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soctober 2011
The Most Feature Rich, Wi-Fi Networking and Web Server
Module, running Linux OS and IPV6 from Lantronix
PremierWave™ EN delivers a new dimension of Wi-Fi
networking with the highest levels of security to virtually
any device or electronic product. It provides affordable
connectivity in a compact form factor, enabling OEMs to add
Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet networking to their products on a
single PCB design.
The PremierWave™ EN offers antenna diversity with a
combination of external or onboard chip antenna options.
Adding 802.11 a/b/g/n solution with selectable Dual Band
Radio (2.4GHz or 5GHz) increases connection reliability.
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T/R switch in WLANs, Bluetooth and medium-power
telecommunication applications
The AS213-92 is a medium power IC FET SPDT switch in a
low cost miniature SC-70 6 lead plastic package.The AS21392 features low insertion loss and positive voltage operation
with very low DC power consumption. This general purpose
switch can be used in a variety of telecommunications
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Micro Vibration Sensor
The micro vibration sensor records motion and vibrations through a goldplated, moving micro-ball. Together with application-specific electronics
for signal evaluation, this sensor controls the operational status of
motion sensitive equipment. Due to its small size, the sensor is suitable
for use in very small electronic devices.
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Low-Noise-Figure GPS LNAs in an Ultra-Small WLP Package with
Autosensing Bypass Switch
The MAX2674/MAX2676 are ultra-small, high-IP3, low-noise amplifiers
(LNAs) designed for GPS L1, Galileo, and GLONASS applications.
Designed in Maxim's advanced SiGe process, the devices are also
equipped with an autosensing feature for applications that enable the
use of external antennas. These high-performance LNAs provide high
gain and an ultra-low noise figure while optimizing the input-referred
2dB compression point and 3rd-order intercept point.
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Feature Comparison of the DS323x Real-Time Clocks
Read more here.
Maxim, a leader in real-time clocks (RTCs), has designed several devices to meet
the needs of the ever-demanding RTC market. These products provide
completely integrated, extremely accurate, and temperature-compensated RTC
solutions. Much of a RTC's accuracy is dependent on the crystal accuracy across
temperature. Thus, temperature compensation of the crystal characteristics
allows for higher accuracy on these devices.
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