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17-ppm Print Speed
Network Faxing & Scanning
1200-dpi Resolution
n et wo r k a b l e m u lt i fu n c t i o n s ys t e m s
High-performance Multifunction Systems that print across the
network at 17 ppm while faxing, scanning, copying...
Making technology more usable makes business more
productive. And Canon is uniquely prepared to present you
with easy-to-use Multifunction Solutions to help your business run more smoothly and more productively. Canon is the
pioneer in Multifunction Office Systems, and offers the widest
range of Multifunction Solutions. Plus, Canon has been
Number One in Laser Facsimile for 10 years in a row and a
world-leader in the manufacture of laser printers.
With MultiSpot, workgroups can easily print to
the LASER CLASS 3170 Series.
With a LASER CLASS 3170 Series
Multifunction System, everyone in your
workgroup has the power of a highvolume Canon Laser Facsimile machine:
Super G3 Technology, improved image
quality, a 70-sheet document feeder, a
17-ppm laser printer, 1200-dpi resolution, large document memory, and a
30-scan-per-minute scanner. What’s
more, any LASER CLASS 3170 Series
Multifunction System can be upgraded
with MultiSpot™ to manage your document needs across the network.
The LASER CLASS 3175MS, the top
of the LASER CLASS 3170 Series, comes
with a PCL ®6 Printer Board with a
Parallel Port and supports a PostScript® 3*
Option for both PC and Macintosh ®
users. Right out of the box, it’s a highvolume, stand-alone Fax and a 17-ppm
local laser printer to which you can
add Network Printing or the Dual Line
Option**. As your needs grow, you can
choose from the following configurations for the LASER CLASS 3170 Series:
• Stand-alone Fax with Local Printer
– PCL6 Printer Board
• Stand-alone Fax with Network Printer
– PCL6 Printer Board, 10/100Base-T
Network Printer I/F Board
• Network Fax/Scanner/Printer
– MultiSpot™
• High-volume Dual Line Option
n et wo r k a b l e m u lt i fu n c t i o n s ys t e m s
LASER CLASS technology
M u l t i S p o t™ p u t s
multifunctionality on your network
The MultiSpot™ solution adds true
Network Printing, Network Faxing and
Network Scanning to your LASER CLASS
facsimile machine.
As with Canon’s exclusive top-loading
FX-6 Cartridge, which comes standard
with all LASER CLASS 3170 Series models,
the design of Canon’s LASER CLASS
Multifunction Systems combines minimal
user-maintenance with superior reliability.
Canon’s Super Fine Toner, RAPID Fusing
System™ and 17-ppm Canon engine also
deliver the high performance and reliability that have made Canon the Laser
Facsimile leader for so many years. And
the LASER CLASS 3170 Series’ 1200-dpi
printing is enhanced by Automatic Image
Refinement Technology, resulting in superior
image quality.
Standard/Maximum Paper
Standard/Maximum Memory
Super G3 Dual Line †
Parallel and Network Printing
Network Faxing and Network Scanning
500, 100/1,100
Up to 192 Pages▲▲/
Up to 704 Pages▲▲
Up to 448 Pages ▲▲/
Up to 704 Pages ▲▲
Up to 448 Pages ▲▲/
Up to 704 Pages ▲▲
Optional Parallel and
Optional Parallel and
Standard Parallel and
Optional Network Printing Optional Network Printing Optional Network Printing
Canon’s Super Fine Toner particles
provide excellent grayscale images
and eliminate rough-looking edges.
† User may select either the Dual Line Option or MultiSpot, but not both.
Optional when 10Base-T MultiSpot Network Printer Board is installed; not available for 100Base-T Option.
▲▲ Based on ITU-T No.1 Chart (Standard Mode).
