MB400/MB500 Series
The versatile A4 mono MFP delivering seamless
integration for your document workflow
Duplex print, copy, scan, fax
Prints A6 to 210 x 1321mm, up to 163gsm a
1 – 25 users
Outstanding features to support
your day-to-day print, copy,
scan and fax requirements
The MB400/MB500 Series offers
choice and flexibility to suit differing
needs and budgets
Versatile A4 mono MFP’s offering outstanding performance,
quality and seamless integration into document workflow
The MB400/MB500 Series are user-friendly with clear
displays, intuitive menu systems and dedicated function
Thanks to OKI’s smart extendable platform (sXP) the
customisable 7” touch screen of the MB492dn and
MB562dnw can be used with third party software solutions
such as Drivve Image or PaperCut, as well as bespoke
document solutions. The powerful document management
software SENDYS Explorer comes as standard with the
MB492dn and MB562dnw to capture, convert and distribute
documents with ease.
Sharing is easy and worry free with Gigabit Ethernet
networking together with encrypted secure print and scan
functions standard on all models.
High capacity toner cartridges keep running costs and user
interventions low. Advanced power management reduces
energy consumption while noise reduction mode ensures
these MFP’s are perfect for quiet working environments.
Automatic double-sided copying, printing, scanning and
faxing saves paper and deliver professional output as
The MB400/MB500 Series are based 100% on energy
efficient LED Technology and are a fast and cost effective
alternative to multiple machines, combined in one
ergonomic ultra reliable device. For extra peace of mind, you
can benefit from OKI’s unique 3 year warranty at no extra
cost by registering your product within 30 days of purchase.
Whichever model you choose the MB400/MB500 Series
offer a range of speeds, functionality and running costs to
answer your business needs.
This affordable, professional wireless multifunction
printer with its 33ppm print speed does not compromise
on performance or print quality. Easy to use, it has a
3.5” graphic display, intuitive menu system and QWERTY
keyboard to simplify data and email address entry.
Choose the toner to suit your business needs, standard 3k
toner or high capacity 7k toner with lower running costs.
This small workgroup wireless multifunction printer
delivers super fast 45ppm print speeds, a high monthly
duty cycle and standard 630 sheet paper capacity
handling demanding workloads with ease. The 7” colour
LCD touch screen, intuitive menus system and enhanced
help function make the MB562dnw the perfect choice for
busy workgroups.
Designed for more demanding users, the MB492dn
delivers faster 40ppm print speeds and a 12k toner
cartridge for even lower running costs. The 7” colour
LCD touch screen improves usability with handy help
functions and can be fully customised to meet your
business needs.
MB400/MB500 Series
features at a glance
Print, Copy, Scan, Fax
Print, Copy, Scan, Fax
Print, Copy, Scan, Fax
Display Panel
3.5” Graphical LCD
7” colour LCD touch screen
7” colour LCD touch screen
250 + 100
250 + 100
530 + 100
Print speed
Paper capacity (standard)
with optional paper tray
Card Release
Release print jobs with Card
Release and select document
from your print queue.
Automatic duplex
printing, copying, scanning
and faxing as standard
Reverse Automatic Document
Feeder (RADF) for simple,
efficient and cost effective
handling of multi-page, single
and double sided documents.
Direct printing
and scanning
Print directly from or scan
directly to a USB stick without
the need of a PC providing
added flexibility and
improving user efficiency.
Cost saving, high
capacity toners
High capacity toner
cartridges reduce total
cost of ownership and
user intervention.
User friendly and
easy to operate
Customisable 7” colour LCD
touch screen, intuitive menu
system and enhanced help
functionality; place frequently
used functions on the home
screen for quick and
easy access.
Perfect for high
volume print jobs
With paper capacity of up
to 1,160 sheets*, you can
support your high volume
print requirements in-house.
Flexible media handling
Print on a wide range of
media sizes and weights,
from A6 to 1.3m long
banners and up to 163gsm,
with the auto-sensing 100
sheet multi-purpose paper
feed tray (MPT).
Functionality to
improve your
productivity and
Automatic duplex
printing, copying,
scanning and faxing
All models come with a 50-sheet
Reverse Automatic Document Feeder
(RADF) as standard for quick and easy
copying, scanning and faxing of double
sided documents.
Ergonomically designed including user
friendly and intuitive displays to quickly
guide the user through each task. Job
Macro function records and instantly
recalls frequently used tasks for highly
efficient working.
2 to 1
1 to 1
1 to 2
Built on award winning technology, you can expect sharp,
accurate and reliable printing.
