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volvo construction equipment
VOLVO is your trusted partner
for complete demolition solutions.
Demolition. It is a key ingredient in progress.
The deconstruction of buildings, bridges and
other structures is tough, gritty work. Winning
at demolition demands extreme-duty equipment,
performance attachments — and a partner to back
it all up, shift after shift.
Volvo delivers, with purpose-built demolition
excavators, wheel loaders, haulers and more. Trusted
solutions for every stage of demolition.
Volvo combines power and performance
with altitude in its C-Series Ultra High
Reach (HR) excavators. With available
boom heights from 21 meters to 32
meters, Ultra High-Reach models
include the EC360CHR, EC460CHR
and EC700BHR. with robust hydraulics,
guarding packages and ability to work
various attachments from 2.5 to 3.5 tons.
Volvo equipment is engineered for
performance on all types of demolition.
Demolishing structures. Sorting and
processing steel beams, rebar,
concrete, wood, tile and more. Loading
and transportation. Site remediation
and finishing. Volvo takes you from first
stroke to final grade with power, reliability
and low cost of operation. Count on it.
For primary and secondary demolition
jobs, Volvo has six Standard
Demolition Excavators, the EC210C,
EC240C, EC290C, EC360C, EC460C
and EC700C. All models feature
heavy-duty fabrication, demolition
guarding, excellent visibility and the
industry-leading Volvo Care Cab.
Whether you’re working Volvo C-Series
demolition excavators, wheel loaders,
mini-excavators or compact loaders,
rely on clean lines of sight to the job,
operator comfort and protection, and
a fuel-efficient Volvo powertrain that
perfectly matches engine speed with
hydraulic flow to best any demolition task.
• Power and quick cycles for demolition.
• Demolition attachment performance.
• Demolition excavators, wheel loaders — and more.
excavators with real altitude
tame primary demolition jobs.
Primary demolition is all about reach, power and
control. Volvo’s line of four Ultra High Reach (HR)
excavators have booms from 21-32 meters, highvisibility cabs and smooth, confident hydraulics.
Equipped with tools from 2.5 to 3.5 tons, they cut
demolition challenges down to size.
Volvo’s six Standard Demolition Excavators bring
strength, quick cycles, fuel efficiency and superior
protection to bear on all your other demolition tasks.
• Choices. You want the right size
machine to handle high-reach
demolition. Volvo has your needs covered
with its line of Ultra High Reach (HR)
• EC360CHR
• EC460CHR
• EC700BHR
21 m boom
27 m boom
32 m boom
• Excellent stability and safety
throughout the working envelope,
thanks to a long undercarriage, extra
modular counterweight, boom and arm
holding valves, optional slew-reduction
control, and a Total Moment Indicator
that warns the operator if the machine
approaches the maximum safe working
• Hydraulic capacity and flow to power
high-reach attachments such as
pulverizers, severe-duty grapples,
crushers, hammers and shears.
Maximum attachment weight ranges from
2.5 tons on the EC360C and EC460C,
to 3.5 tons on the EC700B.
• Productivity-enhancing features and
options include viscous-mounted and
sound-dampened cab, forward and
rear-view cameras, and a reversible
fan to purge the coolers of dust and
• The standard hydraulically tilting
cabin tilts up to 30 degrees to
enhance visibility and reduce operator
fatigue and neck strain on high-reach
• Optional hydraulically variable
undercarriage width for easier
transport and for optimal stability.
• Easily change from demolition configuration
to straight boom or regular backhoe.
30-minute quick change
from demo to backhoe
Total utilization. A innovative design
makes it easy to change from the
Ultra High Reach boom and arm to
a standard backhoe configuration or
a straight boom. So your excavator
will stay busy even when you don’t
have high-reach projects.
The Volvo hydraulic modular joint
makes this quick change possible.
The machine boom engages two
full-length pins on the desired
equipment — backhoe, straight
boom or demolition boom.
