“Organizations are looking more and more to
the SQL Server platform to support their mission
critical applications. Quest Management Suite
for SQL Server removes the manual and timeconsuming aspects of day-to-day database
management and allows DBAs to focus on
ensuring the availability and performance in
their environment.”
—Kevin Kline
President, Professional Association
for SQL Server (PASS),
Microsoft SQL Server MVP
Quest® Management Suite
for SQL Server
Essential Tools for Efficient SQL Server Management
With SQL Server now supporting more and more business critical applications, DBAs are becoming
responsible for more data and more servers. Responsibility for larger volumes of business critical data
places DBAs under increased pressure to efficiently manage their growing database environments.
The Quest Management Suite for SQL Server addresses the daily challenges of managing a database
environment that is growing exponentially both in volume and complexity. This integrated set of
•Supplies tools to manage key
areas of database management
(backup and recovery,
performance diagnostics,
capacity and resource planning,
and change tracking)
•Offers backup and recovery
SQL server tools supports the primary tasks that DBAs report are their top priorities:
• Managing SQL Server backup and recovery operations efficiently
• Diagnosing and resolving SQL Server performance issues
• Tracking database changes on any SQL Server in an environment
• Automating the process of capacity and resource planning
Easy to install and implement, the solution includes four key products:
strategy that best suits the
• LiteSpeed™ for SQL Server Enterprise – Advanced backup and recovery
applications you support
• Spotlight® on SQL Server Enterprise – Real-time performance diagnostics
with LiteSpeed
• SQL Watch™ – 24x7 SQL Server change tracking
•Provides a real-time view of
• Capacity Manager for SQL Server – Automated storage and resource planning
database health and performance
Effectively administer and manage
metrics with Spotlight on SQL
your database while ensuring
Server Enterprise
security, availability and performance
•Eliminates the guess work in
of your SQL Server environment —
capacity planning (disk and server
all in one solution and from a
resources) with Capacity Manager
single vendor
•Tracks all changes made to your
database with SQL Watch
LiteSpeed™ for SQL Server Enterprise
Advanced Database Backup and Recovery
LiteSpeed™ for SQL Server Enterprise enables you to reduce storage costs and SQL Server backup and
recovery times. It provides a low-impact, high-performance compression and encryption tool, while giving
you complete control over the backup and recovery process. With LiteSpeed you can optimize backup and
recovery operations by:
• Reducing backup file sizes by up to 95 percent • Increasing backup and restore performance up to 70 percent faster than native tools
System Requirements:
• Creating log shipping plans in the LiteSpeed Enterprise Console for compressed and encrypted log files Supported Platforms:
• Saving time required for full database recovery with its unique table and row level recovery
• SQL Server 2000 (32 and 64-bit)
• Speeding the user through a full multi-point restore, while ensuring data integrity
• SQL Server 2005 (32 and 64-bit)
Client Minimum Software:
• Windows 2000 (SP 4),
Spotlight® on SQL Server Enterprise
Real-time Performance Diagnostics
Windows XP (SP 1 or 2) or
Spotlight® on SQL Server Enterprise is an easy-to-use performance monitoring solution that can
Windows Server 2003
simultaneously monitor multiple databases in real time without the use of an agent. DBAs can use it
• SQL Server 2000 Client Tools
to discover, diagnose and resolve performance problems quickly and efficiently within their SQL Server
environments. With Spotlight on SQL Server you can:
• View live database and operating system activity in a single interface • Respond faster to performance problems with the help of real-time alerts • Identify the underlying causes of SQL Server performance bottlenecks • Collect data for short-term diagnostics and long-term storage
SQL Watch
24x7 SQL Server Change Tracking
SQL Watch tracks and identifies all database changes in your SQL Server environment to improve security,
availability and performance. With SQL Watch, you can:
• Respond to alerts about changes to the metadata of the SQL Server database
• Report the details of the changes for tracking and auditing via a powerful GUI
• View historical change data
Capacity Manager for SQL Server
Storage and Resource Planning
Capacity Manager for SQL Server is a tool that gives you an enterprise view of SQL Server resource and
storage utilization allowing you to effectively plan for future hardware requirements and ensure the most
efficient use of existing assets. With Capacity Manager, you can:
• Forecast database capacity requirements based on current growth rates of instances, databases, objects, CPU, memory, and I/O • Reclaim unused space and augment database storage • Manage all filegroups and datafiles from one interface • Identify and correct fragmented objects, either in real time or schedule for the future • Create, alter, and delete table partitions in SQL Server 2005 through a user-friendly interface
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