High Definition LED colour scanner provides a range of
functions that improve workflow and productivity in the workplace.
• High resolution mono printing for professional business
• Fastest in class with print speeds of up to 45ppm and
4.5 seconds to first print - perfect for time critical print jobs
• Fast scan speed of up to 37.5ppm
• 50 sheet RADF makes light work of multi-page, single and double
sided documents
banners/spreadsheets/gantt charts
• Paper capacity of up to 1,160 sheets, keeping user intervention
to a minimum
• LDAP provides direct access to contact and email data from an
existing directory server, saving time and improving the reliability
of document delivery
• Job Build function enables a number of different documents to be
scanned to create one single document output
• Scan directly to: USB, Network folder, email, FTP Server for fast
and versatile document storage and management
• Release print jobs with Card release and select document from
your print queue
FTP folder
LED scanning and printing, deliver superior copy quality for
clear, accurate and fast results.
Enhanced fax functionality, delivering Super G3 speed
with intuitive controls that improve efficiency and
document management.
• Multi-page documents, single or double sided, are handled
with ease
• Forward faxes to another fax machine
fax to
• Forward faxes directly to an email address
ID card copy
• Fast, high quality black and white copy output
• Job Macro function enables the user to programme frequently
used copy settings
single sided
• Fax documents directly from or to your PC
ID card
• ID Card copy for simple copying of double sided ID cards on
a single sheet
• Background removal allows user to eliminate artefacts copied
from glass or media on printed output
• Edge removal automatically cleans up images
• Block junk faxes to reduce printing costs
• Save time with up to 40 one-touch buttons and 300 speed dials
to retrieve regularly used numbers
network folder
• Store and view incoming faxes on 7” display prior to printing,
to save paper
scan to
• QWERTY keypads make sending emails simple
• Auto sensing multi-purpose tray for printing on a wide variety of
media sizes and weights
• Super G3 speed enables faxes to be sent and received at
high speed
single or double sided colour
• Save scan settings for repeated tasks
• Ultra-reliable 1200 x 1200dpi digital LED print technology
• Encrypted Secure Print function for protected printing to ensure
document confidentiality
single or double sided mono
• USB and network TWAIN scanning (PC and Mac)
• Duplex printing as standard – reducing paper consumption and
enabling the production of business documents in-house
2 to 2
double sided
• Document collation automatically sorts copies of multi-page
documents, saving you time
collated copies
single copies
Improving efficiency
and reducing
environmental impact
One of the most environmentally
conscious A4 mono MFPs on the
market, incorporating a wide range
of features to help your organisation
reduce its energy consumption,
impact on the environment and
ongoing costs.
Consolidating multiple devices into one
Reducing toner usage
Bringing together several devices into
one efficient device reduces:
• Energy usage – saving you money and
the environment
• Consumables consumption
• Toner Save function – reduces the
amount of toner used when printing
draft or internal documents
• OKI offers customers a free
consumables recycling programme.
Currently 97% of all materials
returned through the scheme
are recycled
Reducing power consumption
• 100% based on LED technology that
inherently consumes less energy
• Eco Mode – improves throughput
performance and reduces energy
• Deep Sleep Mode – reduces energy
consumption to less than 1.9W
• Quiet mode - reduces noise levels and
energy consumption
Duplex printing, copying, scanning and
faxing as standard
• Reduces paper usage
• Enables printing professional
documents in-house
Advanced fax functionality reduces need
for printing
A range of fax features can help to
reduce fax print volumes, saving energy,
consumables and telecom costs:
• Send a fax to any PC on the network
without the need for printing
• Store and view incoming faxes on 7”
display1 prior to printing to save paper
• Blocking junk faxes to prevent
unnecessary printing
• Internet fax reduces telecom costs
Usability of the MB492dn and MB562dnw are further improved with a user-friendly 7” colour LCD touch screen.
Mobile Printing
Today’s mobile workforce is now able to print
wirelessly while on the go from any laptop, tablet, or
smartphone. MB400/MB500 Series are compatible
with Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print.
For further information on mobile printing visit our dedicated
web page www.okieurope.com/mobileprinting
The MB400/MB500 Series allows secure PIN printing,
encrypted Secure Print and User authentication.
OKI’s Open Platform
sXP (smart Extendable Platform) at the
heart of your business productivity
The MB492dn and MB562dnw come with sXP, an open platform
to help streamline your document intensive business processes.