A hydraulic joint secures the locking
pins, and safety caps are fitted to
the ends of each pin to make it
ready for operation.
Volvo high-reach excavators come
with both the high-reach demolition
boom and a digging boom and arm
for maximum versatility and uptime.
A transportation cradle for both
equipment options is also standard.
• Volvo delivers reach and attachment power.
• Strong tear-out forces.
• Stability on uneven ground.
• Control to work in tight spaces.
secondary demolition, prime production.
Extreme conditions. Sharp, jagged, heavy and
gritty. Few things in construction put more strain
on equipment than moving, sorting, loading and
processing demolition debris. Volvo Standard
Demolition Excavators have the muscle and the
armor to excel at all stages of demolition. You want
your jobs done right, done safely and profitably.
Volvo gets you there.
• Robust demolition guarding features
include a frame-mounted falling
object guard (FOG), bolted side
impact protection system, heavy-duty,
double-thickness side doors, bucket
and boom cylinder guards that shield
rods, cylinders and piping.
• Undercarriage protection includes
full-length track-chain guards, thick
10 mm under plating with bolthead protection, an 8 mm swing-ring
guard, and hinged service panels with
recessed hinges that won’t snag on
To lessen the effects of dust and
airborne debris, Volvo excavators have
micro-mesh screens on the side doors
and the engine cowl.
An optional reversible fan purges the
coolers of debris, enhancing uptime by
reducing need to stop the machine for
• Performance for site remediation.
• A world-class engine and hydraulic
system that perfectly matches hydraulic
flow to engine speed. The system
ensures hydraulic power when and where
it’s needed, especially on combined
operations such as lifting and swinging.
• The Volvo quick fit makes it easy to
switch demolition attachments such
as hammers, grapples for sorting or
feeding a crusher, shears for cutting
or resizing debris, and pulverizers for
processing concrete and other material.
The operator can store and recall
custom hydraulic flow settings from
a keypad in the cab.
• Stability for compacting and digging debris.
Standard demolition machines* EC210C EC240C EC290C EC360C EC460C EC700C
Operating weight, without
Rated output, at
ISO 9249/SAE J1349, net
Max. torque
22 700
25 900
29 700
37 960
48 000
70 000
rpm (r/s)
kW (hp)
Volvo D6E Volvo D7E Volvo D7E Volvo D12D Volvo D12D
30 (1 800) 30 (1 800) 30 (1 800) 28 (1 700) 30 (1 800)
110 (150) 125 (170) 143 (195) 205 (279) 245 (333)
Nm @ rpm
735 @ 1 350 870 @ 1 800 965 @ 1 350 1 660 @ 1 275 1 820 @ 1 350 2 250 @ 1 350
Pump type
System pressure (attachment) MPa
w. Power Boost (attachment) MPa
Volvo D16E
30 (1 800)
316 (424)
2x variable displacement axial piston pumps
32,4 MPa (330 kg/cm2)
35,3 MPa (360 kg/cm2)
2 x 200
2 x 230
2 x 250
Max. fl ow rate
Track length
4 460
4 650
4 870
Track gauge
2 390
2 590
2 590
2 x 300
• Frame-mounted FOG protects the operator.
2 x 358
2 x 436
5 180
5 370
5 990
2 740
2 740
3 350
Lifting capacity
along undercarriage
at reach/height
6,0 / 1,5
6,0 / 1,5
6,0 / 1,5
7,5 / 1,5
7,5 / 1,5
7,5 / 1,5
Breakout force, SAE
* Figures are with the standard boom/arm combination. Alternate long-arm and ME geometries available.
• Micro mesh screens keep particles from coolers.
• Quick cycles for grasping and loading.
• Volvo has complete demolition equipment solutions.
• Harmonized hydraulics for lifting and swinging.
volvo demolition excavators:
power, production & safety.
Tilting cab pivots up to 30
degrees for enhanced visibility
and reduced fatigue on highreach jobs. Standard on Ultra
High Reach (HR) models and
optional on Standard Demolition
Excavator models.
