Digta x415
The dictation machine for all your needs
Digta x415
A new standard in efficient, professional dictation
For those demanding the ultimate in efficient
performance, the range-topping Digta x415 is the new
standard in digital dictation devices.
It‘s wining combination of ergonomic design, slim, stylish
looks and stunning specification make it the every day
choice of professional users everywhere.
• familiar 4-position slide switch (international
version) for one-handed operation
• 64 MB of internal memory for almost 10 hours
of voice recording time in the professional
.dss format; extendable with DigtaCard
• ideally suited for use in network solutions thanks to
predefined workflow functions
• intuitive functions to improve the management and
control of files for both user and transcriber
(i.e. setting of processing priorities)
• directory-based storage to facilitate file organisation
and processing (i.e. according to subject matters in
up to six directories)
• time stamp function for chronological arrangement
of dictations
DigtaStation 445 for fast charging
via mains/charging unit.
• USB interface
– Easy data transfer to the PC
– Power supply via USB
– Use as a PC microphone to dictate directly
on to a PC (USB-audio) and provide online
control of the dictation (USB-HID)
• scanner interface for optional barcode reader and
RFID reader
• rechargeable battery
Digital Speech Processing
Includes DigtaMobile
PC software and …
… with scanner interface for
optional barcode reader and
RFID reader.
www.grundig-gbs.com Infoline: +49 911- 47 58 -246
Digta x415
The Controls
Jack for an external
The Display
Earphone connector
Voice activation on
Recording indicator
Illuminated display
On/Off switch,
Selection buttons*
Navigation buttons*
Record button
Slide switch for
(record, play),
fast forward and
“New” button
(new dictation)
Power supply
Recording in
folder A
Current function
(recorder symbols)
Dictation number
Status bar
Current button
function for
example, edit,
select dictation,
*Label in bottom
display line
Data carrier/folder
Internal memory 64 MB, 1 DSS folder, 5 subfolders A–E,
optional DigtaCard
Illuminated full-graphic display, all functions shown
as symbols, menu with English texts, level indicator,
recording LED
File name
4 characters for author name + 3-digit serial number
fast forward, rewind
4-function sliding switch and recording button
Variable playback speed
Can be switched to approx. 1.5x
On/Off switch with keylock function
Function buttons
New button (new dictation), 2 selection buttons, 2 navigation buttons, label in bottom display line
Edit functions
New dictation, insert in dictation, append to dictation,
insert info/index, set priority, delete dictation, delete part
of dictation, delete info/index, dictation lock (only playback, no changes)
Time stamps in dictations for “Created” and “Dictated”
Menu functions
Folder selection, delete one/all folder(s), microphone
sensitivity for loud dictation/normal dictation/conference, voice activation, automatic standby/switch
off, display illumination, set time/date, reset dictation
counter, show software version, format memory, restore
default settings
Can be edited on PC and loaded to device
Additional dictation
information: author name,
maximum priority, 10 typists,
10 dictation types, 10 groups,
Audible signals
USB modes
PC software DigtaMobile
(as standalone solution)
Readiness for operation after switching on,
low battery, full memory
USB removable storage medium for transferring dictations to and from PC, USB Audio and USB HID for direct
dictating onto the PC with slide switch and key control of
DigtaProfessional dictation software or voice recognition
systems, USB power supply to protect battery
List of dictations on the PC and connected dictation
machine, transfer dictations to the PC by “Drag & Drop”,
or fully automatically with DSS-Mover
Listen to dictations, movement of voice files via
connected mail system (voice mails, with DSS-Player),
configuration of dictation machine
PC software DigtaMobile/N
(as network solution)
Connect the dictation machine to the DigtaSoft dictation
network, transfer all dictations via USB cable from the connected dictation machine to the specified transcriber in the
network at the touch of a button, send selected dictations
on the network or alternatively via connected mail system
(Voice Mails, with DSS-Player),
List of dictations on the PC and the connected dictation
machine, list of dictations sent and received, dictation
status display, list of all authors and transcribers, with their
network and e-mail addresses, accompanying note with author name, dictation type, group, transcription deadline, priority and transcriber, configuration of the dictation machine
DigtaStation 445, USB cable, rechargeable battery 465,
mains unit 475, CD with PC software, pouch
Accessories (optional)
DigtaCard, DigtaDirectMic 741, DigtaConfMic 945,
Foot control 536 for handsfree dictating, DigtaScan 404,
DigtaRFID 414
Firmware upgrades:
Scanner-Interface for DigtaScan 404 and DigtaRFID 414,
Uploading of data lists and dictation allocation
Technical data
Memory medium
Internal hard disk 64 MB with up to 9 hrs. and
40 minutes recording time
File format
DSS, Standard Play
Memory requirement
For 10 min. speech approx. 1 MB
Data rate
Approx. 13.6 kbit/s
Transmission range
300–5500 Hz (voice recognition possible)
Max. output power
140 mW
28 mm diameter
Microphone socket
3.5 mm jack
Earphone socket
3.5 mm jack, mono (stereo headphones can be used)
PC interface
USB 1.1
Rechargeable battery 465
NiMH, 900 mAh
Power socket
Mini USB
Length approx. 127 mm, width approx. 54 mm
(without protruding controls) Depth approx. 21 mm
Approx. 103 g, including rechargeable battery 465
High-quality plastic, Wallstreet silver
WIN 2000/XP, MAPI-compatible mail system,
System requirements for
DigtaMobile and DigtaMobile/N (e. g. Microsoft Outlook), USB 1.1/2.0
Performance features described by Grundig Business Systems apply only when using original Grundig Business System accessories.
Defects due to the use of accessories which are not original Grundig accessories or which do not comply with the legal regulations or
the corresponding standards lead automatically to the expiration of any guarantee rights.
Grundig Business Systems GmbH, Emmericher Str. 17, D-90411 Nuremberg, E-Mail: info@grundig gbs.com, Internet: www.grundig-gbs.com.
In the UK: Grundig Business Systems (UK) Ltd., Suite 5R14 (5th Floor Red Zone), Elstree Business Centre, Elstree Way, UK-Borehamwood WD6 1RX.
Printed in Germany. We reserve the right to make technical changes and improvements. ORDER NUMBER: H. NE 5160/01/06
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