ACOS6 Multi-Application &

ACOS6 Multi-Application & Purse Smart Card Software Development
ACOS6 is a high speed and flexible smart card which offers cost effective solutions. It is
specifically designed to address the requirements of multiple applications and multiple epurses with secure access hierarchy of multiple levels. Each application can be protected by
individual secure environment which ensures independent security of each application.
ACOS6 allows multiple secure e-purses which are suitable for a wide range of applications
for government services, payment applications, online top-up and loyalty programs, etc.
The ACOS6 Multi-Application & Purse Smart Card Software Development Kit (ACOS6
SDK) is designed for professional developers who are interested in developing your
application on ACOS6 and ACOS6-SAM. With the useful tools and user-friendly user
interface, the Development Kit can greatly reduce your R&D time, cost and time-to-market.
You will be able to learn the ISO7816-4’s file structure on ACOS6 from various tools.
Moreover, card personalization is greatly simplified with the help of ACOS6 personalization
scripting tool and Scripting tool plus. Development is facilitated through the use of ACS
unique tool - ACS Card Tool and it allows you to send commands directly to any PC/SCcompliant smart card readers and cards.
ACOS6 SDK Contents
ACR38 Smart
Card Reader
with SAM slot
USB Full speed interface to PC with simple command structure
Read and write all microprocessor cards with T=0, T=1 protocols
Support most of the popular memory card types in the market
Short Circuit Protection
RoHS Compliant
Certificate of conformance: EN 60950/IEC 60950, ISO-7816, PC/SC,
CE, FCC, Microsoft WHQL, EMV 2000 Level 1 certified
Support ISO-7816 Class A, B and C ( 5V, 3V, 1.8V ) cards
1 Full-size Card Slot and 1 SAM-size Card Slot
Test Cards
5 ACOS6 Multi-Application & Purse Smart Cards
5 ACOS6-SAM Secure Access Module Smart Cards
5 ACOS3 Microprocessor smart cards
o ACR38-SAM drivers support Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP,
Vista, Vista 64.
ACOS6 Demo program
o It is a Demonstration program to show the APDU command
in every action between ACOS6, the terminal and ACOS6
SAM in real application.
ACOS6 Personalization Scripting tool
o Allows you to build personalization script quickly with easy
understanding to construct data objects themselves under
ACOS6 Script Tool Plus
o Allows you to load the scripts into smart card built by
personalization tool for personalization.
ACS Card Tool
o Allows you to send commands directly to any of PCSCcompliant smart card reader and cards including ACOS6 and
ACOS6-SAM cards.
o Allows you to check if you have properly installed your ACS
PC/SC Learning Tool
o Allows you to send commands to any PC/SC compliant smart
card reader, and to any ISO7816 T=0 compliant smart card. It
teaches you how to use the PC/SC APIs step-by-step and what
parameters to use.
Sample Codes
o Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic.NET, Visual C++, Borland
Delphi, Java, C#
Reference Manuals
Technical Specifications