HA Stretch Cluster with ATTO and AIC - Open-E

Stretch Cluster with High Availability
A stretch cluster provides a low total cost of ownership (TCO) solution by creating enterprise-class storage services on industry
standard server and storage hardware. This solution with ATTO Technology connectivity, AIC hardware and Open-E
JovianDSS software provides 24/7 uptime with business continuity for real-time, mission-critical applications enabling
organizations to virtualize these applications and maintain high-availability access. Utilizing Fibre Channel to create a highperformance storage area network (SAN) makes sure data is always synchronized between data center sites. It is important
to have reliable, predictable, low-latency links between sites in a stretch cluster; ATTO’s XstreamCORETM and FibreBridge®
storage controllers are building blocks that add enterprise Fibre Channel connectivity to up to 10 shelves of low cost SAS/SATA
drives while introducing up to only four microseconds of latency. When paired with standard JBOD or JBOF enclosures, ATTO
storage controllers represent an foundational data center component – one that companies can use to architect stretch cluster
solutions that enable active site balancing, downtime avoidance and Disaster Recovery with more flexibility and a lower TCO
than native Fibre Channel storage.
Disaster avoidance
Disaster avoidance involves proactive behavior to circumvent an impending storage outage. Even if a partial site failure
occurs, disasters tend to affect an entire site. Disaster avoidance technologies allow for configuration of a host, cluster
or site in a fashion that keeps systems running with minimal interruption.
Downtime avoidance
With downtime avoidance, virtualization technologies can move virtual machines (VMs) or virtual storage with no
interruption to service.
Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery helps to rapidly restore services when there is an unexpected outage and the recovery time is unknown.
High Availability and fault recovery
High Availability technology reduces the length of an outage sustained by a failure and allows for rapid recovery of
system services. High Availability Clusters provide automated fault recovery in a reactive fashion, with VMs restarted
as required to recover from unplanned outages.
Software features
Open-E JovianDSS
Open-E JovianDSS is a ZFS- and Linux-based data storage software designed especially for enterprise-sized storage
• Optional Off-site Data Protection that enables asynchronous replication to local sites or co-locations with consistent
snapshots, secure archiving, encryption and buffering
• Highest quality for mission-critical business needs with ZFS on Linux
• Unlimited scalability and compatibility
• High Availability Load-balanced Cluster for NFS and iSCSI for highest data security with failover
• Warranted data integrity with self-healing check-sums, atomic writes and transactional copy-on-write I/O operations
• Native compression and data deduplication to reduce physical disk usage
• Tiered RAM and SSD cache tier for performance
• Thin provisioning for easy scalability
• Unlimited snapshots and clones that enable easy cloning, versioning and backup
• Unlimited file size
• Independent VIP (Virtual IP Addresses) feature to avoid downtime during maintenance
• VMware vSphere Storage APIs included for data acceleration
• Hybrid storage pools to utilize the I/O performance of SSDs and high capacity of HDDs in a single system
• No backup agents required for Disaster Recovery
Hardware details
ATTO Technology Celerity™ 16Gb Gen 5 host bus adapters (HBA)
ATTO’s Celerity™ products feature Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) latency management and MultiPath Director™
technologies for the most reliable Fibre Channel connectivity. ATTO CelerityTM FC-162E HBA provides:
• Dual-channel 16Gb Fibre Channel HBA that supports for Windows®, Windows Hyper-V, Linux®, Mac®OS X, VMware® and
• 3200MB/s throughput per port in full-duplex mode using x8 PCIe 3.0 host connection
• Backward compatible with 8Gb/s and 4Gb/s Fibre Channel products
• Proven industry interoperability with support for SNIA HBA API
ATTO Technology XstreamCORE™ FC 7500 storage controller
ATTO storage controllers provide high IOPS and throughput, massive storage scalability and extremely low latency to satisfy
application storage needs.
• Connects SAS storage to Fibre Channel SANs with (2) 16Gb Fibre Channel ports and (4) x4 12Gb SAS connectors
• xCORE™ Acceleration Technology moves all reads and writes through hardware acceleration with less than four
• microseconds of latency
• eCORE™ Control Engine adds common, open storage services including data mover, LUN masking, reservations and host
• Up to 3200MB/s sustained transfer rate and 735,000 4K IOPS per controller
• Supports up to 240 direct-attached SAS devices from JBOD/JBOF or RAID arrays
• Supports NPIV and Virtual Fabric
SB202-LB, a 2U 12-bay storage server solution, supports dual Intel® Xeon® Processors E5-2600 v3 and v4 product family.
The backplane is tool-less and is of 12Gb/s SAS.
• 2U 12-Bay storage server
• Supports two Intel® Xeon® Processors E5-2600 v3 and v4 product family
• With Intel® C612 Series Chipset to provide 5+ years product life cycle
• Onboard Baseboard Management Controller for system management and IPMI control
• Front-to-back airflow and hot swap redundant fans to provide optimal thermal conditions
• Two 10 GbE RJ45 ports
AIC J4024-02
• Intelligent Enclosure Management
• Individual drive power management
• Cutting edge performance and scalability
• Expander Self-discovery / Self-configuration (connects Mini SAS port to host or expansion)
• Supports SES-2 (SCSI Enclosure Service)
• Hot-swap design for easy maintenance and management
• Drive trays support interposers
• Adjustable Thermal Profile
• Easy deployment
• Supports Active Bezel
About ATTO
For nearly 30 years, ATTO Technology, Inc., has been a global leader across the IT and media and entertainment markets,
specializing in storage and network connectivity and infrastructure solutions for the most data-intensive computing
environments. ATTO works collaboratively with partners to deliver a wide range of end-to-end, customized solutions to
better store, manage and deliver big data. With a focus toward markets that require higher performance and with a dedication
to working as an extension of customer’s design teams, ATTO manufactures host and RAID adapters, network adapters,
storage controllers, Thunderbolt-enabled devices, switches and software. ATTO solutions provide a high level of connectivity to all
storage interfaces, including Fibre Channel, SAS, SATA, iSCSI, 40/10GbE and Thunderbolt. Distributing its cutting-edge products
worldwide through Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), systems integrators, value added resellers (VARs) and authorized
resellers, ATTO is the Power Behind the Storage.
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Contact us:
ATTO Technology, Inc., The Power Behind the Storage, www.atto.com +1.716.691.1999
About AIC
AIC is a leading provider of both standard OTS, off-the-shelf, and OEM/ODM server and storage solutions. With expert inhouse design capabilities, validation, manufacturing and production, our broad selection of products are highly flexible and
are configurable to any form factor or custom configuration. AIC leads the industry with over 20 years of experience in
mechanical, electronic, system-level engineering as well as a dedication to product innovation and customer support.
Headquartered in Taiwan, AIC has offices and operations throughout the United States, Asia and Europe.
About Open-E
Open-E is a well-established developer of IP-based storage management software. Open-E JovianDSS, Open-E DSS V7
and the free Open-E DSS V7 SOHO are robust, award-winning storage applications which offer excellent compatibility with
industry standards, and are the easiest to use and manage. Additionally, they are some of the most stable solutions on the market
and undisputed price performance leaders. Open-E accounts for over 27,000 installations world-wide and has received numerous
industry awards and recognition. Thanks to its reputation, experience and business reliability, Open-E has become the technology
partner of choice for industry-leading IT companies.For further information about Open-E, its products and partners, visit
For more information please call +1 (678) 666 2880 for US / +49 (89) 800777 0 for Europe, or send an e-mail to
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