Super G3 fax speed
Super G3 Technology significantly
reduces phone line charges. A typical highvolume user can save over $10,000 during
a five-year period ‡ if upgrading from an
older, conventional fax machine. This is
because Super G3 Technology transmits at
approximately 3 seconds per page ■, half
the time of ordinary G3 machines. Plus,
Super G3’s JBIG compression is far more
efficient than MMR technology, especially
when transmitting halftones.
The FX-6 Cartridge loads easily.
n et wo r k a b l e m u lt i fu n c t i o n s ys t e m s
Easy productivity
Canon multifunction systems save
time. With InstaScan, documents are
scanned at approximately 30 scans per
minute so users spend minimal time at the
facsimile machine. And, even as the first
pages are being scanned, Quick On-Line
Transmission begins fax transmission
without delay.
The user-friendly, easy-to-read Control Panel
makes all functions easily accessible.
P a p e r, m e m o r y a n d p r o d u c t i v i t y
Canon’s 17-ppm print speed and
Print-in-Order output allow you to read
lengthy faxes sooner—without having to
rearrange the pages. Face-down, Print-inOrder output increases productivity.
Both the LASER CLASS 3175MS and
LASER CLASS 3175 come standard with
7MB of memory (up to approximately 448
pages▲▲). Paper capacity is a huge 1,100
sheets, stored in two 500-sheet, Frontloading Cassettes that are user-adjustable
for letter or legal paper. A MultiPurpose
Tray holds 100 letter, legal or A4 sheets.
Wi t h 3 M B o f m e m o r y s t a n d a rd ,
t h e L A S E R CLASS 3170 stores up to
approximately 192 pages▲▲ of data. Its
600-sheet capacity is held in a 500-sheet,
Front-loading Cassette, user-adjustable for
letter or legal paper, and a 100-sheet
MultiPurpose Tray, user-adjustable for
letter, legal or A4 sizes. Each Multifunction
System is upgradable to 11MB memory
(up to approximately 704 pages▲▲), comes
standard with an FX-6 Cartridge, and has
a 12-hour Battery Backup so you can confidently send and store lengthy documents.
The two adjustable, 500-sheet,
Front-loading Cassettes on the
LASER CLASS 3175MS/3175 provide
a generous paper capacity.
U H Q™ V I i m a g e q u a l i t y
Automatically send superior images with
Canon’s exclusive UHQ VI digital image
processing, which distinguishes graphics
from text on outgoing documents. With
64-shade Grayscale and Edge Enhancement,
photos and graphics transmit with depth
and clarity.
Fax image transmitted with
Canon’s exclusive UHQ VI.
Fax image transmitted
Service and support
Canon maximizes your fax uptime
through one of the largest sales, service
and support networks in the United States.
The Canon network provides prompt service and manufacturer-trained technicians
who have access to a Technical Assistance
Center (TAC), so you can always be confident you made the right decision.
n et wo r k a b l e m u lt i fu n c t i o n s ys t e m s
Choose your productivity options,
from Dual Line Faxing to Network Printing
The LASER CLASS 3175 and
LASER CLASS 3170 are hardworking, stand-alone facsimile
systems that let you choose
how you want to increase productivity. The LASER CLASS 3175
is an especially powerful
Facsimile for your business’
high-speed, high-quality, highvolume fax needs. It prints
incoming faxes at 17 ppm with
600-dpi resolution, comes with
a 70-sheet Automatic Document
Feeder and FX-6 Cartridge, and
has a convenient front-access
If you need the productivity
of two fax machines in one, simply add the Super G3 Dual Line
Option† to the LASER CLASS 3175
and LASER CLASS 3170. The
Dual Line Option gives you
twice the faxing power: send
two faxes at once, receive two
faxes at once, or send and receive
faxes simultaneously. Walk-up
users can even select which
line they want to send from.
On top of that, you have the
alternative of adding 17-ppm,
1200-dpi resolution, local or
Network Printing, and the additional option of Network PC
Faxing and Network Scanning.
