IES-2208CA - EFB-Elektronik GmbH

Industrial Managed Switches
8 10/100TX + 2 10/100/1000T/Dual Speed SFP Combo
Managed Industrial Switch
Pro-Ring IIs for self-heal ring & advanced chain** in 20ms
Environmental monitoring for voltage, temperature, current**
Support Advanced SNMP including QoS,IPv6*, IGMP query
& source only, QinQ, SSH/SSL*, DDM,CPU load monitoring
Watchdog Design** and Factory Default Button
The Lantech IES-2208CA is an 8-port 10/100BaseTX + 2-port
10/100/1000T/Dual Speed SFP Combo industrial switch with
Pro-Ring IIs self-recovery scheme in 20ms. The SFP
connection is suitable with 100M or 1000M Dual Speed. The
advanced SNMP management features include QoS for 4
queues, 802.1q VLAN, IGMP snooping, query and source only
for multicast IP surveillance, SSH/SSL*, DDM(need to work with
SFP that has diagnostic function) as well as Web Ping,CPU
load monitoring, SNTP and SMTP etc
The innovative Pro-Ring IIs self-recovery scheme can recover
Ring network in less than 20ms with single ring, multi ring and
dual homing topologies with one step setup. It also supports
advanced Chain**. Lantech IES-2208CA builds all the
important management features required in large network like
IPv6*, DHCP Client/Server, SSH/SSL*, 802.1X authentication,
IGMP Query / Snooping and source only for reverse multicast
flow ,advanced QoS and QinQ. It also supports Ping
commands via Web to detect whether a specific device is still
connected for easy trouble-shooting.
The unique environmental monitoring function** allows switch
detecting the voltage and temperature and current then send
SNMP traps out while abnormal event is occurring.
The IES-2208CA has the relay contact that is able to connect
with alarm system and send Email and SNMP trap alert in case
of power or port failure. It also has the built-in factory reset
button and watchdog design** can restore all setting back to
factory default and automatically reboot the switch when CPU
loading is too high.
The Lantech IES-2208CA is the best to be used in municipal,
city surveillance, automation, transportation, mining, heavy
Industrial factory and other factory assembly lines where needs
reliable and robust network. The -E model can be used in
extreme environments with an operating temperature range of
-40°C to 75°C.
Pro-Ring IIs for self-recovery scheme in less than
20ms for single-ring,multi-ring and dual homing
topologies with one setup
Optional advanced Chain** topology
SFP slot supports 100/1000 Dual Mode with DDM for
SFP diagnostic and monitoring(need to work with SFP
with diagnostic function)
Back-plane (Switching Fabric): 5.6Gbps
1Mbits Packet Buffer / 8K MAC address table
IP-30 Protection with DIN rail and wall mount design
Provides EFT protection 3000 VDC for power line
Supports 6000 VDC for ESD protection
Support CPU load monitoring and Web Ping to check if
the connected device is alive
IEEE 802.1d Spanning Tree & IEEE 802.1w RSTP
Supports IPv6* and IPv4
IGMP with Snooping and Query mode for Multi Media
IGMP source only for reverse multicast application
Static Multicast Route for non-IGMP application
Port Based VLAN, 802.1Q Tag VLAN, GVRP, QinQ
Port Trunk with LACP
Supports IEEE 802.1ab LLDP
Supports IEEE 802.1p CoS, 4 priority queues per port
Port base, Tag Base and Type of Service Priority
Supports Ingress Packet Filter and Egress Rate Limit
Supports Broadcast/Multicast Packet Filter Control
Port Mirror: Monitor traffic in switched networks
 TX, RX, Both of TX and RX Packet
System Log Server/Client
SMTP e-mail Alert up to 6 emails
 Port Security: MAC address entries/Filter
 IP Source Guard: IP address security management to
prevent unauthorized intruder
 Login Security: IEEE802.1X/RADIUS;SSH* / SSL*
 Device cold start, Power status, Authentication failure,
Port Link up/Link down, Abnormal environmental
Datasheet Version 1.5 |
Industrial Managed Switches
Relay Alarm Output System Events
Environmental monitoring for voltage, current and
temperature thus send SNMP trap when abnormal
event is occurring**
TFTP & Web Firmware Update & System Configure
Restore/Backup; Editable configuration file for easy
mass deployment*
Factory reset bottom can restore all setting back to
factory default and Watchdog design* to automatically
reboot switch when CPU load is too high
