EMS Series
The ETL listed Energy Management System is designed to automatically reduce exhaust and supply airflow
quantities while still completely capturing & containing heat and smoke generated by the cooking appliances.
Exhaust and supply fans modulate between factory set low speed, while the appliances are idling, and high speed.
This modulation is dependent on the duct temperature sensed. A 100% airflow override button is also supplied with
an adjustable timer that is factory set at 30 minutes.
The modulation of the fans between low and high speed is adjusted by variable frequency drives. The
use of variable frequency drives allows for a 20% reduction in airflow at the appliance idle
temperature. The modulation of the fans during cooking operation allows for maximized energy
savings versus a fan running on high speed during the same cooking period.
An adjustable, fully modulating temperature sensor is mounted in the exhaust duct and monitors the exhaust air
temperature. The sensor then works in conjunction with a panel mounted temperature controller. The EMS panel is
capable of controlling up to four inverter duty motors.
Standard Features and Benefits
Full capture and containment of heat loads while still reducing energy costs
20% reduction in fan speed equates to a 48% reduction in fan energy costs
100% Airflow Override button with a fully adjustable timer
Controls up to (4) 5HP inverter duty motors
Low Maintenance – Monthly temperature probe cleaning only
Adjustable Set-Points Include: Fan Low Speed, Fan High Speed, Fan Activation Temperature, Fan High
Speed Temperature, and Ramping Rate
Meets the requirements of IMC 507.2.1.1. which require exhaust fans to activate when cooking appliances are
Installed in Exhaust Hood utility cabinet and can be factory wired. Panel can also be wall mounted.
Fully modulating Digital Temperature Control
Option Code Description
Standard EMS Wiring Package.
Exhaust on in Fire.
Exhaust on in Fire, Gas Valve Relay.
2 (18) amp contactors on with fan switch, exhaust on in fire.
Exhaust on in Fire, Lights Out in Fire.
Exhaust on in Fire, Lights Out in Fire, Gas Valve Relay.
Cooling Thermostat and Relays to control Condenser. Exhaust on in Fire.
Exhaust on in Fire, Lights out in Fire, Audible Alarm.
Outside Air Damper Control with Exhaust on in Fire (0-10VDC signal & Condensing unit Stage
two interlock)
Panel accepts a 120V signal to start fans. No fan switches supplied. Works with ESP, AM-2 and
TAC unit. Exhaust on in Fire.
Exhaust in Fire, Exhaust and Supply Proving, Connection to Heater.
Exhaust on in Fire, 2 (18) amp contactors ON with fan switch and ON in Fire.
Hot Water Wash with Exhaust on in Fire.
Hot Water Wash and OAD Control with Exhaust on in Fire (W4 + JT)
Hot Water Wash with Exhaust on in Fire and Lights Out in Fire.
CORE PROTECTION with Hot Water Wash and Exhaust on in Fire.
Hot Water Control, Exhaust in Fire. Controls only. Use with AM-2 M40000D Panel.
Models Available
EMS101XX – 1 Exhaust Fan
EMS111XX – 1 Exhaust Fan, 1 Supply Fan
EMS201XX – 2 Exhaust Fans
EMS211XX – 2 Exhaust Fans, 1 Supply Fan
EMS301XX – 3 Exhaust Fans
EMS311XX – 3 Exhaust Fans, 1 Supply Fan
EMS401XX – 4 Exhaust Fans
The EMS Model has been certified by ITS. This certification mark indicates that the product has been
tested to and has met the minimum requirements of a widely recognized (consensus) U.S. and
Canadian products safety standard, that the manufacturing site has been audited, and that the
applicant has agreed to a program of periodic factory follow-up inspections to verify continued
Model EMS Series are ETL Listed under file number 3132576CRT-001a and comply with UL508A Standards and
CAN/CSA C22.2, No. 14-05 Standards.
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