The MILTECH 309 Fast Ethernet
switch on board (ESoB) is a complete
system-level switch with eight
10/100Mbps ports. Using board-toboard connectors, it can easily be
integrated into embedded computing
or communication platforms to provide
LAN connectivity. The MILTECH 309 is
less than 1.7” x 3” x .5”, features a wide
temperature range and conformal
The MILTECH 9128 provides both
Layer 2 Ethernet switching and
Layer 3 dynamic routing over four
10 GbE ports and 24 triple-speed
(10/100/1000Mbps) ports. It is ideal
for aggregating traffic from dozens
of IP-based devices to connect to
processing computers. MIL-STD 810
temperature range, conformal coating
and board-to-board connectors, allow
easy integration in to MIL-STD systems.
The MILTECH 919 is a fullymanaged military-grade board-level
Gigabit switch with 8 triple-speed
(10/100/1000Mbps) ports + 1 x
100/1000 fiber optic port. With built
in board-to-board connectors, a wide
temperature range and conformal
coating, it is an ideal solution for adding
advanced switching capabilities to any
OEM embedded platform with space
and weight limitations.
MILTECH 308, 304
This ultra-compact unmanaged
Fast Ethernet switch comes in both
an 8 port and 4 port version and
has been adopted as the switch of
choice in soldier carry and UAV/UAS
The MILTECH 9124 simplifies highbandwidth data traffic management by
combining Layer 2 Ethernet switching
with Layer 3 dynamic routing on a boardlevel, ruggedized plug-in module for
embedded communications platforms.
It features 24 10/100/1000 ports with
advanced network features. MIL-STD 810
temperature range, conformal coating and
board-to-board connectors, allow easy
integration in to MIL-STD systems.
MILTECH 918, 904
Developed as a soldier-carry and UAV
ultra-compact gigabit Ethernet switch,
this is a 8 port and 4 port fully managed
switch in a form factor about the size of a
credit card.
Compact and lightweight 12 port gigabit Ethernet router for aerial and ground
vehicles. This is a very powerful L2/L3 Ethernet device that has 56 Gbps
backplane which exceeds wire-speed and supports IPV6, VLANs, QoS , layer 3
routing as well as other features.
MILTECH 9012X, 9012C
Combines full featured L2/L3 network switching found in the MILTECH 9012 with
a fully programmable Linux-based computer (SBC) – all in a single, compact form
factor. MILTECH9012X provides an excellent solution for specialized networking
software, unique encryption and security measures, robotics and vehicle
The MILTECH 9012C a specific version of the MILTECH 9012X that includes
CISCO IOS routing firmware to provide a Cisco routing functionality.
MILTECH 908MP, 948, 912
Fully managed Ethernet switch for
mobile platforms. The MILTECH 912
supports 12 10/100/1000 Ethernet
ports over two connectors. The
MILTECH 948 comes in multiple
configurations with up to 8 triple speed
(10/100/1000) ports and the option
to support up to 2 fiber ports at either
speed 100 or 1000.
An 8 port POE+ switch available
in both Fast Ethernet and Gigabit
Ethernet versions. It offers a total
budget of 330 watts of power that can
be dynamically allocated over 8 ports
(up to 60 watts per port) to power both
IEEE 802.3at and 802.3af compliant
devices through an Ethernet cable.
An excellent solution for extending
Ethernet copper ports over fiber optics.
MILTECH™ 1000 is a series of militarygrade media converters, with up to 2 X
gigabit copper Ports 10/100/1000BaseTX and 2 X 100/1000Base-FX fiber
ports in various combinations. The
MILTECH 1000 is capable to supports
PoE on 2 ports (IEEE802.3af and
The only MIL-STD, IP68-rated
USB 3.0 portable flash drive on the
market. This 64 Gb USB drive is
designed for rugged environments
where security is a priority. It supports
secure erase via an external GPIO or
has an optional battery to support selfpowered secure erase.
920 N. Nash St. Bldg. B, El Segundo, CA 90245
Combines 24 triple speed
(10/100/1000) gigabit Ethernet and
for (4) 10 gigabit Ethernet wire speed
ports. The 9028 is a layer 3 device
that supports IPV6, VLANs, QoS, full
layer 3 routing and more. An optional
redundant, hot-swap and load sharing
power supply system is available.
MILTECH 406, 306
The 406 is a multi-protocol device
that combines Ethernet, USB, Serial
and SM-BUS all in one ultra-compact
MIL-STD package. The 306 is the same
physical dimensions as the 308 but is a
USB hub in a 7+1 configuration.