Customer Success Story
NaviSite chooses Ensim Unify for its extensibility
and powerful administration interface
Customer Profile
Founded in 1997, NaviSite, Inc.
(NASDAQ: NAVI) is a leading
provider of application,
messaging and infrastructure
management services for
more than 800 customers
comprising mid-market
enterprises, divisions of large
multinational companies and
government agencies.
NaviSite offers hosting
services, site and facility
management, and consulting
services that deliver industrybenchmark quality for
business-critical applications.
Customer Needs
Easy integration with
additional third-party
applications, using standard
Extensible platform for
adding new services and
Out-of-the-box software
solution for Hosted
Exchange 2003 messaging
End-user self-management
through a Web-based
administrative interface
Ensim Solution
Ensim Unify and the Ensim
Service Manager for Hosted
Exchange 2003
"Ensim Unify enabled NaviSite to break its own internal revenue goals
within the first six months with Hosted Exchange 2003. This product
offering has been a great success, and is part of the foundation of our
next-generation messaging business. The Web interface provided by Unify
enables our customers to directly and instantly manage their messaging
services, without the need for technical knowledge or resources. We can
now provide our customers with a solution that is simple, scalable,
responsive and cost-effective."
Will Scott
VP of Products and Services,
Will Scott, vice president of products and services at NaviSite, understood that clearly
differentiating NaviSite's messaging services required a comprehensive Hosted Exchange
2003 solution with robust third-party integration capabilities. He knew that security,
mobility and a powerful administrative interface would be the winning combination for
targeting small- to medium-size businesses (SMBs). However, building such a solution from
scratch would take time, money and resources—three requirements that NaviSite couldn't
fulfill all at once.
NaviSite turned to Ensim and its Ensim Unify solution to automate the provisioning and
management of Windows-based services.
Flexible, feature-rich messaging plans
"When dealing with SMBs, you often find sophisticated customer requests that could
translate into burdensome support calls," says Scott. "We needed to be able to easily
integrate specific third-party applications with our messaging plans to meet our customers'
requirements, but at the same time protect our bottom line."
Using Ensim Unify and standard APIs, NaviSite is now able to quickly, easily integrate specific
applications, such as:
Server and email virus protection
Spam filtering and enhanced reporting
Integrated Blackberry wireless services to support mobile workers
Now NaviSite can quickly meet its SMB customers' diverse needs for full-featured, tiered
messaging, while delegating administration tasks to customers through an intuitive Web
console. NaviSite saves time and money by automating common deployment tasks and
enabling customers to manage their own services. At the same time, its staff is free to focus
on integrating additional value-added services to differentiate NaviSite from the
competition and attract more customers.
Extensible platform that can grow to meet NaviSite's needs
Today NaviSite offers a Hosted Exchange messaging solution to its SMB customers. But Scott
knew that additional Windows-based services, such as Windows Web hosting and
SharePoint services might soon be required. Thanks to Ensim Unify's multi-service delivery
platform capabilities, these Windows-based services are already part of the common
framework and processes available with the Ensim solution. As a result, NaviSite can launch
additional services within a matter of days using its current management interface. This
modular, template-driven solution lets NaviSite accelerate time-to-revenue while
differentiating itself from the competition with each new service it deploys.
According to Scott, "By selecting Ensim Unify with its extensible platform capabilities, we
protected our infrastructure investment."
"With Microsoft Hosted
Exchange 2003, service
providers have the ability to
deploy the most feature-rich
collaboration tool available to
their customers, while Ensim
Unify enables rapid and
centralized delivery and
management of Windowsbased solutions, resulting in
accelerated revenue streams
and increased customer
Ignacio Davila
Product Manager
Hosted Exchange 2003,
Technology Highlights:
Ensim Unify is an extensible multi-service delivery platform for Web and application
hosting. It comes pre-integrated with service managers for Microsoft Hosted
Exchange 2003, Windows SharePoint services, Windows Web Hosting and MS SQL.
Fastest Time to Revenue
Product-based solution provides fastest deployment time
Extensible platform enables quick integration of new services and features
Template-driven solution allows for rapid product changes and targeting of
multiple markets
Lower cost of sales by empowering resellers through delegated administration
means a quick roll-out of distribution channels
Lowest Service Delivery Costs
Reduced risk by easily testing out new services
Automation of all service delivery processes allows IT resources to focus on
strategic initiatives rather than operational issues
Centralization of service delivery into a core platform
Role-based delegated administration allows channels and customers to selfmanage efficiently
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