Unit 1 Installation
Unit Objectives
Given a realistic scenario depicting a new site install, the learner will be able to install and setup the trifecta coffee
brewer for customer turnover without error.
Given a new trifecta, all the necessary tools and safety equipment, the learner will be able to install the brewer without error.
The learner will be able to verify that the site requirements have been met.
The learner will be able to locate and document the serial number.
The learner will be able to hook up the water supply.
The learner will be able to hook up the electrical supply.
The learner will be able to power on the brewer.
The learner will be able to perform initial setup.
Site Requirements
• trifecta dimensions are 23” H x 12” W x 12” D
• Weight 35 lbs
• 1/4 male flare fitting
• Dedicated water supply with shut-off
• Connected to cold water supply
• Water pressure 20-90psi, 50psi if regulator is needed
• 120VAC, 2 wire plus ground
• Dedicated 15Amp circuit breaker
• Receptacle within 5 feet of the brewer
Location of the Serial Number
The serial number is located on the data plate which is located on the
inside of the brewer. The serial number half tag can be found underneath
the switch panel.
Water Supply Installation
Step 1: Flush water lines.
Step 2: Securely attach 1/4” water supply line to the elbow.
Step 3: Secure the water supply line and power cord under the retainer strap in any of the three locations as needed.
Step 4: Turn on the water supply.
Water Line and Power Cord Entrance Locations
trifecta™ Training Manual
Electrical Install
Step 1: Use a voltmeter to verify the correct voltage supply.
Step 2: The brewer must be disconnected or unplugged until specified in the initial setup section.
Optional Drain Hook-up
Step 1: Remove the drip tray and the chrome plug from the base.
Step 2: Drill out the auxiliary outlet on the drip tray with a 1/2” drill bit.
Step 3: Secure a 5/8” hose to the drip tray; routing it through the
opening in the base assembly.
Step 4: Connect the hose to the drain line as needed.
Step 5: Install the drip tray.
Initial Setup
Step 1: Install the check valve.
Step 2: Install the clear brew chamber, brew cup and then lock into position.
Step 3: Place an empty container under the brew chamber.
Step 4: Connect the brewer to the power source.
Step 5: Press the brew start switch and allow the water to flow into the brew tank. Some excess water will flow into the receiving container.
Step 6: Wait approximately five minutes for the water in the tank to heat to the proper temperature. The display will read “HEATING” until the tank reaches it’s operating temperature. Some water will drip from the brew
chamber during this time; this is due to expansion and should not occur thereafter. Any excess water in the brew chamber will be purged automatically at the end of the initial setup.
Step 7: Water volumes and flow settings have been preset at factory default. Refer to the “Adjusting Brewing
Parameters” section of the “Installation & Operating Guide” if the parameters need to be adjusted.
Step 8: If the instruction in this section was followed correctly, the brewer is now ready for use.
Brew Chamber
Check Valve
Brew Cup
Bunn-O-Matic Corporation
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