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IT Asset Management Datasheet
See, Track, and Optimize the Value of an IT Asset Over its Entire Lifecycle.
You’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on
technology for your organization, but are you getting the
most out of your IT investments? By collecting inventory
data and tracking contract status’ throughout the lifecycle
of an asset is critical. Capturing your asset data in one
location enables better management and tracking of
hardware, software, licenses, tickets history, and even
non-IT assets.
Samanage IT Asset Management software offers powerful
tools and capabilities in a single, web-based platform
that tracks your organization’s hardware and software
inventory, including computers, servers, laptops, mobile
devices, networking equipment, and virtually any other
technology asset.
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Figure 1 The user profile card allows you to see all the assets allocated to an individual employee at your organization.
“With Samanage, we can quickly generate a report for
each department manager providing them the detailed
information needed to analyze their assets.”
“Having POs, contracts, and warranties under one roof in
Samanage and connected to the right asset is something
that we never had before."
IS Manager, Engineering Industry
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Drive service success with a better understanding of how your IT assets support your business and users.
With Samanage, You Can:
See All of Your Assets
Many companies struggle
to see all of their hardware
and software inventory, asset
owners and assignments, and
location information in one
• Track and tag over 200 different
hardware properties, software
titles, and user and location
history from your Windows,
Apple, and ChromeOS devices.
anage your IT assets in
real-time, enabling you to
understand the relationship
between incidents and assets
through an integrated
service desk.
• Consolidate contract and
license information in a central
location, identify expiration
dates, reference historical
contract data, and ensure
software license compliance.
Manage Your Assets
Without effective tools and
processes to manage the
asset lifecycle, IT teams are
limited in their ability to track
critical vendor data, purchase
orders, warranties, terms, and
• Consolidate and track all ITrelated assets and equipment,
such as networking equipment,
printers, or even office furniture,
as well as contracts and
purchase orders.
• Save time and keep records
up-to-date in a single location,
by compiling vendor data,
warranty, lease terms, and
Get Work Done
Determining how assets,
services, and processes support
the business is critical to IT.
Unauthorized software can
create security risks and slow
xpedite break-fixes and
changes within service desk
tickets by automatically
capturing and gathering each
asset's incident history.
• Identify compliance and security
risks for your IT assets through
a comprehensive, quick-toretrieve repository.
• Reduce business risk by alerting
IT of potential software security
problems and threats.
• Create and share content
through an integrated
knowledge base, reducing
resource requirements and
increasing productivity.
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