Applicable Line:
Document Feeder:
Scanning Method:
Document Sizes:
Effective Scanning Width:
Data Compression
Modem Speed:
Transmission Speed:
Printing Method:
Printing Speed:
Receiving Resolution
Ultra Fine Mode:
Desktop Transceiver
Public Switched Telephone Network
Up to 70 Letter-sized Sheets
Up to 30 Legal-sized Sheets
Up to 20 Ledger-sized Sheets
Contact Image Sensor, Face-up Scanning
Maximum: 11" x 39.4" (279mm x 1000mm)
Minimum: 5.8" x 4.1" (148mm x 105mm)
10" (254mm)
Approx. 1.3 sec./page (LTR, Standard Mode)
Approx. 30 scan/min. (LTR, Standard Mode)
16.8/14.4/12.0/9.6/7.2/4.8/2.4 Kbps
Automatic Fallback
Approx. 3 sec./page■ (V.34 33.6 Kbps + MMR)
Laser Dry Electrostatic Transfer
Approx. 17 pages/min. (Letter)
64 shades of gray
406 pels/in. x 392 lines/in.
(16 pels/mm x 15.4 lines/mm)
Super Fine Mode:
203 pels/in. x 392 lines/in.
(8 pels/mm x 15.4 lines/mm)
Fine Mode:
203 pels/in. x 196 lines/in.
(8 pels/mm x 7.7 lines/mm)
Standard Mode:
203 pels/in. x 98 lines/in.
(8 pels/mm x 3.85 lines/mm)
Effective Recording Width: 8.5" (216mm)
Recording Paper Supply:
LASER CLASS 3170: 600 Sheets
(1 x 500-sheet Letter/Legal Cassette;
100-sheet Letter/Legal MultiPurpose Tray)
LASER CLASS 3175/3175MS: 1,100 Sheets
(2 x 500-sheet Letter/Legal Cassette and one
100-sheet Letter/Legal MultiPurpose Tray)
Receiving Paper Tray:
Face-down, Print-in-Order: 300 Sheets
(100 Upper, 200 Lower)
Recording Paper Size:
Enhanced Imaging Quality: UHQ VI (Ultra High Quality)
Enhanced Printing Quality: 600-dpi Smoothing for incoming faxes
Printing Resolution:
1200 dpi
Printer Cartridge:
FX-6 Cartridge Included
Cartridge Yield:
Approx. 5,000 pages◆
Monthly Print Volume:
65,000 Prints
Power Consumption
Approx. 20W Max. (LASER CLASS 3170/3175)
Approx. 26W Max. (LASER CLASS 3175MS)
Energy Saver:
Approx. 15W Max. (LASER CLASS 3170/3175)
Dimensions: (H x W x D)
LASER CLASS 3170: 18.4" x 19.7" x 20.0"
(467mm x 501mm x 508mm)
LASER CLASS 3175/3175MS: 23.1" x 19.7" x 20.0"
(588mm x 501mm x 508mm)
57.3 lb. (26kg)
(Excluding Handset Option) LASER CLASS 3175:
72.8 lb. (33kg)
LASER CLASS 3175MS: 74.1 lb. (33.6kg)
Environmental Conditions: Temperature: 50°F - 90.5°F (10°C - 32.5°C)
Humidity: 20% to 80% RH
Automatic Dialing
One-touch Speed-dialing: 72 locations
Coded Speed-dialing: 128 locations
Group Dialing: Up to 199 groups
Each group can accommodate up to
199 locations (pre-programmed Speed-dials)
Maximum Dial Digits: 120
On-hook Dialing
Manual Dialing with 10-button Keypad
Automatic Redialing
Redial times: 15 times
Redial interval: 2-99 min.
