Competitive Face-off Xerox® Phaser® 3320 vs. HP® LaserJet® Pro

Competitive Face-off
Xerox Phaser 3320 vs.
HP LaserJet Pro M401
The convenient, value-packed Phaser 3320 delivers superior desktop productivity with the
latest office technology advantages. Although the HP LaserJet M401 offers many of the same
features, the Phaser 3320 delivers better ease-of-use, superior media flexibility and a wealth of
other advantages.
With the Phaser 3320, customers get:
• Excellent value
• Superior media flexibility
• Better performance
• Legendary ease-of-use
Xerox® Phaser 3320
HP LaserJet Pro M401
Excellent value
M401dn: $349
M401dw: $399
Media Weights:
Bypass Tray: 16 lb. bond to 58 lb. cover
Tray 1: 16 lb. to 43 lb. bond
Media Weights:
Bypass Tray: 16 lb. to 43 lb. bond
Tray 1: 16 lb. to 32 lb. bond
Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity
No built-in Wi-Fi on DN model – users must
purchase the DW configuration for $399.
Earth Smart settings in the print driver
automatically reduce paper and toner
consumption; and checking printer status is
only a click away.
No Earth Smart settings in the print driver and
checking printer status requires several more
steps as well as opening a web browser.
The Phaser 3320 offers more value, with a higher duty cycle, built-in Wi-Fi,
standard duplexing and better media flexibility.
Superior media flexibility
The Phaser 3320 better supports diverse workgroups by handling
heavy paper and a variety of media media types from the tray, such as
cardstock and glossy paper.
By contrast, the HP printer lacks heavy-media support from the main tray,
so users must rely on the 50-sheet bypass tray
Built-in Wi-Fi
The Phaser 3320 offers standard internal Wi-Fi connectivity, giving users
the freedom to put their device where it’s needed most.
Superior print driver
The Phaser 3320 print driver is designed for total ease-of-use. It includes
Earth Smart settings to reduce paper and toner consumption, and allows
fast, easy monitoring of the printer’s status.
In addition, the Phaser 3320 driver installs quickly and gets users printing
much faster.
* Prices are U.S. ERP.
This document is for training purposes only.
Users will be up and printing in just over 4
minutes (4:26) when installing the Phaser
3320 print driver.
Users are forced to wait an exceptionally long
time before they’re able to print. Installing
the HP M401 print driver took over 20
minutes (23:44 & 22:04 respectively) on two
different PCs – that’s far too long!
Competitive Face-off
Xerox Phaser 3320 vs. HP LaserJet Pro M401
Excellent real-world performance
A Smart Driver
Although both machines have similar specifications, the Phaser
3320 printer outperforms the HP LaserJet M401 in real-world office
The Phaser 3320 print driver makes saving paper and toner as simple as
selecting Earth Smart settings. Blank pages are skipped, toner is saved, and
all output is printed 2-sided; and if the default settings need to be slightly
adjusted, it’s easily done on the Earth Smart tab. In addition, users are
only one click away from checking the status of their printer, keeping them
Product specifications
Xerox® Phaser 3320
HP LaserJet M401
Print speed (up to)
37 ppm
35 ppm
600 MHz
800 MHz
Memory (std / max)
128 MB / 384 MB
256 MB / 256 MB
Duty cycle (up to)
80,000 pages /
50,000 pages /
Paper capacity (std)
250 sheets
250 sheets
Real-world performance*
Xerox® Phaser 3320
HP LaserJet M401
PDF file
11 seconds
18 seconds
MS Excel file
8 seconds
10 seconds
PDF file
45 seconds
54 seconds
1 minute, 46 seconds
1 minute, 55 seconds
The HP LaserJet M401dn gives users the ability to select duplex printing to
cut down on paper usage, but selecting toner save is on a different tab, there’s
no ability to skip blank pages, and users must know to select the Services tab,
then select the appropriate option to get status information…which also
opens a web browser (and might be disabled in some environments).
And users selecting the services tab hoping to find some way to check the
status of their printer will be disappointed. The only options available
take users to HP’s website for online diagnostic tools, support and
troubleshooting, product manuals, and driver updates. There’s no ability to
check the status of the printer from the print driver.
Phaser 3320 Print Driver
* Tested using industry standard PageSense performance measuring software
** Suite consists of various office files with lengths of 1 page to 13 pages, all sent to printer at one time.
HP LaserJet M401 Print Driver
This document is for training purposes only.
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