DIMENSIONS (unit=mm)
Front View
Side View
Rear View
Top View
Bottom View
Hardware Specification
IEEE Standards
Switch Architecture
Transfer Rate
Packet Buffer
MAC Address
Flash ROM
Network Cable
Optical Fiber
IEEE802.3 10Base-T Ethernet
IEEE802.3u 100Base-TX
IEEE802.3ab 1000Base-T
IEEE802.3z Gigabit fiber
IEEE802.3x Flow Control and Back Pressure
IEEE802.3ad Port trunk with LACP
IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet
IEEE802.1d Spanning Tree
IEEE802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree
IEEE802.1p Class of Service
IEEE802.1x User Authentication (Radius)
IEEE802.1ab LLDP
Back-plane (Switching Fabric): 5.6Gbps
14,880pps for Ethernet port
148,800pps for Fast Ethernet port
1,488,000pps for Gigabit Fiber Ethernet port
8K MAC address table
10/100TX: 8 x ports RJ-45 with Auto MDI/MDI-X
10/100/1000T/SFP Combo port: 2 x RJ-45 + 2 x
100/1000 SFP socket with DDM
RS-232 connector: RJ-45 type
10Base-T: 2-pair UTP/STP Cat. 3, 4, 5/ 5E/ 6 cable
EIA/TIA-568 100-ohm (100m)
100Base-TX: 2-pair UTP/STP Cat. 5/ 5E/ 6 cable
EIA/TIA-568 100-ohm (100m)
1000Base-TX: 2-pair UTP/STP Cat. 5/ 5E/ 6 cable
EIA/TIA-568 100-ohm (100m)
Multi mode:
0 to 5 km, 1300 nm (50/125 μm, 800 MHz*km)
0 to 4 km, 1300 nm (62.5/125 μm, 500 MHz*km)
Single mode:
0 to 40 km, 1310 nm (9/125 μm, 3.5 PS/(nm*km))
0 to 80 km, 1550 nm (9/125 μm, 19 PS/(nm*km))
Min. TX Output:
Multi mode: -20 dBm
Single mode: 0 to 40 km, -5 dBm; 0 to 80 km, -5 dBm
Monitoring **
Power Supply
Overload current
Operating Humidity
Case Dimension
Fan Number
Stability Testing
Max. TX Output:
Multi mode: -14 dBm
Single mode: 0 to 40 km, 0 dBm; 0 to 80 km, 0 dBm
Sensitivity: -36 to -32 dBm(SM); -34 to -30(MM)
Monitoring voltage and case temperature to send out
traps if too high (optional feature)**
Per unit: Power (Green), Power 1 (Green), Power 2
(Green), Fault (Yellow), Master (Green)
8 port 10/100: Link/Activity (Green), Full
duplex/Collision (Yellow)
SFP port: LNK/ACT(Green), 1000T:
LNK/ACT(Green), 1000M(Green)
12V~48VDC(9V~56VDC);Redundant power
connector removable terminal block for master and
slave power; Single -48VDC power input
5% ~ 95% (Non-condensing)
Standard: -20°C~60°C / -4°F~140°F
Wide Operating Temperature for E models:
-40°C~75°C / -40°F~167°F
-40°C~85°C / -40°F~185°F
IP-30, 74(W) x 105 (D) x 152 (H) mm
850 g
Wall mount or DIN-type cabinet install
FCC Class A, CE EN61000-4-2,
CE EN61000-4-3, CE EN61000-4-4,
CE EN61000-4-5, CE EN61000-4-6,
CE EN61000-4-8, CE EN61000-4-11,
CE EN61000-6-2, CE EN61000-6-4
UL(pending), CE/EN60950-1
IEC60068-2-32 (Free fall), IEC60068-2-27 (Shock),
IEC60068-2-6 (Vibration)
9.86 W at full load
5 years
Software Specification
SNMP v1 v2c, v3/ Web/Telnet/CLI
RFC 1215 Traps MIB, RFC 1213 MIBII,
Datasheet Version 1.5 |
Industrial Managed Switches
RFC 1157 SNMP MIB, RFC 1493 Bridge MIB,
RFC 2674 VLAN MIB, RFC 1643 EtherLike,
RFC 1757 Rmon, RSTP MIB,
Show detail info incl.Name,S/N#*, Version,
Production Date*
CPU load monitoring for every 1,5,15 minutes
Display network parameters incl. Mac, IP, Gateway,
Allow adding port description
Pro-RingIIs system covers Single-Ring, Dual Homing,
and Multi-Ring Topologies for network recovery in
less than 20ms up to 50 switches in a ring.
System Information
Pro-Ring IIs
System Log
Bandwidth Control
& Storm Control
Relay Alarm
Port Trunk with
Spanning Tree
Quality of Service
Class of Service
Port Security
Port Mirror
IGMP & Static
IP Source Guard
Login Security
Flow Control
Advanced chain** includes Multi-chain, Cascade
chain and Chain-in-chain.
LACP Port Trunk: 4 Trunk groups/Maximum 4 trunk
Supports LLDP to allow switch to advise its
identification and capability on the LAN
Supports IEEE802.1d Spanning Tree and
IEEE802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree
The quality of service determined by port, Tag and
IPv4 Type of service, IPv4/IPv6 Different Service
Supports IEEE802.1p class of service, per port
provides 4 priority queues
Supports 100 entries of MAC address for static MAC
and another 100 for MAC filter
Supports 3 mirroring types: "RX, TX and Both packet"
Supports IGMP snooping v1,v2
256 static multicast forwarding groups and IGMP
Supports 10 IP addresses that have permission to
access the switch management and to prevent
unauthorized intruder.