Optional boom-mounted
camera boosts productivity on
high-reach operations.
Innovative hydraulic modular
joint uses a hydraulic lock
mechanism to release digging
equipment and change from
high reach demolition boom to
a standard backhoe configuration in less than 30 minutes.
The feature greatly enhances
Bucket and boom cylinder
guards protect rods, cylinders,
HRVs and piping from falling
objects. These steel jackets
reduce the chance of machine
damage and improve uptime on
all types of demolition jobs.
Boom-mounted Total
Moment Indicator
provides warning if
the HR excavator is
approaching maximum
safe load.
Volvo hydraulics are ready for a range of demolition attachments
including grapples, hammers, shears and pulverizers.
Demolition boom on HR
models provides maximum boom
pin heights from 21-32 meters.
Swing-ring protection
guard jackets the swing ring
bearing seal and grease piping
from damage by rebar, timber,
concrete rubble or other
The frame-mounted falling
object guard (FOG) protects
the operator and cab from
wayard debris, enhancing safety
and machine uptime.
A micro-mesh screen
on the doors and engine
cowl keeps out fine particles and boosts engine
Double-thickness side doors
on both sides of the superstructure protect coolers and pumps
in the event of a side impact, and
enhance overall machine life.
The bolt-on side impact
protection system protects
the superstructure from damage.
Enhanced 8 mm
under-guarding of the
superstructure and 10
mm guarding under the
slew ring, with bolt-head
Punched plate is welded to
the top of the rail along the cab
entrance to provide sure grip for
the operator.
Full-length track-chain
guards keeps out demolition
debris and prevents rebar or
other sharp objects from
lodging in the tracks. Extendable undercarriage expands
by 1 m (3’ 3’’) for increased
volvo means reliable performance,
safety and total customer support.
For demolition contractors, having great iron is only
part of the equation for success on the job site.
Customers want more than a machine. They want
support. They want solutions. They need to know
their equipment — and their brand — will be there.
They need to know Volvo.
• Customers rely on Volvo for equipment — and more.
• A full line of world-class construction
equipment, including tracked and
wheeled excavators, articulated
haulers, wheel loaders, backhoe
loaders, skid steers and compact
wheel loaders and excavators.
• Machines engineered for durability and
reliable performance. Built-in safety
features like punched-plate walkways
and high-capacity halogen work lights.
Easy machine maintenance with
in-cab monitoring of fluid levels, quickaccess filters and grouped grease banks.
• A global dealer network that
provides superior customer service
with extended warranties, preventive
maintenance programs, fleet
management, service contracts and
Volvo's leadership spans land, sea, sky and space
As the world’s second-largest manufacturer of 9-to 18-liter diesel engines,
Volvo has unmatched expertise designing
power systems that move the world. Volvo
engines for Volvo Construction Equip-
ment, Volvo Aero, Volvo Buses, Volvo Penta
and Volvo Trucks define productivity and
fuel economy. Our performance has been
honed on land, over the sea, across the sky
and into space. Leading research and
development keeps all Volvo Group
products at the forefront of productivity. So
when we say Volvo engines are tested —
and proven — you can believe it. Trust in it.
It’s the real advantage of Volvo Power.
• Experienced field technicians keep you working.
• Trust Volvo for performance and support.
• High-performance parts for long machine life.
Volvo Construction Equipment is different. Our machines are
designed, built and supported in a different way. That difference
comes from an engineering heritage of over 175 years. A heritage
of thinking first about the people who actually use the machines.
About how to help them be safer, more comfortable, more
productive. About the environment we all share. The result
of that thinking is a growing range of machines and a global
support network dedicated to helping you do more. People
around the world are proud to use Volvo. And we’re proud
of what makes Volvo different – More care. Built in.
Not all products are available in all markets. Under our policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to change
specifications and design without prior notice. The illustrations do not necessarily show the standard version of the machine.
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