Application Note
Upgrading Coding
The challenge
Older technologies for date and lot printing
have many challenges: intermittent running
time, poor print quality, higher maintenance
costs, slower print speeds, and coding errors
caused by human error. In addition, they are
more cumbersome to startup and shutdown.
The Videojet advantage
Videojet is a leader in Continuous Ink Jet
printers (CIJ), the printing technology of
choice in many dairy applications. Our 1000
Line CIJ printers routinely achieve 99.9%
availability*. Featuring simple ink loading,
great print quality – even in changing
temperatures and high speeds – and virtually
error-free code selection, reliable operation is
ensured. CIJ prints legible text on countless
packaging materials; plastic and glass bottles,
metal cans, aseptic packaging, and plastic,
paperboard, and flexible film containers.
*Results of 99.9% availability obtained from a
survey of customers representing over 400 printers
on active production lines. Over half of the
surveyed customers experienced 100%
availability. Individual results may vary.
Safeguarding production efficiency and product safety is critical given the short shelf
life of many dairy products. Printing clear, readable codes helps ensure that retailers
and consumers can safely purchase, manage, and consume your products. The latest in
Continuous Ink Jet printer technology provides operational benefits by increasing uptime,
reducing errors, simplifying operations and improving flexibility to changing needs.
Improve uptime, save money, and gain agility
Uptime is critical in dairy production. Many code printers require expensive compressed air
that requires filtering to remove harmful impurities like moisture and oil. Additionally, the air
must be installed, which adds cost to line expansions and re-configurations. Videojet’s 1000
Line printers do not require compressed air, leading to the potential savings of hundreds of
dollars per year, per printer.
The Videojet 1000 Line of printers incorporate an IP65 rated design within a 316 stainless
steel enclosure. They are ideal for washdown applications, and since they do not require
compressed air, there are fewer associated maintenance costs, and printer mobility is
Changing environmental conditions within a dairy facility can be troublesome. Temperature
fluctuations can alter print characteristics leading to poor print quality and missing
information, both of which can require product rework or product disposal. The Videojet
1000 Line printers manage the printing process with our Dynamic Calibration™ System. The
printer continuously monitors and adjusts ink consistency to produce great print quality,
even as the printing environment changes.
Virtutually no mess, no waste, no
mistakes – easier daily operation
Don’t waste time maintaining the printer – use
your time running your line instead. Many
older printers require operators to add fluid to
internal canisters or to load fluid bottles inside
disorganized printer cabinets. Fluid spills are
common, messy, and incur costs for clean-up.
Accidentally loading the wrong fluid can lead to
poor codes, costly printer service, and having to
dispose of inaccurately coded products.
Fluids for the Videojet 1000 Line printer are
contained in simple-to-load, sealed Smart
Cartridges™ which easily slide into the printer
cabinet. The sealed cartridge helps ensure no
volatile chemical spills or odors, and lowers the
amount of fluid lost to evaporation. Each Smart
Cartridge™ includes chip that the printer reads
when the cartridge is installed, reducing errors and
helping to ensure that only the correct fluids are
consumed by the printer.
The damp dairy environment can alter printing
operation as water is ingested into the ink system.
Water in the ink system affects ink stability,
causing altering of ink droplet flight and clogging
of the printhead. This clogging leads to poor
print quality, printer problems and increased
maintenance. Videojet’s ink recycling system filters
unused ink and by design, reduces the risk of water
entering the system.
Delivery of consistent and accurate codes is critical to preventing product waste. Many
production lines require operators to set up and select the correct information at the start
of each batch. Videojet’s Code Assurance solution can virtually eliminate the potential of
costly operator errors during code set up or selection. In fact, with our CLARiSUITE™ solution,
printers can be integrated into your production management system, eliminating the need
for human set up.
Satisfy conflicting business needs
With many demands on your operation, your printers can become the focal point of
your competing business needs. Sales needs more products to satisfy growing consumer
demands, marketing needs stylish packaging to attract consumers, regulators need
traceability of your products, and production needs to produce quality product. Speed,
quality, and more information, in less space, are all challenging with older printing
Videojet’s UHS (Ultra High Speed) printers can help you meet your diverse needs and can
code 40% faster than conventional printers at a higher dot density. The UHS printer’s
higher print density gives your packaging team more options for printing more information
on new or existing container designs.
Additionally, the UHS printer’s higher resolutions allow you to incorporate multi-line
codes, which can also be printed in bold, to simplify how you present information to your
consumers. And with its higher printing speed, this can be done without slowing production.
As packaging designs shrink (driven by growth in single serve products), the higher print
resolution also allows you to print legible codes with the same information in a smaller
space. This helps you to avoid printing versus packaging trade-offs.
Range of fluids to meet printing requirements
With the wide variety of container materials used in the dairy market, it’s important
that you select the correct fluids for each application. Depending on the dairy
production environment, fluid selection may change to better compensate for
temperature and humidity.
The 1000 Line offers a wide array of inks and fluids. General purpose fluids adhere
well to a variety of substrates, including glass and plastic containers and metal cans.
For high humidity environments and products with light surface condensation, we
have designed fluids with adhesion properties that excel in these environments.
Additionally, Videojet offers food grade rated inks that can come in contact with food
and be printed directly on the product.
Videojet designs and tests its CIJ fluids in our fluid development center in North
America. Ink formulations are manufactured in Videojet facilities in different
regions of the world to ensure convenient supply chain availability to our customers.
Ink production is managed in GMP compliant facilities to help ensure consistent
production, batch after batch.
Current code
Same speed, more lines
of content
Same speed, content bolded
for better legibility
CIJ on metal can
The Bottom Line
Our 1000 Line CIJ printers are easier to
operate, are more reliable, cause fewer
mistakes, and have greater uptime – all
great reasons to upgrade:
More consistent operation with
our Dynamic Calibration™ system,
lowering the occurrence of scrap and
rework, saving money.
Simpler operation with our Smart
Cartridge™ fluid system that virtually
eliminates the mistakes, rework and
financial loss associated with other
fillable ink systems.
Greater flexibility to meet your
organization’s many needs with our
higher print quality and higher speed
UHS printers.
Improved operational ease. Simple
integration with your operating
systems and the CLARiSUITE™ printer
management solution virtually
eliminates printing the wrong code.
Same speed, more
horizontal content
Same content, character
pitch reduced to save
packaging space
CIJ on plastic cap
Printing options in varying content windows.
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