
documented experience
A subscription to Pythian’s Microsoft SQL Server Technical Services gives you
access to a dedicated team of certified Microsoft SQL Server experts that
provides you with the services you need when you need them. Customize
your service package by choosing what you need–from initial consulting to
system design and architecture, through to ongoing 24/7 incident handling
and proactive management. This continuity of service ensures the optimal
performance and efficient operation of your Microsoft SQL Server database.
Anywhere, anytime–in the cloud or on-premise.
We provide you with the Microsoft SQL Server expertise you need to take you
from strategic planning through day-to-day operations. Your dedicated Microsoft
SQL Server team is complemented by our cloud-certified professionals who
have extensive server experience in Microsoft Azure (SQL Data Warehouse,
Database and Data Lake), Amazon (RDS) and Google Cloud Platform.
Microsoft SQL Server Services provides you with as much support as you need.
Choose from these service options to customize your subscription:
• Use case and requirements analysis
• Evaluation of existing technology environment
• Certified teams with
advanced Microsoft SQL
Server experience
• Similar services available
for Hadoop, Cassandra,
MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle
and associated DBaaS
• Application access design
• Data modeling and database design
• Hardware recommendations
• Capacity planning
• Detailed deployment plan and roadmap
• Upgrade and migration planning
• Microsoft SQL Server version recommendations
• Cloud platform recommendations
• Architecture design
• Data model design and development
• Multi-data center disaster recovery implementation
• Installation, configuration, and upgrade
• RDBMS-to-SQL Server migration (e.g., Oracle-to-Microsoft
• Database partitioning
• Data access configuration
• Cluster design
• Data center creation and migration to the cloud (Microsoft
Azure SQL Data Warehouse/Database, Google Cloud
Platform and Amazon RDS)
• Data integration: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and
general ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) development
• Deployment automation
SQL Server)
• Advanced troubleshooting and performance tuning
• Transact-SQL (T-SQL) coding
• Security configuration and system integration
• Pre-production health check and review
• Analytics tool integration
• Business Intelligence: Microsoft SQL Server Analysis
Services (SSAS) and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
• Virtualization: VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V
• Remote DBA services
• Routine task automation
• On premise DBA services
• SQL Server application support
• 24/7 global operational support
• Ring health monitoring and management
• Advanced troubleshooting of issues
• Performance management and tuning
• Root-cause analysis and corrective action of data issues
• Continuous improvements
• Deployment of required upgrades
• Database repair
• Incident response
We have strong partnerships with the top cloud vendors, and offer some of the industry’s leading cloud expertise. So when
you choose to host your database in the cloud, your dedicated Pythian team will include cloud experts who will provide
valuable advice and consulting in:
• Cloud solution development
• Cloud platform selection: IaaS vs DBaaS - Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
• Detailed design and build
• SQL Server and data migration to, and configuration on, the cloud
• Data access and security configuration
• Cloud platform testing and validation
• Resource optimization for cost savings
• Cloud solutions operations support
We do this all while maximizing your cloud investment to ensure cost efficiency, scalability and high availability.
• Analyzed and experimented with dozens of metrics to determine
which ones were the best predictors of audio drop-offs for audio
product company, Sonos, by creating a data pipeline from SQL
Server into HDInsight.
• Developed a T-SQL data consolidation script for 20
databases for a large museum in New York City. Performed
platform migration for the museum and worked on the
migration of data layer integrations for a move from separate
databases to one consolidated copy release.
• Developed a data warehouse solution for the Bureau of Finance
in one of Brazil’s states to help load and analyze invoices to
identify possible cases of money laundering and tax evasion.
• Reduced a client’s import window from 12 hours to three by
re-architecting imports of sales data into a centralized data
warehouse for analysis.
• Designed and configured a disaster recovery site for a North
American natural gas and electricity retailer using Always-On
Availability Groups for SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition,
ensuring zero data loss during a failover.
• Performed security reviews on Microsoft SQL server environments
of a major US airline to ensure compliance with Microsoft and
market security best practices.
Pythian IT Foundation Services ensure your data infrastructure foundation is solid, scalable and efficient, setting the stage for successful
data enablement for your organization.
You get a dedicated experienced Pythian team–backed by hundreds of additional Pythian experts who can collaborate on particular issues or
provide additional expertise as needed. Our ability to hit the ground running means we can start solving your SQL Server issues faster, or quickly
take on the management of your SQL Server environment from initial planning to monitoring to analytics and APIs.
Customize your subscription to get the right services and the right skills at the right time for you. Your Pythian team is equipped with the
best tools and technologies to deliver the best outcomes faster–which means a better return on your investment. Increase, reduce, or
cancel your Pythian subscription with only 30 days’ notice and experience the Pythian difference risk-free.
Your Pythian team works seamlessly with your organization to become your remote colleagues. We can help you fill the gaps in your inhouse team or become your entire SQL Server team, taking on the management of your system, 24x7x365. We use the FIT-ACER™ human
reliability checklist as a method of ensuring the highest standard of quality, repeatability and reliability.
We have captured and documented processes and knowledge from two millennia of successful engagements–if you have a challenge,
we’ve probably seen it, solved it, and documented it. This amassed knowledge is always accessible to your Pythian team, and enables
them to securely and efficiently deliver the best outcomes, faster.
Pythian’s security framework includes the policies, methods, and tools to ensure your systems and data are always protected. At the core
of this framework is Adminiscope™, our unique privileged access management solution that enables your Pythian team to bypass the
Internet and its associated risks whenever they work remotely on your business-critical systems. We ensure a high level of security in our
people through comprehensive employee background checks, rigorous employee security policies, and mandatory training on HIPAA/
HITECH, PCI DSS and the Privacy Act.
Our work goes beyond just delivering a positive customer experience. Because we work so closely with our clients, we are able to see things through
the customer lens and take a proactive approach to resolving anomalies and issues before they become problems.
We provide expert services for the leading traditional and emerging database, data warehouse and analytics technologies,
both on-premise and in the cloud. We are the top choice for businesses that have a combination of traditional and nontraditional databases, or hybrid on-premise/cloud environments. Your Pythian subscription also gives you access to experts
in many data systems including Hadoop, Oracle Database, Oracle EBS, Cassandra, MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server, DBaaS
offerings on Google Cloud Platform (Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Datastore, Google Cloud Bigtable, Google BigQuery,
Google Cloud Dataproc), AWS (Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Elastic MapReduce), Microsoft
Azure ( Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Microsoft Azure DocumentDB, Microsoft
Azure HDInsight). We help our clients get the most from these technologies by offering everything from reliable, scalable and
efficient IT infrastructure services, through to enterprise analytics platforms.
For more information on this or other Pythian services, contact us at
“By monitoring our databases and application servers, improving performance, and
optimizing our infrastructure, Pythian gives me the confidence that my ecommerce site is
fast, stable, and responsive to our customers.”
— VP of IT, a major clothing retailer
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