This web services based platform enables seamless integration
of these smart MFPs with your bespoke system or 3rd party
solutions, for example, SENDYS Explorer, PaperCut MF and
Drivve Image. This ensures that your document capture,
distribution, management and output is efficiently executed
and implemented, improving the productivity of your staff.
Software Development Kit (SDK) support enables rapid
development of embedded solutions.
Software and Utilities
Smart PrintSuperVision
For the management and control of
networked printers and MFPs
Provides visibility and control of your
organisation’s print spend
Dedicated function
buttons take you quickly
and directly to the desired
mode of operation
Customise your
home screen
to put frequently
used functions
at your fingertips
for fast efficient
Built into the device
With a powerful reporting structure, sPSV
allows IT managers to manage devices and
troubleshoot any problems without user
intervention, providing complete control and visibility of all
printers, regardless of make or model, across your network.
Bringing ease of use to your fingertips
Job Macro function allows
users to record and re-use
key sequences to speed up
frequently used operations
Integrated solutions to enhance your print
and document workflow
Gain visibility and control of print usage
within your organisation, allowing you to
restrict access to individuals or groups and
manage printing and copying within defined cost limits.
sPSV also provides you the ability to report on usage
across the network, capturing information on volume,
paper size, media type and consumables usage.
keyboard to
simplify data
and email
address entry
Integrated Solutions
SENDYS Explorer enables the user to convert documents and
distribute or upload to a chosen location, providing greater
flexibility to edit, access, print, retrieve and share files.
Document capture: From MFP, smartphone/
tablet, desktop web interface and email.
Document conversion: Transform scanned
documents into a wide range of editable formats
Document hub: Distribute scanned files.
Direct-Print: Any document scanned or retrieved
from the cloud directly from the MFP panel,
smartphone/tablet or web interface.
SENDYS Explorer goes beyond document workflow capabilities.
Accounting and Pull-Printing: Its optional Output Management
connector allows the administrator to manage all users’
print, copy and scan jobs, as well as, protecting document
confidentiality whilst reducing costs and environmental impact.
Enhanced help function
for handy, on screen
graphic and text
Store and view
incoming faxes prior to
printing to save paper
Go Mobile: All of the above functionalities are accessible through
a smartphone/tablet app
Business Printing Specialists
OKI’s printer division is a global business-to-business brand dedicated to creating cost effective, professional
in-house printing solutions which are designed to increase the efficiency of today’s and tomorrow’s businesses and
their workflows. As pioneers in innovative print technologies from digital LED to High Definition Colour, we have a
portfolio of award winning products and solutions enabling businesses to achieve both image focused, vibrant, quality
print communications and budget flexibility.
OKI presents a full range of A3 and A4 colour and mono printers and MFPs, for workgroups and businesses of all sizes
with superior media-handling capabilities. In addition our fax, POS and dot matrix printers complete our range of print
solutions. These best in class products are designed to be easy to use making the job of in-house print easier.
3 Year On-Site Warranty
As part of the OKI Group’s Charter of Corporate Conduct, OKI continually
reviews its efforts to provide environmentally sound
solutions to its customers:
Our devices are manufactured to the
highest standards of quality and
Our products are designed and manufactured with
reducing the impact on the environment in mind.
g Increasing the amount of our hardware products and consumables that are recycled is one of our strategic objectives.
gWe feel responsible for conducting our business
in an environmentally sound manner, contributing
to conservation and activities within our local
products that we are offering you an extension of the
Considering the Environment
OKI’s Green Leaf symbol, found on all products and
packaging, represents our total commitment to
collection, recycling and environmental processes.
Energy Star
Our printers and MFPs have earned the Energy Star by helping to eliminate
energy waste through particularly energy-efficient
designs. They use less energy to perform regular
tasks. When not in use, they automatically enter a
powersave mode and product features such as, duplex
printing, further reduce the wasting of energy and
paper resources.
technology, which has been confirmed by independent
tests. We are so convinced of the high quality of our
standard warranty period to 3 years at no extra cost
to you. Simply register your product within 30 days of
purchase. For further information please visit:
20 years of LED Technology
OKI pioneered the development of digital
LED technology in printers over 20 years ago. This
innovation delivers High Definition printing – for more
accurate, striking printed documents. Thanks to this
digital LED technology, our printers are compact,
environmentally friendly and energy efficient, using
significantly less raw materials in the manufacturing
process and consuming less energy. LED print heads
have no moving parts, making our LED printers robust
and ultra reliable.
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Egham Surrey, TW20 0HJ.
T +44 (0)20 8219 2190
F +44 (0)20 8219 2199
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MB492dn and MB562dnw only
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