Software Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

Software Licensing
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a software license?
A. A license is the right to use a particular application or service on a single computer.
What is the difference between a license agreement and a boxed piece of software?
A. Boxed software is for retail sales on a one-at-a-time basis. It includes the license, the
media (disks), and the documentation. A license agreement is used when you need to
get software on multiple machines at the lowest cost.
Does the license include disks, CDs and documentation?
A. No, the license fee includes none of these things. The license is a right to copy and
use the software on a computer. If you want your own media or printed
documentation, you will have to purchase that in addition to the license. These can be
purchased at the same time from the same source as the licenses.
How much do you save on a license?
A. It varies widely by vendor and product but the typical license is less than 50% the cost
of a boxed product.
Why a Provincial license?
A. By entering into Provincial agreements with software vendors we get an additional
10% to 20% off the price districts could receive. Most Provincial licenses are based
upon 5,000 to 20,000 unit prices. A typical educational volume license is 70% off the
boxed educational price and may be purchased one at a time.
What do licenses cost?
A. Typical price ranges for licenses depend on the type of software:
Software Type
Server Software
Major applications
Single purpose software
Client Licenses
On-line services
NT Server, Filemaker Unlimited
Office, Pagemaker, Filemaker
Word, Inspiration, Outlook, Encarta
Norton Utilities or AntiVirus
McAfee Antivirus, Exchange CAL
Britannica, Grolier’s
Price Ranges ($)
< 0.50/user(FTE)
A staff member in my department has asked to get MS Office, Appleworks and
Claris HomePage. Where can I order just licenses for these products?
A. Products from Microsoft, Corel, and Filemaker can be purchased through the
Provincially identified Large Account Resellers (LARs) so Office (Microsoft) and
Homepage (Filemaker) could be purchased from them. Apple products (hardware
and software) are purchased directly from Apple. Any additional agreements may use
the resellers or a direct channel.
How do I get in touch with Large Account Resellers (LARs)?
A. Three resellers are identified through a competitive bid process and are in place for 2
years. Districts will typically select one of these resellers to handle orders for Corel,
Filemaker, and Microsoft products. The resellers are:
240-730 View Street
Victoria, B.C. V8W 3Y7
Phone: 250 953-2100
Fax: 250 953-2110
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130-4320 Viking Way
Richmond BC V6V 2L4
Phone: 604 214-4339
Fax: 604 270-2440
1220 West 6th Avenue Suite 101
Vancouver, BC V6H 1A5
Phone: 604.732.9000
Fax: 604.738.2870
How do I get in touch with Apple Canada?
A. For all Apple information and services: The Education Source toll-free line is 1-800800-APPL (2775).
If I license a software title, do I receive new versions free?
A. No. The license entitles you to receive updates which fix program errors and may add
minor program features. New releases of the software program, called upgrades, are
not covered in the license.
May I use software on different computers over a network so long as I never use
more copies concurrently than the number of copies licensed?
A. No. Your software copies may not be shared concurrently by different computers. You
must acquire and dedicate a license for each computer which will be using the
software. Although you may run the software from an internal network, each computer
which has access to the software from such network requires its own license.
Can software, bought for the school through educational licensing, be used at a
teacher’s or student’s home?
A. Generally No. Individual rules will vary by vendor and product. You should not to do
this unless there is an explicit statement or you are in possession of a letter from the
vendor allowing this.
Does it make sense to buy the upgrade or maintenance on licenses?
A. That is difficult to say. Maintenance agreements are for a specific time and allow you
to receive all upgrades during that time. Compare the cost of the Maintenance versus
the cost of simply re-licensing the program at a later date. Do you believe that there
will be more than one upgrade released during the remainder of the contract term?
Do you have funds today which may not be available in the future?
Is there a return policy?
A. The Large Account Resellers servicing our agreements will have a policy on this.
Please ask them prior to placing any orders.
Our department wants to use MS Word 2000 on three computers in the office. Do we
need three licenses? Do we need three sets of media?
A. You must have a license for each computer upon which the software is copied and/or
executed, so you will need three licenses. You do not need a set of media for each
computer. In fact, we provide program installation services from a central network
server so that you can install the software without any media at all! If you want to
purchase media, you will only need one set since your licenses give you the right to
copy it to the other computers.
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Let’s say I need MS Word for one computer and MS Excel on another. May I license
MS Office and install Word from Office on one computer and Excel from Office on
the other?
A. No, you may not. A licensed software product cannot be broken down into
components and installed on separate computers. The license applies to a single
When I get a new computer to replace the one I am using today, can I move the
software to it? Do I need to notify anyone?
A. Your license allows you to copy and use the program on one computer. You can
move the application software to a different computer only if you remove it from the
prior computer.
Can I purchase a new machine that doesn’t have an operating system pre-installed
and obtain the operating system through the Select Program?
A. No. It is important to note that all new machines should come with a bootable
operating system pre-installed (i.e., Windows, MacOS,. Linux, etc.). For example, a
customer who has an OEM version of Windows 95 pre-installed on a new machine is
eligible to acquire a Windows 98 Version Upgrade or he/she may acquire a Windows
NT Workstation Competitive/Product Upgrade. The Select 4.0 Program only offers
upgrade licenses, so the customer cannot acquire a "naked" PC and install a full
operating system license under any Microsoft Volume Licensing Program.
Our department has an older machine that came pre-installed with MS-DOS and
Windows 3.1 and we then acquired a Windows 95 upgrade license via the Select
Program. When we get rid of this machine, could we remove Windows 95 from that
machine and then transfer the Windows 95 upgrade license to a different machine
within our department?
A. No. Under Select, operating system licenses are tied to the machine on which they
are first installed. If you acquire a Windows 95 upgrade license via Select and then
install Windows 95 on a given machine, the license is then tied to that machine and
may not be transferred to another machine, regardless of whether or not the Windows
95 software is removed from the original machine.
Can I get telephone support from Microsoft?
A. No. Microsoft does not provide telephone support to Select program licensees. As a
large organizational user, we are expected to support ourselves. If you are
contemplating a purchase for which telephone support is a key issue, then you will
have to buy outside of the Select program.
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