SM1-P-SS-LN Omni-directional, Ultra Low Noise, High Sensitivity

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SM1-P-SS-LN Omni-directional, Ultra Low
Noise, High Sensitivity Microphone
Highest performance, Omni-directional,
pre-amplified microphone for fixed
location security applications. Ideally
suited for interrogation and interview
 Ultra low noise / high sensitivity
 Adjustable high and low frequency
cut off filters. Useful for reducing
back ground noise.
 Adjustable automatic level control
with a compression ratio range of1:1
to 10:1. The circuit automatically
lowers the gain in loud
environments and when quiet, raises
the gain where faint audio sources
such as people whispering can be
 Universal Power input: Accepts
12-60VDC or 9-42VAC
Connects directly to our switcher /
mixer / amplifiers or use one of our
many interface products to make
fast and clean connections to DVRs
or remote monitoring equipment.
SM1-P-SS-LN Microphone.
Mounting screws.
Warning label.
Installation instructions.
Wiring requirements:
SM1-P-SS-LN Specifications
2 conductor shielded (with drain wire) 22
gauge stranded. Max cable length 1500’
It is the responsibility of the installation
company and end user to install this audio
surveillance equipment in compliance with
state and federal privacy laws. If you are
unfamiliar with these laws, consult a qualified
Omni-directional 25' pickup pattern
Low noise MOSFET pre-amplifier.
80db S/N ratio, -28db sensitivity
500Hz-16Khz Frequency response
(hi-cut and lo-cut off)
Adjustable lo-cut filter: (500hz to 1Khz)
Adjustable hi-cut filter: (5Khz to16Kz)
Adjustable automatic gain control.
(compression range 1:1-10:1).
Adjustable output level (post AGC).
100 Ohm unbalanced output.
Treble boost pre-emphasis.
3 position Euro-style connector makes
cable termination fast and clean.
Power: 12-60VDC or 9-42VAC @15mA.
On-board voltage regulators
and RFI filtering.
Flexible plastic plate mounts flush or on a
single gang electrical box.
Industrial temperature range:
-40C to 105C.
Dimensions: L 4.7” x W 2.9” H 0.9”
Weight .1lbs
Available in most other SM1 form factors.
Warranty 1 year parts and labor.
Available from A1 Security Cameras email:
Made in USA