Manual Redialing
Tone Dialing Key
Pause Key
Delayed Transmission:
Up to 210 destinations with up to 70 reservations
Memory Polling Transmission
Polling Reception
Multi-Polling: Up to 210 locations
Delayed Polling: Up to 200 locations
Up to 5 designated times per Speed-dial
Daily Delayed Multi-Polling
Continuous Polling
LASER CLASS 3170: (3MB) Total up to 192 pages▲▲ (2 open slots)
LASER CLASS 3175/3175MS: (7MB) Total up to 448 pages▲▲ (1 open slot)
LASER CLASS 3170 (2 open slots)
+2MB: Total up to 320 pages▲▲
+2MB+2MB or 4MB: Total up to 448 pages▲▲
+2MB+4MB: Total up to 576 pages▲▲
+4MB+4MB: Total up to 704 pages▲▲
LASER CLASS 3175/3175MS (1 open slot)
+2MB: Total up to 576 pages▲▲
+4MB: Total up to 704 pages▲▲
Sequential Broadcast: Up to 210 locations
(200 pre-programmed Speed-dials)
Relay Broadcast: Up to 200 locations
Delayed Relay Broadcast:
Up to 5 designated times per Speed-dial
Relay Broadcast Command
Delayed Relay Broadcast Command
Batch Transmission:
Up to 200 destinations
Up to 5 designated times per Speed-dial
Transmission to Confidential Mailbox
Confidential Mailbox: Up to 50 boxes
Canon Express Protocol:
Closed Network (Canon Mode: Activated by service personnel)
Receiving Restriction
Password and Subaddress (ITU-T Standard)
Confidential Mailbox
Relay Broadcast
Auto Receive Reduction (70% – 100%)
Speaker Monitor
Automatic Receiving
Remote Reception by Phone
Dual Access:
Tx Reservation during Rx
Tx Reservation during Memory Tx
Memory Rx during Copy
Memory Tx during Copy
Transmission Reservation: Up to 70 reservations
Quick On-Line Tx
LCD: 20 digits x 2 lines (Liquid Crystal Display)
Department Access Code: Up to 19 codes
Restrictive Access Code: Up to 19 codes
Local Copy Function: Multiple copies up to 99 pages
Program Button
Memory Lock Reception
Battery Backup: 12 hours
Rx Document Multiple printout: Up to 99 pages
Rx Page Footer
Activity Report (Up to 40 transactions)
Non-delivery Report
Management Report:
List of phone numbers for One-touch and
Coded Speed-dialing
List of transaction schedule
User Data List
File Reference
TTI (Transmitter Terminal Identification)
TTI Selector: Up to 19 Identifications
RTI (Remote Terminal Identification)
33.6 Kbps Dual Line
PCL®6 Printer Board (LASER CLASS 3170/3175 only)
PostScript® 3 PS Module I
Network Printer I/F Board I
MultiSpot Network I/F BoardII
MultiSpot Document Distribution System
Memory: 2MB, 4MB
Printer Memory: 4MB, 8MB, 16MB
500-sheet, Letter-sized Cassette (LASER CLASS 3170 only)
Duplex Unit
Envelope Feeder
Telephone Handset
* PostScript 3 Module is optional.
** Dual Line Option may coexist with Parallel Port and
10/100Base-T Network Printing.
† User may select either the Dual Line Option or MultiSpot,
but not both.
▲▲ Based on ITU-T No. 1 Chart (Standard Mode).
‡ Source: Based on a study of V.34 phone bill savings prepared by
Davidson Consulting, 1997.
■ Approximate 3-second-per-page fax transmission time based on
ITU-T No. 1 Chart (MMR, Standard Mode) at 33.6 Kbps modem speed
when transmitting to another V.34 machine. The Public Switched
Telephone Network (PSTN) currently supports 28.8 Kbps modem
speeds or lower, depending on telephone line conditions.
◆ Based on 4% original, 5% coverage.
All LASER CLASS 3170 Series models are shown with optional handset.
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UHQ and RAPID Fusing System are trademarks of Canon Inc. IMAGEANYWARE
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