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Cash Star™ 9225
Intelligent deposit and cash dispensing ATM
Delivers a flexible range of deposit
and dispensing technology
Cash Star 9225 is an Indoor/Outdoor through-the-wall ATM
designed for high level cash dispensing and deposit transactions.
In addition to normal cash dispensing operations, the
Cash Star 9225 ATM enables cash deposits to be processed
quickly, efficiently offering more convenience for the customer.
By performing banknote validation and secure storage, the
banknote deposit can be credited immediately into the customer’s
account. Simple to use, Cash Star 9225 means that bank
customers no longer need to queue at the teller position to carry
out a routine transaction.
The Cash Star 9225 is the alternative and cost saving self-service
solution for banks that seek to offer value-added performance and
service to their customers within a 24/7 self-service environment.
Glory Global Solutions is a World Expert in cash
management, delivering technology and solutions
that provide security, productivity and innovation to
our customers. These solutions are supported by the
technical expertise of GLORY Group of Japan, the pioneer
in development and manufacture of money handling
machines across the financial, retail, vending machine,
amusement and gaming industries for nearly 100 years.
Across the world, Glory Global Solutions is trusted by
thousands of organisations to ensure their cash is managed
securely and efficiently whilst delivering the ultimate in
productivity. 2,500 professionals, including over 1,300
service and support staff and 350 business partners cover
over 128 countries delivering these solutions – wherever
money moves.
The Cash Star 9225 provides customers with a fast and flexible
intelligent deposit device, offering a wide range of self-service
transactions; such as bill payment (with change), multi-currency
deposit and foreign exchange.
Cash Star 9225
Technical Information
Note dispenser
Bundle delivery of up to 100 notes
Note feeding through friction process
Up to 4 cassettes
Up to 3000 notes per cassette
Cash acceptor/
Support for 400 valid denominations in 50
different currencies;
Accepts and validates 100 notes per transaction
Processing speed – 6 notes per second
Escrow – 100 notes with unsorted storage
Stacking deposit cashbox – Up to 3,000 banknotes
with unsorted storage
15.1" TFT colour LCD
Anti-glare filter
Vandal Proof protection in laminated glass
Function display keys or optional touch screen
PIN pad
PCI certified
Card reader
Magnetic stripe and chip cards support
EMV 4.0 certification
Optional anti-fraud features
(anti-skimming and/or anti-fishing)
Receipt printer
Direct thermal printing method
Service interfaces
10.4" VGA colour LCD
Journal printer
Cash Star 9225 delivers one of the highest levels of up-time on market,
integrating 2 independent cash modules to providing maximum
availability 24/7.
and signage
LED bar for service banner
Activity light indicators for the different peripherals (green)
Integrated advertising panel
Private and business customers alike benefit from the advantages
offered by the Cash Star 9225. Simple handling, ease of operation,
latest security technology and a high level of availability are just a few
characteristics that distinguish this model.
Operating system
Windows® platform
Enhanced security
The Cash Star 9225 was designed for a compact and interactive
environment to provide a superior customer interface.
This ATM is protected with a range of anti-fraud and physical security
solutions; including fraud-resistant cash dispenser and card reader,
awareness mirror, privacy screen, encrypting PIN pad, security camera
and several safe lock options, as well as support for the most common
ink-dye solutions.
Maximising staff time and increased revenue opportunities
The Cash Star 9225 reduces time spent on manual cash handling,
therefore freeing valuable staff resources to focus on cross-selling
opportunities and customer service. Intelligent deposit transactions
have fewer errors, less fraud and reduce the cost of back-office
processing, whilst improving branch efficiency.
The large 15.1" LCD screen allows the terminal to be used as
an advertising vehicle, thus increasing revenue and reducing cost
of ownership.
Peripheral interface XFS Service Providers
Physical security
UL 291-Level 1 safe
Time-delay electronic lock
Support for seismic sensor
Door-open, bolt sensors
Vandal proof structure
TTW indoor/outdoor installation
Rear-service equipment
Floor-fastened installation
Heating kit for low temperatures
Power supply
220 – 240 VAC (@ 50Hz – 60 Hz)
Maximum Consumption: 3.0 A
(H × W × D)
1945 × 847 × 1138 mm
Fascia (W×H): 847 × 1180 mm
Wall aperture (W×H): 700 × 1040 mm
950 Kg
Touch screen
Sunlight viewable display (high bright)
Privacy filter
Portrait security camera
Headset audio jack
ATM’s colour customisation
847 mm
1180 mm
1945 mm
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