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[Immediate Release]
October 30,2009
Launching new Canon Easy-PhotoPrint for iPhone Free Application
Link up PIXMA and iPhone for Easy Photo Printing
Canon is pleased to launch out the new Easy-PhotoPrint for iPhone (Canon iEPP) Free Application*,
provide users the ideal printing solution. With Canon iEPP, users can print photos easily on a
compatible PIXMA photo printer from iPhone / iPod touch via a local wireless network (Wi-Fi).
* Canon iEPP can be downloaded at iTunes App Store.
Easy & user-friendly steps
Easy-PhotoPrint for iPhone allows users to select images, size of sheets, paper type and printout
setting and enabling perfect printouts with just a few clicks. The application also supports starting
iPhone camera directly and instantly print captured photos and have Canon's "Enjoy Photo Shoot· Print· Share" comes true.
Print out pictures stored in iPhone I iPod touch:
Select application
Select images
Print after confirm settings
Shoot and Print (iPhone only) :
Thumbnail index
Camera shooting
Preview screen
Print setting
Delighting You Always
Compatible models
PIXMA MP996 / MP648 / MP568
iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS / iPod touch
as 2.21
or above
Compatible Print Setting
Media type \ Media Size
Plain Paper
Photo Paper Plus Glossy II
Photo Paper Pro II
Pro Paper Pro Platinum
Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss
Photo Paper
LetterIA414"x6" IB51A5 15"x7"IS"x10"
Supported Network Structure
iPhone 3G/ iPhone 3GS
/iPod Touch
Delighting You Always
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Canon Inc. (TSE:7751 / NYSE:CAJ) was founded in 1937 in Japan. Its predecessor, Precision
Optical Instruments Laboratory, produced Japan's first 35 mm focal-plane-shutter camera in 1934,
called the Kwanon. Canon Inc. eventually expanded into the photocopying and printing industries,
launching Japan's first plain-paper copier in 1970 and the world's first inkjet printer in 1985. With
over 70 years of experience in imaging products manufacturing, Canon's global revenue currently
stands at US$44.9 billion (as of 31 December 2008). The extensive resources it devotes to
research and development has made Canon one of the U.S. imaging industry's top technology
patent-holders, and the only manufacturer across the globe to offer both input and output device
solutions to the world's various imaging needs.
Established in 1971, Canon Hongkong Company Limited (CHK) is responsible for the sales,
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adheres to Canon's corporate philosophy, kyosei, which in essence motivates staff to proactively
strive for harmonious coexistence with other citizens through participation in various social and
charitable activities. Furthermore, CHK is proud to adopt internationally recognized management
systems, having become certified in conformance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
between 2003 and 2005. CHK was also COPC-2000® CSP Standard certified in 2006.
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