Protect your application and minimize administrative tasks
Put your application resources under the rigorous control of leading security packages used by
most IBM ® z/OS ® and compatible sites with Natural SAF Security. Simplify administration efforts
by managing and authenticating your users against a central security system while maintaining
robust access protections through group profiles in Natural Security.
Ensuring that program functionality is not altered outside of
documented business processes is of utmost importance to
providing application and data security. Reducing the risk of
having unknown transactional updates or data access that
bypasses all the usual controls, requires managing user access
and controls by environment.
Natural SAF Security protects your Natural sessions by combining
security definitions kept in SAF-compliant repositories with
more detailed definitions in Natural Security (NSC). Connected
through group definitions, Natural library definitions and detailed
profiles refine the level of protection.
User authentication
Define users in the external security system and define user
groups in Natural Security, eliminating the need to authenticate
users against multiple security systems.
Key benefits
•Centralize security administration
•Protect against unauthorized access and improper use
•Define application security by environment
•Connect directly with RACF, ACF2 or Top Secret
•Minimize administrative efforts
SAF interface
Minimize administrative efforts by centrally storing profiles in
leading industry-standard security tools, such as IBM RACF ®,
CA-ACF2 ® and CA-Top Secret ®.
Environment check
Control user access based on the environment they are working
from. Define profiles for each system-file combination based on
the system files FNAT, FUSER, FSEC and FDIC. Define conditions
and times of use.
Library protection
Protect libraries via the external security system that may not be
covered by Natural Security.
Robust protections
Leverage both SAF security and Natural Security to restrict the
use of whole libraries and Natural utilities, individual programs,
functions and DDMs.
Natural SAF Security
How it works
Stay connected!
When you use Natural SAF Security, you
only need to define users in the external
security system. Managing the addition
and removal of users from only one
location reduces administration efforts
to maintain security of Natural resources.
Natural-specific security controls are
defined with group definitions in Natural
Security, eliminating the need to manage
users in multiple locations.
By leveraging Natural SAF Security, you
can authenticate the user ID and password
against an external security system then
authorize access to libraries and different
Natural environments through Natural
Security through the SAF interface.
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Combining resource definitions in an
external security system with Natural
Security group profiles provides a more
sophisticated and powerful way to protect
Natural applications.
External Security
SAF Administration
(User profiles)
SAF Server
SAF Security
Security Clip
Natural Security
(Group profiles by
environment & conditions)
Natural Security Layer
Natural Security
Protect against unauthorized access and improper use with Natural SAF Security and Natural Security.
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