Supports IEEE802.1X
Supports Flow Control for Full-duplex and Back
Firmware Update
Factory reset &
Watchdog design**
Pressure for Half-duplex
Supports System log record and remote system log
Supports SMTP Server and 6 e-mail accounts for
receiving event alert
Supports SNTP to synchronize system clock to
Support ingress packet filter and egress packet limit
The egress rate control supports all of packet type
and the limit rates are 100K~102400Kbps(10/100),
Ingress filter packet type combination rules are
Broadcast/Multicast/Unknown Unicast packet,
Broadcast/Multicast packet, Broadcast packet only
and all of packet. The packet filter rate can be set
from 100K~102400Kbps(10/100),
Provides one relay output for port breakdown, power
fail alarm.
Alarm Relay current carry ability: 1A @ DC24V
1. Cold start
2. Link down
3. Link up
4. Authorization fail
5. Abnormal environmental event**
Provides DHCP Client/ DHCP Server/ Port and IP
Provide DNS client feature and support Primary and
Secondary DNS server.
Supports TFTP/Web firmware update, TFTP
backup and restore. White list for TFTP upgrade and
configuration editable file
Factory reset bottom can restore all setting back to
factory default and Watchdog design** to
automatically reboot switch when CPU loading is too
Each port allows importing 128bits of alphabetic
string of word on SNMP and CLI interface
*Future Release
IES-2208CA….………...…....P/N: 8350-451
8 10/100TX + 2 10/100/1000T/Dual Speed SFP Combo Managed Industrial Switch; -20°C to 60°C
IES-2208CA-E…………........P/N: 8350-452
8 10/100TX + 2 10/100/1000T/Dual Speed SFP Combo Managed Industrial Switch; -40°C to 75°C
IES-2208CAM….…….. .…....P/N: 8350-453
8 10/100TX + 2 10/100/1000T/Dual Speed SFP Combo w/Environmental monitoring; -20°C to 60°C
IES-2208CAM-E….….. .…....P/N: 8350-454
8 10/100TX + 2 10/100/1000T/Dual Speed SFP Combo w/Environmental monitoring; -40°C to750°C
DIN Rail Power
 AD1048-24FS
 AD1024-24F
 AD1240-48S
 AD1120-48F
24VDC, 2A, Wide AC Input, Convection Cooled, DIN Rail or Wall Mounted, RoHS, Operating Temp. -20°C~50°C
(ambient, derating each output at 2.5% per degree from 50°C ~ 75°C, which means the output is 18 Watts at 75°C.)
24VDC, 1A, Wide AC Input, Convection Cooled, DIN Rail or Wall Mounted, RoHS, Operating Temp. -20°C~50°C
(ambient, derating each output at 2.5% per degree from 50°C ~ 75°C, which means the output is 9 Watts at 75°C.)
48VDC, 5A, Wide AC Input, Build-in fan Cooled, DIN Rail or Wall Mounted, RoHS, Operating Temp. -20°C~50°C
(ambient, derating each output at 2.5% per degree from 50°C ~ 70°C)
48VDC, 2.5A, Wide AC Input, Build-in fan Cooled, DIN Rail or Wall Mounted, RoHS, Operating Temp. -20°C~50°C
(ambient, derating each output at 2.5% per degree from 50°C ~ 70°C)
 8330-162
 8330-163
 8330-165
MINI GBIC 1000SX (LC/0.5km) Transceiver
MINI GBIC 1000SX2 (LC/2km) Transceiver
MINI GBIC 1000LX (LC/10km) Transceiver
 8340-0591
 8330-166
 8330-169
MINI GBIC 1000LHX (LC/40km) Transceiver
MINI GBIC 1000XD (LC/50km) Transceiver
MINI GBIC 1000XD (LC/60km) Transceiver
Datasheet Version 1.5 |
Industrial Managed Switches
 8330-167
 8330-170
 8330-168
 8330-061
 8330-060
 8330-188
 8330-189
 8330-186
MINI GBIC 1000ZX (LC/80km) Transceiver
MINI GBIC 1000EZX (120km) Transceiver
MINI GBIC 1000T (100m) Transceiver
100Base LX 30KM, Single-mode, LC Transceiver
100Base FX 2KM, Multi-mode, LC Transceiver
LTSFP-1000BX-10KM Transceiver (WDM 1310)
LTSFP-1000BX-10KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
LTSFP-1000BX-20KM Transceiver (WDM 1310)
 8330-187
 8330-180
 8330-182
 8330-181
 8330-183
 8330-184
 8330-185
LTSFP-1000BX-20KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
LTSFP-1000BX-40KM Transceiver (WDM 1310)
LTSFP-1000BX-40KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
LTSFP-1000BX-60KM Transceiver (WDM 1310)
LTSFP-1000BX-60KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
LTSFP-1000BX-80KM Transceiver (WDM 1490)
LTSFP-1000BX-80KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
All part no. with –D are with DDM function
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